Greetings and Blessing to all you Spiritual Travelers!  I am a true lover of all things DANCE.  Ametia’s blog will feature a week of dance greats both solo and companies.

Feel free to comment on other topics that interest you too.

Alvin Ailey Dance-Wade in the Water from “Revelations”

You can read all about the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater History and organization here and here.

Happy Sunday

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4 Responses to SERENDIPITY SOUL-Sunday Open Thread

  1. "Ametia" says:

    WRB, I know how you love your gospel music, so I posted the dance piece with the music “Wade in the Water.”

  2. whiterosebuddy says:


    Yes, Wise was bringin it as usual!!

    • "Ametia" says:

      Hey, Whiterosebuddy! Yes, out of the 4 folks on the panel, Tim Wise spoke truth to power. SMH@Don Lemon. This fools practically said he didn’t have a problem being called a nigger….. Whew lawdy..

  3. "Ametia" says:

    Good Morning!

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