Open Thread | Got My First Shot

Well, I took my first shot last Thursday.

I admit that I was part of the folks that said ‘ wait and see’.
I was willing to do that. I had been living with masking and all the precautions for about a year.
What was a few more months?

And, then, we got word of the first mutant strain – which was even more contagious than what we’ve been experiencing, and I was like..


I have been under no illusions, like those idiot anti-mask, SuperSpreading muthaphuckas that proliferate on the other side of the aisle.

I am a walking underlying condition.
If I catch COVID, death is all but certain.

To me, getting the vaccine meant a fighting chance.


To go from certain death to fighting chance is worth it to me.

I was fortunate. I didn’t qualify in the first group because I didn’t fit the professions or age group. But, when 46 came in and began shipping more vaccine, our Governor added to the list of available folks, people like me, who were walking underlying conditions. I was so happy when I read the story about him expanding the categories of those available.

Then, there was the actual getting of the appointment. I tried everywhere. I followed every link in every story I saw about COVID Vaccine and how to get it. I signed up with everyone – Bothered my doctor’s office, State, County, City, CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart.

I just happened to be ordering groceries for delivery from Jewel-Osco, when I saw the link for those interested in the vaccine. I clicked through, believing it would be ‘ sign up and we will get back to you. ‘ Imagine my shock when, an actual calendar popped up with actual appointments. I literally stared at the screen for a good minute before I clicked on the appointment.

Could it be this simple? After all the times that I had lost appointments online before I could finish the application, to the outright rejections. Could I be getting an appointment?

The answer was yes.
I got an appointment.
I met my appointment time.
It was just filing out a consent form. Getting the shot, and then sticking around for 20 minutes after the shot.

I got Pfizer. I had a sore arm for the next day.
I already have my appointment for the second shot.
My sister got her second Moderna yesterday.

I’m still working on my other sister, who is a skeptic.

If you know any Seniors, please help them out.
If you know any Veterans, try first with the VA as a possibility.
If you are African-American, check in with your local church, to see if the government has reached out to them. Also, check with any local Black Doctor’s group. They might be putting together events like that wonderful Black Doctor’s Consortium did in Philadelphia this past weekend.

You want to know what I felt while getting the shot?
Like I might have a fighting chance.

And, I know in my heart, that 46 being elected mattered. It matters to know that there are people working in the Government that want to help you and don’t want to see you dead.
Elections matter.

Please double mask. Please social distance.
I see the glimmer of light…way down at the end of the tunnel. It’s a glimmer. But, it’s finally there.

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    • Kathleen O'Neill says:

      Why is it that former Republican/Conservative journalists/pundits are more supportive of Democrats than the “liberals” in the media?

  1. rikyrah says:

    Imma stay double 😷😷 for the foreseeable future. Even after I get my second shot

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😊😊😊

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