Open Thread | I Agree With This About President Biden

I agree with this. Don’t bring up how many dead when 90-95% of the last 400,000


We have to break it down this way. 46 put vaccines on pretty much every other corner in America. How the phuck am I going to blame him for the deaths of the lying unvaccinated, and those, due to their selfishness, they infected and killed?🤔🤔

We simply cannot discuss COVID since January 2021, without discussing the willful ignorant. Without discussing the portion of our country that did everything they could to prolong this pandemic, and didn’t care who they infected and killed.

The only major things that I have been in disagreement with concerning this Administration is that I believe they should have banned the unvaccinated and the unruly from Planes, Amtrak and Greyhound. Period. No proof of vaccination – no ability to travel in anything other than a car. Why should they have the right to go around and infecting the rest of us.

There is the rage of the VACCINATED. The rage of those of us who followed the science and tried to do what we could to help the community as a whole – we are mad as hell at those who have prolonged this pandemic and the GOP Sociopathic Politician Enablers, who did the harm to us as a society because they believe that they can score political points against the President and hurt Democrats in the 2022 Elections.

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  1. Exactly right on point bulls-eye truth. As always. I agree with your agreement! Grateful for how 3CHICSPOLITICO always finds the words to speak the truths that need telling. .

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