School’em Michel Martin!: Spotlight on Rare and Real Journalism

Michel Martin:  “Did anyone move a Catholic church, a Christian church after Timothy McVeigh, adhered to a cultic white supremacist, cultic version of Christianity?”


Great question, Michel.  And Margaret Carlson, you can take your compromise rhetoric and shove it straight up your ass.  The NYC mosque “NON-TROVESY” was just one of several issues covered on this morning’s panel.  Michel Martin holds her own on this Dr. Laura and Glen Beck shenanigans.

Check out the entire Reliable Sources panel segment here:

LOL, Howie Kurtz got handed a backhanded lob, Margaret Carlson too!  This is what real journalism sounds like without the TALKING POINTS, folks.  everybody gets to bring their perspective to the table.  DIVERSE perspectives.  Michel wouldn’t play the mammy for Dr. Laura’s racist rant or Carlson’s uneasiness.  If you want comforting, get a pacifier.  Good for her. 

Watch and wait, Michel Martin will be targeted as an ANGRY, black woman who hates WHITEY, just like they tried to paint FLOTUS.  Because whites can’t have the negro tell them about their racist hating ways.  You told it like it is, and not like it was, No holes barred.

The truth has a way of appearing when it is allowed unfiltered and without sticking to scripted talking points.

Kudos, Michel Martin!  Now that’s some REAL FIELD NEGRO BEHAVIOR.

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20 Responses to School’em Michel Martin!: Spotlight on Rare and Real Journalism

  1. vettte says:

    Well Ametia, now you have to deal with WordPress wingnuts!! What a waste of energy trying to convince bigoted “wimen” that their slanted views are really racist views at their finest. It’s ashamed that in this day and time, “wimen” don’t take the time to look at issues objectively. Only following along with continued “right-winged trails of thought” is so, so futile. Maybe I’m wrong to look at things objectively, but I do know this, it takes a lot less energy to think straight than it does to think ignorantly.

  2. Natassia says:


    I’m not trying to be insulting, but the average reader would take one good look at your blog and conclude that you are a poorly-educated, white-hating Obamabot.

    Perhaps that’s why there are so few intelligent comments to your posts: you either delete them or people don’t even take the time to bother typing in a reply. As it is, I feel like a fool doing so yet again, but I just couldn’t resist.

    Even if you delete this, I will have the joy of knowing that you’ve read it. :)


    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      Oh looky, a Palinite! I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a Tea Partier. And yes, I make Sarah Palin look like a fence-sitter.

      I guess I could find you in a crowd of tea party morons with misspelled signs & the works , right? I mean really. What else would one expect since the party leader pokes fun at educated people, scribbles answers on her hand, uses run on sentences, doesn’t know Africa is a continent, doesn’t read, & can’t name a major newspaper? It’s so hilarious & I’m not the least surprised at your ignorance. So go ahead & stomp your feet while yelling “I want my country back”. You are entertainment! LMBAO!

    • "Ametia" says:

      LOL Now, see SG2, you done gone and “refudiated” the troll’s white sensibilities.

  3. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Mad props to Michel Martin. She rocked it. Now that’s the kind of journalism I’m talking ’bout. She wasn’t playing any games & pulled no punches.

    Big Up, Michel Martin!

    • "Ametia" says:

      Did you view the entire video? She made all the right points regarding Dr. Laura and Beck. What a breath of fresh air.

      We need those diverse voices and perspectives on the TV, and not just radio. The media has gone gutter, and I cannot take the stench!

      • "Ametia" says:

        And indeed you are a fool for coming here and showing your true COLORS. You obviously aren’t the average reader for this blog, so go on home to Redstate or Freepers, etc.

        You don’t get to come here and call me or other black commenters racists and uneducated. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game, lady.

        It is typical for you folks to come and try instill your wisdom on the negro.

        Note to ALL TROLLS: This is a personal blog with Democratic friendly views.

        This is a PRO OBAMA site, and any & ALL posting will HIGHLIGHT any & ALL acomplishments of President Obama and his administration.

        Don’t let the door hit ya!

  4. "Ametia" says:

    Repost on the Angry White Mob at Ground Zero. Reminescent of modern day KKK rallies, sans white hoods & sheets.

    “All y’all dumb motherfuckers don’t even know my opinion on shit.”

    THIS AIN’T 1968M BOO!

    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      What dumb ignorant mofos! These fools had no clue who the man was? And they wanted to attack him? Jesus Christ! See, the right wing lies and bullshit is going to get someone hurt. If they wanna go there… the fools better recognize it’s a whole new breed of people than it was in 1968. Better ask somebody!

    • "Ametia" says:

      The brotha worked on Ground Zero. These fools are running around loaded and half-cocked. They don’t have a clue, just angry and hateful.

      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        Fox News and the right wing lies are inciting these folks to violence. It could have easily turned violent in a few short seconds.

      • "Ametia" says:

        Paranoia, ignorance and fear follows the unconscious Soul. Unfortunately, the fearful are easily led to the slaughter.

        We cannot afford to fall into the fear trap, and that brother showed the crowd that he was not afraid. That is what will keep him alive.

        NO FEAR. Cowards are fearful, and will backdown from the courageous, the fearless.

      • "Ametia" says:

        And that is why NO ONE is coming to our blog and accusing us of racism. EVER.

        This includes the slave-catching coons and other white racist trolls who spew talking points and accusations of “strawman” this and that. Go tell it to someone who gives a flying fuck.
        It aint gonna fly here.

  5. Natassia says:

    Michel Martin’s analogy was wrong.

    First of all, Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian but rather an agnostic libertarian at best (anarchist at worst), who retaliated two years to the day of the Waco-Branch Davidian mess. The Branch Davidians were a fringe element of a fringe element of Christianity.

    In other words, the analogy MIGHT work if a non-Muslim sympathizer to the plight of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Pakistan went and bombed a government building in Islamabad, and then the Ahmadiyya Muslims tried to put one of their temples near the site of the bombing.

    Instead what we have here is a case of Sunni mujahideen killing thousands of people by flying airplanes into skyscrapers in a calculated act of jihad on the Dar al-Harb, and then 9 years later Sunni Muslims trying to build a Sunni mosque at the site.

    • "Ametia" says:

      Hi Natasha. Thanks for stopping in Nice try and I’m sure your talking points mean a great deal to you too.

      The fact you came here to point out that Michel Martin’s analogy is wrong , that Timmy McVeigh is not Christian, but “an agnostic Libertarian at best…” doesn’t hold any weight for me.

      Further more, there are NO plans to build a mosque on Ground Zero property. It will be a community center with a prayer room. The Muslims who are planning to build the center are NOT TERRORIST.

      You can dress up the the culprit and give it all kinds of fancy labels, the bottom line is Domestic Terrorist are white too. and the majority of this hullaballoo is coming from white Americans.

      Timothy McVeigh is white American and a terrorist who killed nearly 200 Americans. Call him anything you want. POC are not the only folks who go around blowing up buildings in America. That needs to be HIGHLIGHTED here, and Michel Martin did just that.

      • "Ametia" says:

        Didn’t I say the noise would commence with attacks on what Michel Martin said. A smart Black woman laying it down to America that their game is lame.

        Bottoml line, These ranting bigots are trying to condemn POC, and using religion intolerance. Race and religion to divide and conquer. IT.WILL.NOT. WORK.

        folks are finding it increasingly challenging to hide behind their Whiteness and so-called Christian beliefs. It’s FAKE & SHAKE.

    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      Please stop with the Muslims are terrorists meme. Enough already.

      Michel Martin put it down & it felt good to see someone push back on the wing nuttery bullshit & rip it to shreds. It is not a mosque being built near ground zero. The lies need to stop & republicans need to stop peddling fear. Furthermore, there’s a mosque already there but people want to ignore that little fact. We have a Constitution that we live by & it needs to be respected. It is not just a piece of paper & shouldn’t be ignored because of feelings & emotions?

      • Natassia says:

        And please stop with the strawman arguments.

        Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. And that’s a fact.

        Michel Martin simply provided a crappy, illogical analogy that anyone with the ability to Google could have picked apart just as I did.

      • SouthernGirl2 says:


        Hit dogs always hollar. I see you’re feeling the sting of Michel Martin’s smackdown. Isn’t that why you’re here? Yeah, I’d be hurting too if my ass was ripped to shreds. Michel was fierce! She played no games & pulled no punches. What a refreshing taste of real journalism! I like it so much!

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