Open Thread | In Case You Didn’t Know This About Vice President Harris

She completed a successful overseas trip to France.

You wouldn’t have known this if you watched the MSM, who barely covered the trip at all.


They are trying to Hillary the Vice-President. It’s quite obvious. We see it from a mile away.

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9 Responses to Open Thread | In Case You Didn’t Know This About Vice President Harris

  1. majiir says:

    I don’t listen to, or take seriously, anything these people have to say about VP Harris. If they were familiar with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, they’d know there’s only three specific references to the duties of a VP, and those are to assist the POTUS in carrying out his duties, to break a tie in the Senate, and to succeed him/her if the POTUS becomes incapacitated/dies in office. Ignorant people piss me off because they”re always running their mouths, talking about stuff they don’t know, and patting each other on the back, as if they’ve won some kind of Academy Award. There’s no way in you know what I’d attack President Biden or VP Harris because I understand the bias the MSM has when a Democrat is in the WH and/or controls both Houses of Congress, the constant obstructionist behavior of Republicans on every issue, and I know there are some who call themselves Democrats who want their ”ponies” ASAP, and think an American president has the powers of a dictator when s/he does not. As for some in the media who are criticizing her for speaking French, they can embrasse mon cul [Kiss my butt], and stop with the connerie [BS] because they know nothing of the constitutional duties of a U.S. VP. Furthermore, VP Harris works with President Biden on the issues they choose to address according to his agenda, They’re connards stupides [stupid fkrs] and don’t even know it. It’s these kinds of complainers that help elect Republicans, Republicans who shouldn’t be serving in any capacity in D.C., in any state, any county, or city. VP Harris isn’t the only Black woman in America who understands and can speak French. Ignorant idiots think they know certain things when they know very little/or nothing. It’s not VP Harris’s job to usurp the role of President Biden, and anyone who believes it is akin to an engineer who has run their/ his/her train off the track because they’re full of merde [feces,] and they only exist only to tear down their own. Yes, VP and presidents can be criticized, but there should be a basis for that criticism besides connerie.

  2. rikyrah says:

    The White House (@WhiteHouse) tweeted at 7:56 PM on Sun, Nov 14, 2021:
    President Biden’s Build Back Better Act will help states expand access to high-quality, affordable child care to about 20 million children per year — covering 9 out of 10 families across the country with young children.

  3. rikyrah says:

    🌈FruitKace (@FruitKace) tweeted at 6:54 AM on Mon, Nov 15, 2021:
    It’s a sad state of affairs when Dem voters have to be the MSM anti-Democratic Party propaganda police all day everyday. But, that’s where we are. Actually, that’s where we have been for quite some time. Yet, too many folks still don’t get it.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Gerry Doyle (@mgerrydoyle) tweeted at 6:31 PM on Sun, Nov 14, 2021:
    this is in living memory of about 55 million americans

    but somehow there are lots of folks who want you to believe that not only is racism not an issue now, but it was never really an issue

  5. rikyrah says:

    Be A King (@BerniceKing) tweeted at 10:30 AM on Sun, Nov 14, 2021:
    61 years ago today, 4 federal marshals escorted 6-year-old #RubyBridges to her 1st day of school (1st grade), as the 1st Black student to attend previously all-white William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Cassandra (@WriterWarrior) tweeted at 6:56 PM on Sun, Nov 14, 2021:
    This weekend has opened the eyes of many who were skeptical of any media bias against Kamala Harris.

    It existed for Barack Obama, but was ignored. It existed for Hillary Rodham Clinton, but was ignored.

    I think more and more people are now very tired of ignoring it.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Reuters (@Reuters) tweeted at 2:00 AM on Mon, Nov 15, 2021:
    President Biden named former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to oversee implementation of the $1 trillion infrastructure plan, the White House said

  8. rikyrah says:

    Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) tweeted at 10:26 AM on Sun, Nov 14, 2021:
    Per WaPo-ABC poll, Americans

    • say 63-32% they support Biden’s $1T infrastructure bill

    • say 58-37% they support Biden’s ~$2T climate and economic policy bill

    • say 59-38% they’re concerned about Biden doing “too much to increase the size and role of government”


  9. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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