Haiti to Sarah Palin: We Can See Your “Horns”

So Franklin Graham the Evangelical minister who called Islam “EVIL”  has paired up with Sarah Palin and traveled to Haiti on what they’re calling a “MERCY MISSION”  Umm, nope, we ain’t buying it.  As far as I can tell, they’re doing the work of the devil.

What are these two up to?  Is this hookup a lead in to Franklin Graham endorsing Palin for a 2012 Presidential run? Sarah Palin cannot stand not to be in the media spotlight.  But we at 3 Chics can see this cheap stunt for what it is, a photo-op, an attempt to make her look compassionate towards (POC ) “PEOPLE OF COLOR.” 

Palin & Graham on Mission of Mercy

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is accompanying Graham on the trip. Last year, Gov. Palin joined Graham to hand out food parcels to families in Native Alaskan villages facing hunger because of a harsh winter.

“I appreciate her willingness to visit Haiti during such troubled times,” Graham said. “I believe Gov. Palin will be a great encouragement to the people of Haiti and to the organizations, both government and private, working so hard to provide desperately needed relief.”


“I’ve really enjoyed meeting this community,” Gov. Palin said. “They are so full of joy. We are so fortunate in America and we are responsible for helping those less fortunate. Samaritan’s Purse is still here doing the tough work.”

Take a look at these photos:

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Now take a look at these photos: 

These photos provide the true colors of, PUN intended of Palin.  Her look of disgust for the “other”  is palpable.  How many times did she sanitize those precious little hands of hers? 

I’ll bet old Greta was practically wiping sista Sarah’s hands for her.   SYCOPHANT

 Print these out folks, if you need a reminder of this women’s true motives come 2012. 

NO, Sarah, these photos will NEVER get you the BLACK vote.  Our spidery senses are well honed in detecting anti-black sentiments.

Please, for MERCY’s sake, Sarah Palin, get the fuck out of Haiti.  It’s crystal clear that you don’t want to be there for the joy, compassion, and helping the “less fortunate.’  If you cared about the less fortunate, you’d start with your charity in your own backyard, right here in the good old US of A! 

With cameras rolling, I challenge Sarah Palin to bring her lily-white ass back to the United States, and go into the most poverty-stricken, health challenged BLACK neighborhood right here at home.


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  1. http://www.blackcollegian.com/

    On April 29, 14 black leaders in Alaska, including prominent ministers, NAACP officials, and community activists, met with Palin to voice their complaint over minority hiring and job opportunities. During the meeting she allegedly said that she didn’t have to hire any blacks. Even more damning, she purportedly said that she didn’t intend to hire any.

  2. Ametia says:

    From the Grio commenter blindjustice: http://www.thegrio.com/politics/did-palin-go-to-haiti-in-search-of-black-votes.php#comment-111424815

    Is she going to Haiti with an ulterior motive? Well lets look at her past. The very week Haiti experienced the quake, Sarah got hired as a news consultant for Fox News. If one remembers, for the one entire week Haiti was dealing with a fluid situation of death and destruction, Sarah was being interviewed by Sean Hannity, O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck, relative to their support for her and her credibility as a contributor who had vast knowledge of events throughout the world. Each day she was interviewed she only spoke about conservative common-sense, simple solutions, family values, freedom, the forefathers, and the constitution. She attempted to justify quitting her governor’s position by stating “only dead fish go with the flow.” That being said, AT NO TIME, did Palin bring up or speak on the subject of Haiti and the continued destruction even though it was going on at the very time she was being interviewed for one full hour each day on Fox. She has never mentioned that she has contributed financially to any Haitian relief and has criticized any aspects of economic relief for black people here in America. Case in point: the unemployment extensions and even the First Lady. Palin: Take her anti-obesity thing that she is on. She is on this kick, right. What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families in what we should eat. And I know I’m going to be again criticized for bringing this up, but instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us according to some politician or politician’s wife priorities, just leave us alone, get off our back, and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track.”
    Now in spite of Sarah’s intellectual knowledge in demoralizing the First Lady and her signature good health anti-obesity legislation children’s bill, on December 13th, President Obama did sign into law, The Child Nutrition Bill which will place thousands more children on school based nutritious lunch and dinner programs.
    President Obama followed up by saying: he had to sign the bill or else he would have to sleep on the couch for a very long time.
    On a more serious note, he said, “At a very basic level, this act is what’s right for our children.”
    To underscore the point the First Lady said: “we can agree that in the wealthiest nation on earth all children should have the basic nutrition they need to grow and learn. Nothing is more important than the health of our children, nothing.”
    The 4.5 billion dollar measure will allow 20 million additional after-school meals to be served annually in all 50 states. Yes, nutritious meals as oppose to snacks. So much for Sarah’s God given right track?
    But I digress. Anyway lately it appears that Sarah is getting closer to officially announcing that she is going to run for president and with that said she has been putting on some very pathetic “dog and pony” shows in order to create the fact that she has “Cojones”, that she can “man up”, so she clubs a Halibut fish numerous times in the head until dead, then she shoots a defenseless Caribou, and now she puts on a private Haitian visit with the Palin family exclusively for her Fox audience. Very dismissive of our black president calling him a socialist and wealth redistributor,(taking money from the rich like her and giving it away to minority programs that help the poor). And now she’s interested in the poor in another country? I would venture to say, her motives were strictly political photo ops.
    Just watch how many of those photos wind up in her campaign Ads.

  3. Ametia says:

    Check out this nonsense:

    Bitch please. it’s all a political game to you.

    In Haiti, Palin urges U.S. to do more to helpFrom Justine Redman,
    CNN December 13, 2010 7:06 a.m. EST

    Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was in Haiti on Sunday, urging the U.S government and other Americans to do more to help the earthquake-ravaged country.

    Palin praised Samaritan’s Purse for “doing God’s work.” Samaritan’s Purse describes itself on its website as “a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.”

    Palin said she would not take questions from reporters. “The reason I won’t be answering questions is because we don’t need to be getting political here today,” Palin said.

    The former Republican vice-presidential nominee thanked her husband and daughter Bristol for joining her on the trip and said she hopes Bristol could help raise awareness of Haiti’s needs among young people.

    As she was whisked off the makeshift stage to her waiting car, Palin answered one question from CNN’s Gary Tuchman, who asked what was different from what she expected to find in Haiti.

    “Much harsher than I had expected, the conditions are much rougher,” Palin replied.

    Palin is widely thought to be considering a run for president in 2012.

    Her visit comes as Haiti is fighting a massive cholera outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people and sickened nearly 100,000.

    “Not to get political, but if some of the politicians would come here and see the conditions perhaps they would see the need for, say, a military airlift to bring the supplies that are so needed here,” she said.

    Palin spoke at a brief press conference at a warehouse owned by the Samaritan’s Purse organization north of Port-au-Prince.

    “(I) don’t want Americans to forget the need that is here,” she said. “More importantly, for Americans and people across the world to know what an individual can do to make a difference, to contribute, to kind of get out of your comfort zone and volunteer to help.”

  4. Sarah Palin Supports Dr. Laura Via Twitter: ‘don’t retreat … reload!’


    Sarah Palin has used Twitter to share some advice with Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the talk radio host who apologized and decided to retire from her highly-rated program after using the N-word on the air 11 times in 5 minutes.

    Palin’s advice: “don’t retreat…reload!”

    It’s a breathtakingly tone-deaf bit of provocation — even by Palin’s standards.

    Dr. Laura, as she’s known on her radio program, quickly came under fire for her remarks of a week ago. She immediately acknowledged the mistake and soon announced that she would end the show once her contract expires later this year. She currently commands the largest audience of any woman in syndicated talk radio and overall her ratings are among the top five hosts in the nation.

    Palin, once the governor of Alaska and Republican nominee for vice president in 2008, has been using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to push her messages in recent months. She fired out two messages about Dr. Laura on Wednesday night, the first reading:

    Dr.Laura:don’t retreat…reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence”isn’t American,not fair”)

    • Ametia says:

      Exactly, and now this devil is roaming around vulnerable BLACK Haitians like some white privileged prima donna GTFOH. I’m sure she’s telling those camera people to reload too.

  5. Who does this bitch thinks she’s fooling by going to Haiti? She hates black people. We see the disgust showing on her face. GTFOOH Sarah Palin! Do you think folks have forgotten about the re-load situation with Dr. Laura? Remember, you wanted Dr. Laura to continue to yell the word “nigger”? Go to hell Sarah Palin, you b*tch*ss fraud.

    • Ametia says:

      Palin’s disgusting. She’ll use any event and anyone to try and bolster her credentials. She needs to start by going back to college and getting her dumb ass educated.

      But we see her as the DEVIL that she is. Palin hates BLACK people, and anyone in their right mind would never fall for the old take a few pics with the negroes okey dokey! Bye bitch!

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