Open Thread | Why the November Elections Are So Important

Nothing less than democracy itself is on the ballot in November 2022.

Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.

Anyone who tells you that you can ‘ skip this election’ is a bought and paid for chaos agent for Republicans. Periodt.

Anyone who tries to diminish the accomplishments of President Biden and his Administration is a chaos agent for Republicans. Periodt.

And, that goes for those who can never find anything right with what Democrats do.

That said….the mess in Pennsylvania, is indeed, a mess.
He lied about the vigilante episode, and you expected him to be honest about his health. Please understand…he never came clean about his health…The doctor released that letter to put in neon letters


That letter couldn’t be any clearer.
But, those who were pushing for Vigilante Shrek can keep their mouths quiet. You wanted him, you can go out and push to get those White Working Class votes for him in November.



I have moved on. The Governor’s race in PA is important. …because the Governor of PA picks the Secretary of State – the one who runs the elections. We need to go all in for Shapiro.

As for the Senate….we have other races – Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin – we need to get these and keep our most vulnerable seats.

The Senate is important for many reasons…chief among them….


There are also Governor’s races that are important:
Illinois, Marylan, Pennsylvania, Texas. And those where the candidates are fighting uphill, but, are good candidates – Arkansas.

This thread brings electoral receipts.

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4 Responses to Open Thread | Why the November Elections Are So Important

  1. Liza says:

    “…losing the Senate would be a nightmare on so many levels. We need to gain seats even a one seat pick up would at least offset Manchin. Two would be ideal and Three would allow more to get done.”

    Psycho-Sinema is a bigger problem than Traitor Joe.

    We don’t know why she is willing to take down Joe Biden’s presidency, but she is. It could just be about the money, raising 20 million or more from corporate donors by 2024 and then walking away with the money. Or she might be pretending she is the re-incarnation of her idol John McCain. That seems less likely but there’s no way of knowing what is going on in her sick mind.

    Sinema was hand-picked by Chuck Schumer and the Democrats cleared the path for her and helped her raise 22 million in 2018.

    And now the Democrats are reluctant to even acknowledge the enormity of their mistake. They are still trying to normalize her.

    Never again will I be shamed into voting for a bad Democratic candidate because the opponent is supposedly worse. Never. Again. I won’t vote for either of them.

    • eliihass says:

      As so many have noted, the Democratic Party has always styled itself as a ‘broad coalition’ …and often described by critics, as a ‘fractured amalgamation..’

      An ‘ideologically diverse’ Democratic Party has rarely meant a ‘unified’ party..

      Multiple toxic factions fighting for ‘supremacy’ and willing to do whatever it takes to take out each other..

      Everyone looking to install their own faction-preferred picks in position.. every faction looking to take control …and willing to do whatever it takes to take and wield said control..

      The rise of social media and its prolific use, has taken disinformation, misinformation, gaslighting, manipulation, astroturfing and ratf*cking to new heights.. so bad, that even those who once decried said toxic tactics, now unabashedly employ them..

      Anyone can put out anything and have it ‘amplified’ … and if one is good enough at it, can soon quickly become a self-styled ‘influencer’ …with legions of ‘followers’ ..real, bots, burner accounts, all included..

      Paid Twitter ‘influencer’ is now such a lucrative line of work, hardly anything making the rounds on twitter, is organic.. it’s all courtesy of paid lead astroturf ‘influencers’ in service to some specific agenda..that they’ve been hired to selectively and inorganically ‘amplify..’

      But there’s also a not so hidden offshoot to this whole new era.. a destructively degrading and insidious quality to this whole Twitter/gaslighting/Reality era.. it’s not only made overnight celebrities and ‘billionaires’ of reality types, but it’s effectively warped many in the general public.. and folks are swarming to whomever is ‘marketed/amplified’ matter how sleazy, undeserving ..there’s a hard to miss cheap, soulless superficiality that’s now the order of the day..

      Brazen revisionism, outright lies.. amnesia, all now reign supreme.. up is down, and down is up..

      And once upon a time we were horrified when the gop and their orange buffoon propagated this yucky mush..but it is now being shamelessly and blatantly served up by Dems..

      Dem faction wars are being fought out in the open on twitter..splintering the party even further, and driving wedges, and turning folks off…

      ‘Deep Blue’ Los Angeles just had a Mayoral primary.. with a 27% turnout ..and a trump-like ‘developer’ right-wing republican ‘billionaire’ came out ahead …and is primed to win in November..

      Who knows, he might go on to run for Governor or President next.. ‘Deep Blue’ California gave America Reagan after all..

      Meanwhile, Dems are so busy in their little toxic faction Twitter bubbles and echo chambers, deludedly patting themselves on the back.. too busy ‘amplifying’ their faves.. and waging all manner of revved up phony ‘battles’ – selectively of course – and specifically, on behalf their faves..

      • Liza says:

        Eliihaas, great to hear/read your voice. It’s been a long time. I hope you’re well.

        At my age you just kind of look around and ask yourself, “Why are we doing this? Why have we squandered so much?” There was always enough to go around.

        We were glad to get rid of Trump, at least get him out of the WH. And it appeared for awhile that Biden would do better than expected with passing legislation to deliver what the Democrats ran on in 2020. At this point I’m guessing he’s overwhelmed by Ukraine/Russia, inflation caused by corporate gouging, endless massacres, COVID mutations etc… on top of not being able to deliver his agenda. Now I just worry about whether or not he can hold on.

        I think that VP Kamala Harris may be another concern for the Dems. Given Biden’s age, they needed a VP who would be highly visible and quickly win support, ready to assume power at any time, definitely by 2024 if Biden can’t run again.

        Your assessment of where we are now is sadly the truth. Yet, for a brief moment it looked like we might get some long overdue progressive legislation in a reconciliation bill. I knew that nothing else could get passed in the Senate because Sinema uses the filibuster for cover so she can keep selling her vote. Despite the faction wars, a few things might have gotten done were it not for the Dem traitors in the Senate.

        I’ve got no predictions for what happens next. But the anti-democratic movement in this country is growing and better organized than we might like to think.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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