Open Thread | What President Biden Has Accomplished and How the MSM Has Downplayed It

If you look at what President Biden has accomplished with the hand that he was dealt, it’s absolutely a stellar performance as President. But, you wouldn’t know that, if you follow the MSM.
They deliberately ignore what this Administration has done, because they miss the chaos of Dolt45. Also, if they told the truth about what the Republicans were REALLY about, then it wouldn’t even be close, and they miss the Republicans being in power. Them pretending that the Republicans are a logical, rational party, is part of this bullshyt game that they are playing with our democracy.

And, because it’s election season, you can always count on the saboteurs to come. You have the voter suppression folks, telling people not to vote. Some led by those phony azz rappers and Hoteps. Others led by those ridiculous leftists. And now, right on time, he come the ‘ third party’ fools. This time, led by Andrew Yang. Yang was NEVER a Democrat. He was a Libertarian Dudebro, and continues to be a bought and paid for grifter.

Third party? For what?

There is ONE party on the side of Democracy.
There is the other party on the side of fascism.


President Biden has led this country through some perilous times, and had numerous accomplishments, with a thin razor majority in the House, and with 48 Democrats in the Senate.
not 50

You see things that the President hasn’t accomplished that you want him to do?


Make Machin and Sinema irrelevant.

It’s that simple.
But, anyone telling you pie in the sky things on what this President ‘ hasn’t done’, and thus why you shouldn’t vote in November is clowning you.

Beginning. Middle. End of the story.

Folks act like President Biden hasn’t been doing this for awhile. That he doesn’t know all the players and their games.

Uh huh

THIS is not an accident.


This is who the GOP is…a fraud…

This is 46 has to put up with in order to get things passed in the Senate.

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