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Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born March 26, 1944) is an American singer and actress. During the 1960s, she helped shape the Motown sound as lead singer of The Supremes, before leaving the group for a solo career on January 14, 1970. Since the beginning of her career with The Supremes and as a solo artist, Ross has sold more than 150 million records.[1]

During the 1970s and through the mid-1980s, Ross was among the most successful female artists, crossing over into film, television and Broadway. She received a Best Actress Academy Award nomination for her 1972 role as Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues, for which she won a Golden Globe award. She won awards at the American Music Awards, garnered twelve Grammy Award nominations, and won a Tony Award for her one-woman show, An Evening with Diana Ross, in 1977.

In 1976, Billboard magazine named her the “Female Entertainer of the Century.” In 1993, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Diana Ross the most successful female music artist in history with a total of 18 American number-one singles: 12 as lead singer of The Supremes and six as a soloist. Ross was the first female solo artist to score six number-ones. This feat puts her in a tie for fifth place among solo female artists with the most number-ones on the Hot 100.[2] She is also one of the few recording artists to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—one as a solo artist and the other as a member of The Supremes. In December 2007, she received a John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Honors Award.  Including her work with The Supremes, Ross has released 67 albums.

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  1. Sarah Palin blasts Obama administration for WikiLeaks ‘fiasco’

    Sarah Palin says the U.S. government’s inability to stop the latest WikiLeaks release is all President Barack Obama’s fault.

    Sunday’s document dump of classified State Department cables is the result of the “Obama administration’s incompetent handling of this whole fiasco,” Palin wrote in a Monday afternoon Facebook post, and could have been precluded with more aggressive action by administration officials to protect private documents.

    Palin suggests the administration raise the ante against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. Calling Assange “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands,” Palin asks, “Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?”

    When will this dumb ignoramus beyotch learn the President is not concerned with what she thinks. Palin is too ignorant to know she is ignorant.

  2. Ametia says:

    Clinton: Wikileaks release an ‘attack on international community’

    By Mary Beth Sheridan
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, November 29, 2010; 2:14 PM

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday denounced the massive new release of documents by Wikileaks as “an attack on the international community” but said she was confident that U.S. relations with other countries would not suffer permanent damage.

    Clinton told reporters that the leak of State Department cables could jeopardize the lives and work of human-rights advocates, anti-corruption activists and others who provide information confidentially to U.S. diplomats. Publication of the reports also could undermine U.S. efforts to work with other countries to resolve problems like conflict, international crime and nuclear proliferation, she said.

    “Let’s be clear: this disclosure is not just an attack on America’s foreign-policy interests. It is an attack on the international community,” Clinton told reporters who had been summoned to the ornate, Wedgewood-blue Treaty Room near her office on the 7th floor of the State Department.

    That bastard needs to be held for treason!

  3. opulent2 says:

    Hey SG and Ametia….based on what we know about the political communication game…what do you think the most recent significant acccomplishment of this administration is?

    Because we know, we are being distracted with the WikiLeaks and Kyls being obstructions about the START Treaty…so what is it that the media is obscuring right now about the Obama administration that is Great?

    We know the game.

    What do we need to be looking for behind the scenes that is powerful and positive with influence far greater than this media wants us to discern?

  4. opulent2 says:

    Pitch Perfect on the world stage!!

    That is why they seek to embarass one of the most powerful and influential leaders this nation has every had historically. They want to undermine his legacy and global influence all because it will overshadow numerous other U.S. Presidents over the pass 5 decades!!
    But they are gonna be surprised.
    Just like they were during the campaign..this President is gonna brush his shoulders off, he knows that when the going gets tough the star player simply lifts the team on his back and carries them to a win. Obama just got elbowed and stitches in a pickup game…he understands that you take a few hits for the team and then just win the game.
    SOB’s…ain’t gonna stop this POTUS!!

    “Barack Obama’s Asia strategy is perfect pitch. From Japan to Vietnam and Singapore to India, he is strengthening relationships with China’s neighbors, building or rebuilding partnerships with powers that crave American presence in the region. (The call for India to join the United Nation’s Security Council was a masterstroke.) He is adopting a stronger, clearer line with the Chinese on issues ranging from human rights to currency appreciation, sending unambiguous signals that the West will not be intimidated by Chinese swagger. (After recent North Korean bellicosity, the U.S. deployed an aircraft carrier to waters the Communist Party erroneously claims are within Chinese territory. This was the right thing to do.)

    At the same time, he is not “encircling” China. He voices respect for Chinese aspirations and views its success as fundamental to 21st century prosperity. He has driven the creation of the G20, a much more representative economic forum than the G8, and has actively supported increasing emerging market voting power at the International Monetary Fund.

    The American president is projecting pragmatic steeliness. The Chinese respect this. They know Obama is no fool. As one senior leader of a state-owned enterprise said to me, “I used to think he was nice. Then I realized he was intelligent. Now I know he’s shrewd, just like Hu Jintao. Your leader is a strategist.” Their guarded respect for his tactical acumen will be another counter-balance to Chinese anxious self-protection. ”


  5. opulent2 says:

    Here is what the world press is saying about America’s foreign policy…it ain’t pretty…

    The nation is being painted as petty/gossipy and trivial about matters of extreme importance on the world stage. I know this is all to create animosity, hostility and anger at the POTUS…cause this type of trash talking can’t do anything but make it difficult for him to be respected with all the deference and dignity that traditionally goes along with being President of the most powerful nation in the world.

    America is sick.
    This country is so racist, they will contribute to the demise of America on the world stage and in the eyes of global leaders…just to prove to a man who is black that he ain’t all that! Even when he IS…POTUS!!

    And then they do not understand why POC are not proud of this nation? Puhleeeze!!


    “The State Department’s emissaries abroad cultivate a clear-eyed view of the countries they are posted to, a view that is at times incredibly dark. Viewed through the eyes of the US diplomats, entire states — Kenya for example — appear as mires of corruption. If one were to believe the gloomy reports from the embassy in Ankara, Turkey is on a slippery slope to volatile Islamism, spurred on by the narrow-minded government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is portrayed as being reliant on a group of incompetent advisers.

    Even the leadership of a close ally such as Germany emerges in a poor light in the cables. The members of the ruling government coalition in Berlin denigrate each other in comments to the US ambassador to Germany, Philip Murphy. For example, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg tattled on his colleague German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, telling the US ambassador that Westerwelle was the real barrier to the Americans’ request for an increase in the number of German troops in Afghanistan. And the US diplomats are rather cool in their assessment of Chancellor Angela Merkel: One dispatch describes her as risk-averse and “rarely creative.”

    Sometimes the US embassy activities seem to go beyond the requirements of diplomacy. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demands of members of her diplomatic corps that they prove their worth as spies. The embassy staff are asked to acquire any accessible personal details of UN staff, including credit-card numbers and frequent-flyer customer numbers.

    Explosive Revelations

    The most explosive documents are those that describe developments that relate to major global crises. In the Middle East, the US diplomats report, it is not just the Israelis who fear Iran’s nuclear ambitions. No one speaks quite as angrily about Tehran as the Arabs, who want most of all for the US to supply them with weapons.

    When it comes to Pakistan, the US never quite knows if it is dealing with an ally or an enemy in the war on terror. The diplomats repeatedly report on political or military links between the Pakistanis and the Afghan Taliban.

    And, in Yemen, the US allowed itself — against its better judgement — to be drawn into President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s conflict with the Houthi in the north of the country, even though their military aid was only supposed to be used in the fight against al-Qaida, which is particularly active in the country.

    The State Department, which has described the cables as “diplomacy in action,” is extremely annoyed that the reports are being released. The Americans share some of the blame, however. In order to improve the flow of information between different officials, the State Department created its own computer network for classified documents, one that 2.5 million US citizens had access to. The leaking of the diplomatic cables was an accident that was waiting to happen. ”,1518,731583,00.html

    BTW….does anyone know when the State Department created their own network? Under this administration or another one?

    • opulent2 says:

      Found the answer…the new network was created as part of Homeland Security.

      so now we know when this bone headed decision was made, just like all the other ones that have created the mess the Obama administration has had to clean up and bear the political brunt of …economy, financial market collapse, unwinnable wars….etc…all raining down on the head of this administration….and now
      we get these leaks ….largest volume of foreign diplomacy documents ever released to the public in U.S. history…..all courtesy of ‘homeland security act’

      the prior administratins endless asininity ….Arrrrgh!!

  6. opulent2 says:

    This type of international gossip is just outrageous to have in public…it is totally embarassing and will can only aide in our nations demise! I suppose the fact that POTUS is so pragmatic and politically astute and highly intelligence means the only way they could ensure that his administration would humiliate the country on the world stage like GWBush was to LEAK sensitive information and smear his face with eggs….dirty laundry going global just to embarass this administration.
    This is what they call patriotism, nowadays! ….Arrrrgh!!

    “The latest WiukiLeaks release reveals withering assessments of world leaders by U.S. diplomats.

    Among the more interesting: Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is an “alpha dog” while Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is a “pale, hesitant” figure who “plays Robin to Putin’s Batman.”

    France’s President Nicola Sarkozy is an “emperor with no clothes” with a “thin-skinned and authoritarian personal style.” Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi is “feckless, vain, and ineffective as a modern European leader.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “risk aversive and rarely creative.”

    President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is said to “float along on paranoia” and is dismissed as “an extremely weak man who did not listen to facts but was instead easily swayed by anyone who came to report even the most bizarre stories or plots against him.”

    Meanwhile, Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi has a fondness for a “voluptuous” Ukranian blonde he apparently employs as a “nursing sister.”


  7. opulent2 says:

    Everybody knows don’t talk to old folks if you do not want to hear the unvarnished truth…HelenThomas and JohnPaulStevens….tellin IT!!

    former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens explains for the first time how he abandoned his support for capital punishment.

    Stevens, who supported the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 as a newly-sworn justice, concluded that personnel changes on the court, coupled with “regrettable judicial activism,” had created a system of capital punishment that is “shot through with racism, skewed toward conviction, infected with politics and tinged with hysteria.”

    New York Times: “The essay is remarkable in itself. But it is also a sign that at 90, Justice Stevens is intent on speaking his mind on issues that may have been off limits while he was on the court. In the process, he is forging a new model of what to expect from Supreme Court justices after they leave the bench, one that includes high-profile interviews and provocative speeches.”

  8. opulent2 says:

    Unfortunaely, the same is true for our incarcerated population, as well!!

    Maybe, all those folks that voted the GOP congress in that are unemployed should volunteer for military service, after all it was that same constituency that got us into
    these wars.


    “This year, the United States will spend at least $700 billion on defense and security. Adjusting for inflation, that’s more than America has spent on defense in any year since World War II — more than during the Korean war, the Vietnam war, or the Reagan military buildup. Much of that enormous sum results from spending increases under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Since 2001, military and security expenditures have soared by 119 percent.”

    “For most of that time, of course, the United States has been fighting two wars. Yet that’s not the cause of the defense-spending explosion. Even if the costs of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are subtracted, the defense budget has swelled by 68 percent since 2001.”

    Remarkable: “The U.S. defense budget is now about the same as military spending in all other countries combined.”

  9. opulent2 says:

    The Legacy of Bush v. Gore…

    “The echoes of Bush v. Gore are clearest when it comes to judicial activism. Judicial conservatism was once principally defined as a philosophy of deference to the democratically elected branches of government. But the signature of the Roberts Court has been its willingness, even its eagerness, to overturn the work of legislatures.”

  10. opulent2 says:

    And in more….ain’t TX speeeecial news…

    “The latest Texas Weekly/Texas Tribune Inside Intelligence survey — a poll of Texas political insiders — finds that 58% think Gov. Rick Perry (R) will run for president, despite his insistence that he’s not interested.”

  11. opulent2 says:

    Is anyone else dismayed at all this wikileaks BS? I am especially ticked that the source of all this is PFC Manning, a gaywhitedisgruntledmale!! How can folks be so self centered about their personal issues with DADT, that they are willing to jeopardize the entire nations foreign policy and national security? This just outrages me. Makes me committed to voting nay on every single policy related to DADT.

    Coincidence, random events….NAH!….cuz

    I have to also question the impact this has on the Obama’s administration to conduct foreign policy and bring about a change in the course of world events. This entire START treaty mess with Senator Kyl has me going hmmmHUH! It just screams loudly, what most who have worked in the corporate world know. When a POC assumes a role of power and authority…all of a sudden there is a power vacumm. Their role no longer commands the power, influence and particularly the deference and respect that goes with the title. You all of a sudden need a co-sign from the ‘true powers’

    Such as this mess where POTUS holds a conference with Baker, Scowcroft,Kissinger, Schultz. etc.Where six former secretaries of state and five former secretaries of defense from both parties; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; seven former Strategic Command chiefs; national security advisers from both parties; and nearly all former commanders of U.S. nuclear forces were all on the same page. EXCEPT Senator Kyl?!!

    Unbelieveable disrespect to the office of the POTUS,,,where WH aides travel to KYL’s home in AZ with new proposals??…kissingKyl’s ass over foreign policy nuclear missile inspections?!!.

    I really am concerned for this nation…all this stuff is nothing but racially undermining this POTUS….

    Just terrible…anyways those are some of my recent musings on what is happening.

    • Ametia says:

      Break it down for us, Opulent. I have pretty much blacked out the news since last Wednesday and the holiday. It does a body, mind , and spirit good!

      • opulent2 says:

        I hear that Ametia!!
        I have been being quite passive about it myself. No cable or network news..just what I read in the papers!
        Funny how reading keeps me calmer than listening to the news which never fails to make me want to throw a shoe or slap the face of some dumbass commentator spewing, spinning and misconstruing the truth!!

        I am sipping Green Tea..daily and just taking a moment to vent today.

  12. Suspected Oregon Terror Act Yet Another Plot Foiled Because Of Intelligence Provided By A Muslim

    Over the weekend, Somali-American 19 year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested following an FBI sting operation discovering that Mohamud, apparently holding grievances about U.S. foreign policy, allegedly plotted to detonate a car bomb during a Christmas Tree-lighting ceremony.

    Following his arrest, the mosque he attended — the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center — released a statement saying it was “outraged” by news of the alleged plot and condemned the Mohamud’s plans. “Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center and the entire Muslim Community of Corvallis are outraged by the news of a teenage individual being involved in a plot to bomb the tree lighting event in Portland, Oregon,” the statement said. “Such conduct does not in any way represent Islam or Muslims, rather it goes against it.”

    • Ametia says:

      Interesting. The media is hush, hush about this. Not surprised. It’s Sno’ Ho and wiki leaks by a gay white man, annoyances and distractions sort of like horseflies on shit.

  13. President Obama Speaks on the Federal Employee Pay Freeze

    11:35 AM EST

  14. Chris Matthews: Palin Is Like Bill Clinton

    Chris Matthews made a surprising comparison between Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin on his Sunday show. After a segment in which he and his guests discussed what a 2012 presidential run by Palin might look like, Matthews said that both she and Clinton were natural politicians with the grit to weather big political storms — and that both had a combative relationship with the press:

    “There’s one unlikely Democrat you might compare to Sarah Palin when it comes to being a natural: the generally incomparable Bill Clinton. One clear similarity: moxie. While some mortals might have gone away after that humiliating pounding that Sarah Palin took in 2008, she’s been something of a comeback kid herself…during this last campaign, it was Bill Clinton who was the Democrats’ counter to Sarah Palin.”

    Chris Matthews is fking moron. Journalism has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL Matthews can’t help himself. Barack Hussein Obama’s POTUS, and he’s NOT. The BLACK president is eating him and the other sore loosers alive!

      Palin or Clinton, not even in the same league…

      BWA HA HA HA

    • opulent2 says:

      Hell in a handbasket is so right!1

      What a friggin insult!! Comparing a Yale J.D. and Rhodes Scholar…to some backwoods never got a degree in nothing stupid alaskan trash to a former POTUS?!

      Matthews needs to STFU!

  15. Scientists Trick Cells Into Switching Identities

    NEW YORK — Suppose you could repair tissue damaged by a heart attack by magically turning other cells into heart muscle, so the organ could pump effectively again.

    Scientists aren’t quite ready to do that. But they are reporting early success at transforming one kind of specialized cell directly into another kind, a feat of biological alchemy that doctors may one day perform inside a patient’s body.

    “I think everyone believes this is really the future of so-called stem-cell biology,” says John Gearhart of the University of Pennsylvania, one of many researchers pursuing this approach.

    The concept is two steps beyond the familiar story of embryonic stem cells, versatile entities that can be coaxed to become cells of all types, like brain and blood. Scientists are learning to guide those transformations, which someday may provide transplant tissue for treating diseases like Parkinson’s or diabetes.

    It’s still experimental. But at its root, it’s really just harnessing and speeding up what happens in nature: a versatile but immature cell matures into a more specialized one.

  16. dannie22 says:

    Good morning all!

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