Serendipity SOUL- Tuesday Open Thread

 Happy Tuesday!  So glad you stopped by.

The First Lady is attired in a black sleeveless dress adorned with pearls in the photograph taken by Joyce N. Boghosian in the Blue Room of the White House in February 2009.        

This photo of First Lady Michelle Obama is my favorite.  For all you lovers of a ALL THINGS FLOTUS, check out The 44 -DIARIES here.

 Love my elders, a whole lot of wisdom here…  Thank you for your service Mr. Edwards.

President Barack Obama greets 103-year-old Milwaukee veteran James Edwards backstage at ZBB Energy Corporation in Menomonee Falls, Wis., Aug. 16, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

What’s happening in your world?  Please feel free to peruse the site and leave a comment or two if you’re so inclined

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  1. This is a good post and may be one that can be followed up to see how things go

    A neighbor emailed this link the other day and I’m desperately waiting your next page. Proceed on the awesome work.

  2. "Ametia" says:

    Spike Lee on new film, Katrina, and BP oil spill
    Countdown with KO

  3. SouthernGirl2 says:


    I was upset that Bill White decided to diss the President while he was fundraising in Texas so I sent an email to the Campaign.

    To whom it may concern:

    Just wanted to drop a line to ask why did Bill White disrespect the President while he was in Texas? Why did he not want to be seen on stage with the President? Is he afraid of the angry white voter? I spoke with a lot of black voters and they feel insulted by Bill White’s action towards the President.


    Mayor White does support the President. The Obama staff understood that it was better for Mayor White to be meeting with Texans in West Texas who don’t know him and talk about Texas issues rather than attending a national democratic fundraiser in Dallas that night. We hope you will continue to support Bill White. The President does.

    We know people were upset – they have told us. And we respect those feelings.

    Thank you for writing.

    cynthia griffin
    austin operations

    • "Ametia" says:

      Brilliant, SG2! I didn’t know that. If you don’t know what’s going on, you ask.

      We can only imagine what would happen if hundreds of thousands of folks would write letters daily to their elected officials. Offices should be flooded with emails and snail mail…..

      My daddy used to say, the best gift we can give ourselves is the power to say “I don’t know.” Imagine the wisdom that flows from that opening.

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        I was upset. Don’t come disrespecting my President & think you’re going to get my vote? Oh noez!

  4. "Ametia" says:

    BWA HA HA HA Ok, this is good!

    Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me

  5. "Ametia" says:

    Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich Convicted in Corruption Trial
    VOA News 17 August 2010
    Jurors in the midwestern city of Chicago have convicted former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich of making false statements to federal agents in the corruption case against him that grew out of an alleged attempt to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama after he became president.

    After two weeks of deliberations, the jury Tuesday convicted the former governor, who faced 24 counts including fraud, racketeering and attempted extortion. Those allegations included an attempt to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

    Jurors were not able to reach a unanimous verdict on any of the other counts against Blagojevich. Reports quote prosecutors as saying they intend to retry the case “as quickly as possible.”

    Blagojevich was arrested in December 2008. The Illinois Senate later convicted him of abuse of power and voted to remove him from his position as governor.

    Mr. Obama resigned from the Senate seat shortly after being elected president. He has said he had no contact with Blagojevich or his office regarding his replacement.

  6. vettte says:

    Blago gets the “Martha Stewart Verdict”. Will he get the 5 month sentence too. Geesh, people will soon forget this and he will be running for the Senate next year. Does Illinois have the money to retry Blago or what?

    • "Ametia" says:

      I just got word of this, vette. You’re prolly right about folks forgetting about Blago, while Waters and Rangel will have the heat turned up another 100 degrees…

      The money that Illinois could possibly spend on a Blago retrial could go for better schools and teachers, just sayin..

  7. "Ametia" says:

    Into the Funhouse with King James
    Excerpts from “Three Weeks in Crazyville,” our September cover story on LeBron James
    By J.R. Moehringer
    September 2010

    He can imagine, he says, playing for Cleveland again one day.
    Did I hear him right? Cleveland?
    “If there was an opportunity for me to return,” he says, “and those fans welcome me back, that’d be a great story.”
    Cleveland…Ohio? Where fans at this very moment are burning his jerseys? Where fans are selling toilet paper made from his jerseys?
    “Maybe the ones burning my jersey,” he says, “were never LeBron fans anyway.”
    So begins J.R. Moehringer’s surprising, insightful, and compulsively readable journey into Camp LeBron during the days and hours leading up to the PR train wreck that was The Decision. At a time when James was being obsessively shielded from the world by his team of handlers, Moehringer had unprecedented inside access: a pair of face-to-face meetings shortly before The Decision and a follow-up phone call six days after the fact. During that postmortem interview, when Moehringer asked James what he’d change if he had a do-over, James replied, “Nothing at all.” Bottom line: LeBron doesn’t really care how it went down. He knows he made the right decision, Moehringer writes, and so do the people around him. “They’re happy to see my happy. That’s what they can see in my face. They say, ‘It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you look like that.’ ”

    Other highlights:
    • James on how a kid could from Akron, located only thirty minutes from Cleveland, could grow up rooting for Chicago and Jordan: “It’s not far, but it is far. And Clevelanders, because they were the bigger-city kids when we were growing up, looked down on us.… So we didn’t actually like Cleveland. We hated Cleveland growing up. There’s a lot of people in Cleveland we still hate to this day.”

    • James on Cavs owner Dan Gilbert: “I don’t think he ever cared about LeBron. My mother always told me: ‘You will see the light of people when they hit adversity. You’ll get a good sense of their character.’ Me and my family have seen the character of that man.” He went on to say that Gilbert’s post-Decision screed “made me feel more comfortable that I made the right decision.”

    • James on Charles Barkley, who’s been hyper-critical of James’s decision to share the limelight—and the scoring burden—with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami: “Charles was probably trying to be funny. It wasn’t funny to me.”
    For lots more inside dope—how much he’s looking forward to playing the Cavs in Cleveland on December 2, his manager Maverick Carter’s Malcolm Gladwell moment, and how badly those kids in the bleachers on The Decision had to pee (too much Vitaminwater)—pick up the September issue of GQ.

    Read More

  8. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Hola, everyone!

    Happy Tuesday! I concur about respect for the elders. It’s how I was brought up. You’d better honor big Mama & nem! :)

    • "Ametia" says:

      Hi SG2! Good to see you! I’m always thrilled to see the elderly with POTUS, black and white. You know these folks probably in a million years thought that they’d ever see a black POTUS in their life time.

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        You’re so right. I’ll bet they can’t believe their eyes. How I wish my dad & mother could be here to see it!

  9. The_A says:

    [taking a deep breath in] Ahhhhh!!!

    Smells wayyy better over here! So clean, fresh & adult like. Yeah!!!!
    Thanks for the welcome. Bookmarking your blog right now.

    Back at you after my road trip!

    Be well

  10. "Ametia" says:

    Here’s another link of nonsensery…..

    What’s right (and wrong) with Obama’s brain

    I’d certainly love to hear what ya’ll have got to say about this fuckery.

  11. "Ametia" says:

    Can this nonsense be any more obvious? The First Lady’s husband is POTUS. He’s a Democrat. Why wouldn’t she campaign for Democratic candidates?

    Michelle Obama to enter campaign fray
    By Peter Nicholas, Tribune Washington Bureau
    August 17, 2010

    The White House may risk tarnishing the first lady’s nonpartisan image by sending her to campaign for Democratic candidates this fall.

    First Lady Michelle Obama will soon take her first real plunge into partisan politics since her husband won the presidency 21 months ago, making select appearances for Democratic candidates hoping that her popularity will excite crowds and donors in a bleak election season.
    Her campaign schedule won’t be a heavy one, the White House said Monday. She makes public appearances about three days a week, and any campaigning she does for the midterm election will be within that time frame, a White House official said in an interview.
    The first lady’s itinerary won’t be set until Labor Day, when the White House political team determines travel plans for the president and vice president, the official said. The idea is to deploy all three in ways that avoid overlap.
    Michelle Obama will deliver a campaign speech that is largely upbeat. She won’t castigate individual Republicans, said the White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.
    The first lady has enlisted Republicans in her anti-obesity campaign, so she would risk antagonizing hard-won allies were she to deliver a fiercely partisan message.
    Instead, she’ll keep the focus on her husband’s legislative successes.
    “This won’t be a red-meat partisan speech,” the official said. “That’s not her nature, and it wouldn’t necessarily be effective. Things like her Let’s Move campaign have been entirely bipartisan.”
    Rather, the first lady will tell voters, “We have a lot on the agenda, and the person I’m standing next to here is an ally in that effort,” the official said.,0,4255315,full.story

    Do your thing, FLOTUS! They’re just scurred of your popularity. America love you!

  12. "Ametia" says:

    for Naima Mae!

    John Coltrane – Naima – 1965

  13. "Ametia" says:

    President Obama Speaks to the Press from Seattle, Washington
    August 17, 2010 3:20 PM EDT

    *Audio Only

  14. "Ametia" says:

    Jon Stewart brings it

    Monday August 16, 2010

    John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can build a church next to a playground. (09:05)

  15. "Ametia" says:

    Harvard Once Again Tops the Best Colleges Rankings
    Williams College is the top-ranked national liberal arts college.

    By Brian Burnsed
    Posted August 17, 2010

    This year, Harvard University regained sole possession of the top spot in U.S.News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2011 rankings of national universities. Last year, Harvard and Princeton University tied for first, but Princeton fell to second in the 2011 rankings of these large, research-oriented institutions. Williams College can once again boast that it’s the nation’s top-ranked national liberal arts college—a category of schools that place a higher emphasis on undergraduate education—as it ranked a spot ahead of fellow Massachusetts liberal arts school Amherst College for the second consecutive year.

    [View all of the Best Colleges 2011 rankings.]

  16. "Ametia" says:

    Target Ain’t People

  17. "Ametia" says:

    Oh happy day. Hello, folks!

    Obama raises a quick $1 million — and some L.A. commuter ire
    By Jim Tankersley, Tribune Washington Bureau
    August 17, 2010

    Reporting from Los Angeles — With a quick visit to Los Angeles at rush hour, President Obama raised $1 million Monday for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    He also alienated some Angelenos, at least temporarily, as his motorcade mangled evening traffic en route from the Beverly Hilton to the Hancock Park home of producer John Wells, whose credits include “West Wing,” “ER” and “Southland.”

    Onlookers lined Olympic Boulevard, snapping cellphone photos. One person held a small sign declaring, “We need jobs.”

    Read on.,0,4558908,full.story

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