CNN Fires Rick Sanchez


CNN has fired anchor Rick Sanchez following a radio rant Thursday night where he called Jon Stewart a “bigot,” blamed CNN brass for discrimination against him and insinuated that the media industry is controlled by Jews. The network announced Sanchez’s dismissal in a statement early Friday evening:

“Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well,“ the statement said.

Sanchez’s controversial interview occurred on the final day of his show in the 8 p.m. time slot, where he was replacing Campbell Brown, who departed in May. Angry about being replaced by CNN’s new “Parker Spitzer” talk show and the constant jokes made at his expense on the “Daily Show,” he lashed out on at his perceived enemies — CNN brass, Jon Stewart and Jews.

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  1. Rick Sanchez Breaks Silence, Apologizes For ‘Inartful’ Comments

    Nearly a week after making the controversial comments that got him fired from CNN, Rick Sanchez released a statement Wednesday apologizing for what he called “inartful,” “tired and mangled” words that he said “were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.”

    In his statement, Sanchez said he had personally apologized to Jon Stewart, whom he called a “bigot” in his comments last week. He also said that he left CNN with “no hard feelings – just excitement about a new future of opportunities,” and will continue on his current book tour.

    The “tired and mangled” statement would appear to back up what Sanchez’s wife, Suzanne, wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday. In it, she blamed Sanchez’s “exhaustion from working 14 hr days for 2 mo. straight.”

    Dear God

    Hear this prayer. Let CNN tank!



    • Ametia says:

      CNN is going down. That Spitzer/Parker debacle is proof of it.

      Sanchez is better off going on to bigger adventures for him and his family.

  2. Is this what got Sanchez canned?

    CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

    Rick Sanchez does the research and finds that Israel violated the terms of the ceasefire first by killing 6 Gazans on November 4.

  3. Pete Dominick, Rick Sanchez Interviewer: Sanchez Came With ‘Live Grenade In His Mouth’ (AUDIO)

    The radio host who conducted the interview that ended Rick Sanchez’s CNN career spoke out on Monday, expressing sorrow that Sanchez was fired but insisting that the anchor came into the interview determined to hit back at his critics.

    Speaking on his satellite show “Stand Up With Pete Dominick,” Pete Dominick recounted the events leading up to the fateful interview. He told listeners that he was in Atlanta to record a pilot for his own CNN show when Sanchez’s executive producer asked if the host could appear on his show to promote his book.

    “Frankly, I didn’t really want him to do the radio show,” Dominick said. “He’s not the type of guest we have on this show. We generally have experts on the issues.”

    When the interview began, he said, he was shocked at what Sanchez said. The anchor, he said, came “with a live grenade in his mouth, and he pulled the pin. I tried to put it back for him but he wasn’t having it.”

    Dominick said he thought Sanchez was so determined to respond to the years-long mockery he endured from Jon Stewart that he would have done so on any show, not just his. He also expressed regret that Sanchez was fired.

    “I’m sorry, sincerely, for his family that he was fired. It’s terrible,” he said.

    Later in the segment, Dominick revealed that both Stewart and Stephen Colbert had emailed him to congratulate his handling of the interview. Ultimately, though, he said he wants the story “to die,” and that the only shows he was considering discussing the matter on further were Stewart’s or Howard Stern’s.

  4. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    I forgot to add that Jews are unforgiving. They don’t forget or forgive. That is their biggest flaw.

  5. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    I guess you guys forgot what happened to Farrahkhan when he made that statement about “Jews were slave owners too.” He became a target to destroy after that. Think back when Arsenio Hall was warned by them not to have Farrahkhan on his show or his career would be over. Well…Arsenio did it anyway and well…the rest is history. Oh yeah…don’t forget the Jessie Jackson’s reputation did not really start going down until he made that “Hymie” slur and the mic was opened. Don’t let me get to going down the list of people who were destroyed after making any negative comments or saying anything truthful about Jews. Not if your in the entertainment business or a celebrity of some sort or a politician.

    You can talk about black and brown and Asians and even white folks, but you don’t talk about Jews or they’ll make sure you never work again. If Imus would have said something negative about Jews do you honestly think he would have gotten his job back? I’m just saying. That would have been like biting the hand that feeds you in his line of work.

    Why do you think Fox We Make Up Lies tried to use the Jews as a weapon against President Obama during the elections at first knowing that they don’t give two hoots about them because I really believe that Rupert is a Nazi in disguise.

    • Think back when Arsenio Hall was warned by them not to have Farrahkhan on his show or his career would be over. Well…Arsenio did it anyway and well…the rest is history.

      Hey Granny,

      What? I didn’t know that?

  6. Roschelle says:

    never particularly cared about rick. it was something condescending about him in general to me

  7. Rick was pissed to high heaven about Eliot Spitzer & Parker. He gave CNN a big FU in that interview.

    • yolanda radcliff says:

      This had to be intentional. Rick was probably planning to exit with a bang. He couldn’t have thought he had the right complection for the connection. He’s Cuban. No ranting like Beck or Dobbs. Like I said, it’s leaves me a little of my square.

  8. yolanda radcliff says:

    Too bad. I can’t figure out why Rick would go down this road. It’s not logical @ all. One would think he intentionally sabotaged himself.

  9. yolanda radcliff says:

    Am I too late??.

    • No ma’am. Come on wit it..

      • yolanda radcliff says:

        First, thanks for welcoming me. This ismy first time, so pls bare with me.

        I think that Rick was great on CNN, however he should’ve known where to draw the line, considering where he was & who controlled the network & media as a whole. It’s CNN’s loss. I’m sure he’ll bounce back…after some time off & an apology.

      • I believe Rick wanted to get fired too. Rick has been in journalism long enough to know better. But he did speak the truth. He went after the wrong people. If he had gone after a black person, he’d still have a job.

    • yolanda radcliff says:

      First thanks for welcoming me. Athis is my first time, so bare with me. That said, I was surprised, UNTIL I heard his comments. I think that Rick was on point, however he had to understand that those comments were going to cost him….I just don’t think he counted on a pink slip!

  10. yolanda radcliff says:

    Just coming in on the Rick Sanchez story..

  11. linda harris says:

    Goodnight Everyone Got to drive to Lousianna to an funeral in the morning my oldest Step sister pass, I had fun will try again at another time, I kinda got the hang of it a lil bit, Tell mythe thanks for the Invite.

  12. Vette,

    You’re killing me about Roland. Stop!!!!!!!!

  13. linda harris says:

    You know the Mafia and all sorts of stuff is involved into Politics, and they probally had Rick removed cause Eddie was such an good Boy for bush.

  14. linda harris says:

    Yeah I did see that on yesterday with his senial azz. lollllllllllllll

  15. Vettte says:

    See Rick Sanchez had his “Macaca Moment” dangit! He was doing so good holding it together in the afternoon and at night on CNN after Campbell Brown blew it. So now, we can’t tolerate “the macaca” and so he’s been kicked to the curb. We cant tolerate Tea Bagger racist rhetoric and neither can we allow Rick Sanchez to be racist. I think that the reason that they wont give Roland his own show, scurred of what he MIGHT say.
    Aw Rick, so sorry.

  16. What is CNN gon do now? I believe they stepped in it with this move.

  17. Vettte says:

    I’m really getting tired of looking at this Sanjay Gupta special on medical difficult cases. I think CNN screwed up this time. Lotsa people liked Sanchez. He even brought in the Hispanic perspective more than any other. So now CNNs going downhill yet once again. And you know MSNBC is not going to deviate from its weekend “Lockup”. Oh well, guess I’ll linger a bit at Faux News and see what venom they are spewing.

  18. Vettte says:

    SG2 are other peep trying to get in and post?

  19. linda harris says:

    Yeah one lady was saying on the FB he was very popular in Miami Floridamand the people was kinda jealous of him there Rick was blowing up on Cnn and those haters couldnot take that.

  20. linda harris says:

    why do I feel like Im doing something wrong im not getting your replys some i do and some i don’t don’t know what im doing wrong.

  21. linda harris says:

    Yeah that was cold the dirty ass dogs, what w”” want, whi”’ get.

  22. linda harris says:

    Ok did you get my reply about Jennifer?

  23. I hope CNN crashes and burns. They want to be like Fox News! Rick told the truth and they couldn’t handle it. Phuck’em!

  24. linda harris says:

    I got to figure out how to put my picture on here.

  25. linda harris says:

    Oh ok Julie I think I got it Now. I was lost there for an sec.

  26. linda harris says:

    Trying to get in on the discussion , Rick sanchez

  27. CNN fires Rick Sanchez but hires known bigot Erick Erickson! Rick Sanchez was on the money with his comment. Remember how fast Helen Thomas was gone? CNN is full of it!

    • linda harris says:

      Im so dissapointed about Rick, he was a cool person.

    • Ametia says:

      CNN’s been loading up their airwaves with teabaggers, and I can’t stand that John King either. I mean, come on a red neck from Red State…

      I didn’t really watch Rick Sanchez, but he told some truths before getting the ax. Do y’all think he wanted to get fired?

  28. Vettte says:

    I’m not mad at Rick Sanchez for speaking truth to power. I do hate that he has lost his job. But he cant be allow to spew racist comments because we wont tolerate it from the Tea Baggers as well. So, Rick, I feel ya but NEXT person please who can hold their candid thoughts within.

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