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Open Thread | Nobody Could Have Seen This Coming😒😒

Funny how when you discriminate against one group, it begins to bleed against those of other groups…. And, I don’t mean Ha ha funny😒😒😒 From Mississippi Goddamn!😠😠  https://twitter.com/ashtonpittman/status/1168253908617183232 Who couldn’t see this coming?😠 IMPORTANT: This comes after the MS Legislature … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | I thought that there were only 3 African Countries on the Unconstitutional Banned List?

And, since it has been blocked by judges…WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? There was an Africa trade meeting with no Africans because all their visas got denied by Harriet Marsden Each year, delegations from Africa meet with officials and business leaders … Continue reading

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What to do if #ICE Agents show up at your door

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS What to do when faced with anti-Muslim discrimination ENGLISH https://www.aclu.org/files/kyr/MKG17-KYR-AntiMuslimDiscr-OnePager-English-v01.pdf Know Your Rights: Discrimination Against Immigrants and Muslims With discrimination against American Muslims on the rise, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Anti-Muslim Discrimination. ARABIC https://www.aclu.org/files/kyr/MKG17-KYR-AntiMuslimDiscr-OnePager-Arabic-v01.pdf Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) https://www.aclu.org/files/kyr/MKG17-KYR-AntiMuslimDiscr-OnePager-Indonesian-v01.pdfContinue reading

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Breaking News | The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to reinstate Trump travel ban

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban in a ruling issued Thursday evening. Trump is widely expected to challenge the court’s ruling in the Supreme Court. The executive order, Trump’s highest profile and … Continue reading

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United Nations rep slammed US police for trampling protesters’ rights

Amid renewed nationwide protests over police killings of black men, a representative from the United Nations toured the United States with a peculiar goal: to assess whether the exercise of freedom of assembly and association in the country conforms to … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | #BernieSanders: Nobody asks for my birth certificate

Real Talk!

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Thursday Open Thread | Historical Native American Photos

Native American children were taken from their home, stripped of their language and culture or be severely beaten. They were sent to boarding schools to learn English, have their hair cut off, and become “True” Americans. Congress passed ICWA in … Continue reading

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