Open Thread | Time to Say Goodbye to Bi-partisanship

So, the GOP is voting down a bi-partisan Commission to look into January 6th. Because, of course 😡

Moscow Mitch is already downing it, and Little Susie Collins making ridiculous demands.

I don’t always agree with Wilson, but, I do, in this case.



Either start investigating by yourselves, or get the Attorney General appoint a Special Prosecutor.


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  1. eliihass says:

    Incredibly fascinating how even post White House… and simply by existing and going about her life… which she’s clearly not allowed to have or live…because, ‘elitist’…how dare she.. the dark-skinned, fully-black, unelected, historic black First Lady.. directly descended of slaves ..still somehow unnerves the Alt-Right, Alt-Left, MAGA, PUMAs… ‘progressives’, ‘feminists’, ‘hive’, ‘squaddies’, ‘liberals’… aka ‘allies’.. most of whom have now cleverly mastered the art of manipulating/hijacking recent ‘protect black women’ narratives, but entirely to mostly gaslight, push their specific agenda, and their hand-picked version of ‘black’ woman…and entirely for their various agenda and dubious purposes …

    For these folks, the historic black FLOTUS who they cannot control or co-opt for their purposes, must vanish …and can only show up only when they demand that she does.. and only when they need to exploit her and her hard-won political capital for their purposes… most importantly, in the validation and elevation of their hand-picked ‘faves’.. who they wish ..and are determined to supplant her with..

    Otherwise, she’s inconvenient …her very existence an obvious ‘impediment’… a hinderance to their agenda, and their desired elevation of their ‘faves’.. And so, to be destroyed at all costs.. vanquished.. vanished..

    Same folk and ‘allies’ who for years mostly joined in, sniggered from the sidelines, turned a blind eye to her dehumanization, her pain.. rolled their eyes as they insisted that she ‘suck it up’, and warned her not to ‘ruin things’ for hubby, Dems … and for all intents and purposes, still continue to this day… albeit, a tad more covertly, insidiously… on the sly..

    Same folks who endlessly sniffed and tsk-tsked disapprovingly about the historic black FLOTUS being on Vogue covers, wearing converse kicks, having a friendship with Beyoncé, appearing on talk shows, now not only demand same for their ‘faves’, but raucously broadcast it as ‘cool’..

    Same folks who’ve never stopped to wonder about their ‘faves’ somehow actively mimicking and trying to replicate everything.. speech, interactions, photo-ops… even down to same sequence of contract deals..

    The well-documented dehumanization of the historic black FLOTUS through the years, that hardly elicited any focus, sympathy, empathy, redress or rallying on her behalf (because, ‘strong’ woman), now only still serves the purpose of being routinely usurped and selectively wielded by these same ‘suck it up/don’t ruin it for hubby/us’ folks/‘allies’ …and entirely for the aggrandizement, protection, elevation and buoying of their specific hand-picked ‘faves’…

    So, as the Alt-Right, Libertarian, Alt-Left racists poo-pooh, angrily protest far too much …all while twisting themselves into pretzels with their brazen denials …trying to disprove and dismiss what we all witnessed in real-time …actual racist attacks on the historic black FLOTUS (that they ironically, continue to dehumanize and indulge in even to this day) …and as recounted by one of her white secret service agents who also witnessed it firsthand …there isn’t outrage or anger or rallying for her from ‘liberals’, Dems, ‘feminists’, and other supposed ‘allies’.. If only this had been about the mispronunciation of her name, or a write-up about using a ‘Dr.’ honorific… if only..

    Where it’s even mentioned, it’s all just (shrug), treated as just another fleeting tidbit to be ignored, or, maybe, tweeted… but more importantly, filed away by many in the ‘hive’, ‘squaddie’ cohort, to be wielded at sometime..but only entirely as ‘reference’.. and as ‘cover’ for…in the continued aggrandizement, defense, protection, buoying of their ‘faves’…

    The insidious attempt at forcibly reordering ‘black’ …and ‘black’ hierarchy.. that won’t rally for, but will shamelessly hijack the pain, sweat, tears and actual nonstop racial dehumanization of the historic black FLOTUS… even as they continue to demand that she martyr herself on behalf of their ‘faves’ ..or be ‘canceled’ …

    ..on behalf of the very same ‘faves’ who for years sailed on their ‘not black’ness… and had absolutely no qualms actively soliciting support/donations from …and for years, unabashedly idolizing, sucking up to, and ingratiating themselves with the very same racist treasonous buffoon and daughter-wife… at the very same time as they were actively and maliciously threatening and endangering the lives of the historic black FLOTUS, historic President-hubby, and 2 traumatized minor daughters.. with vicious Birther lies that baselessly incited hate, deepened hostilities against the young historic black First Family, and emboldened racists of every stripe, political affiliation..

  2. eliihass says:

    Wielding the N word unapologetically, here’s one of the many racists among many on Twitter right now desperately trying to poo-pooh/disprove accounts of racist abuse on a historic FLOTUS protectee, by a former secret service officer…

    Rab was a teenaged professional knife-fighter @4m3rbum

    There’s actually a secret service agent who thought she could say people never stopped calling Michelle Obama a nigger when there was nary a report about such matters lmfao

    Rab was a teenaged professional knife-fighter @4m3rbum Replying to @MikeSington

    And she’s selling a book claiming a woman who always had a posse of journalists following her got called a nigger and there was no reporting on it

  3. eliihass says:

    David Thomson @DavidThomsonOne

    I doubt that such an incident happened even once. It most assuredly wasn’t a repeated event. Such pervasive racism doesn’t exist in the United States.

  4. eliihass says:

    The Dude @JurisDudence

    Michelle Obama isn’t so soft that she needs the law to protect her from hateful words.

    Susan Norris @norrisl32 Replying to @JurisDudence

    I agree that Michelle Obama is strong enough to withstand. I’m just not sure about the rest of us. I don’t like being this angry and hopeless.

  5. eliihass says:

    @FantasticVulpes Replying to @MikeSington

    And the media remained silent.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Stacey Abrams: GOP voter suppression bills are ‘a coordinated attack on our democracy’ via @msnbc

  7. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone.😊😊😊

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