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Video | $460: Romney-Ryan Plan = Tax Hike On Senior Citizens Social Security Benefits

Sometimes you just got to show folks, better than you can tell them. The average tax hike on social security benefits that middle class seniors can see under the Romney-Ryan plan is $460. And that’s in order to cut taxes … Continue reading

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“SMALL-MINDED” | Romney-Ryan Tax Plan, A Match Made In 1% Heaven

Release your tax returns, Mitt Romney!

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Serendipity SOUL | Tuesday Open Thread- Featuring Coupon Boy!

COUPON BOY! COUPON BOY! COUPON BOY! COUPON BOY! COUPON BOY! The ED Show – Ryan’s attack on women’s health and economic security ***************************************************** Today’s featured artist from the 80’s-90’s Pattie LaBelle STIR IT UP

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