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Yesterday, I got my second Fauci Ouchie

I am still a little emotional about it.
Everyone is going back to the anniversary of when we shut down.
We were living in our own horror movie.

I remember leading up to the masks, before they told us to wear them, they told us that this could be spread by coughing. Every cough was suspect. Then, I remember the day that I was watching cable and a doctor came on and said talking and singing were ways to spread it. I got on a bus the next day, and as more people got on, my anxiety level went through the roof. I have never had a panic attack, but I damn near came close that day. That was the last day that I took public transportation for 3 months. I was not going to put myself in that position again.

Most of what I have learned about COVID over this past year has been through reading a daily recap of articles from around the world at Balloon Juice.

It’s the first post I read every morning. The FrontPager who got that beat could not have imagined the depth of information that she would be giving everyday. I hope they put those posts in an archive.


The President has signed the relief bill.
Help is on the way for millions.

The former Presidents and First Ladies have made a video, encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

This is true. Let’s get people access to the vaccine.

And,.while we are at it, investigate vaccine distribution in Florida, Texas and every other state led by a Republican.

We saved America in so many ways by electing Joe Biden. Not only democracy, but our very lives.

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  1. eliihass says:

    Folks are as fickle, opportunistic, fair-weather-y, and bandwagon-y as ever..

    As my clear-eyed, principled, ever percipient historic FLOTUS has always noted from the moment she stepped on the national stage years ago as a surrogate for her hubby …politics as its being practiced, is not a noble endeavor…

    Barely a few months ago, there was all this Cuomosexual fever over a mostly mediocre performance by a hardly impressive state governor whose pronunciation of the word ventilator always grated..

    There were even calls to switch out the Democratic ticket …to dump Biden who was also being accused of all sorts of stuff.. to replace him with Cuomo as the candidate.. He even got a book deal that was said to be a precursor of sorts, to an expected 2024 run.. and it was just astonishing to see how little it took to convert even self-styled political influencers and those supposedly politically-engaged and in the know.. and even how little so many of these actors know about anything, including the politicians they cape for.. besides the mostly revised phony bios and embellished r矇sum矇s with very little based in reality..

    There was also even in recent months, talk of him being considered for Attorney General.. hed said no because why be considered for AG when youre actually gunning for the top slot yourself..

    And now in just a few short months, the media and other folk have gone from proclaiming him hero, and fetishizing Cuomo.. to now, this switch up feeding frenzy.. to take him out in disgrace.. the sort of disgrace thats guaranteed to permanently consign him to the fringes, if ever that.. perhaps, even jail.. something many of these media folks have never demanded for the brazenly treasonous buffoon with all sorts of credible sexual assault accusations that was known to many.. but they all still continued to kowtow to, enable, and legitimize him even as they still even now, reverentially address him with an honorific he was never entitled to and was never ever worthy of… and even as he endlessly abused and attacked them and set his maga hounds on them..

    Wonders shall never seize..

    And the Orwellian snookering continues.. folks continue to be shuffled from one cheap Tupperware party from hell, to the next.. but at least some good things are happening.. and the evil pos has been removed (for now), from our WH..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Girl Scouts to launch ‘Becoming Me’ program in collaboration with Michelle Obama

  3. rikyrah says:

    If not for electing 46, we would be Brazil 遲遲h

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone

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