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The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks!

Alton Sterling’ son was on CBS this morning and was asked how he felt about police?   Now they are going after our children to help shoulder the burden of  their fears and bigotry.  And the parents of these children need to … Continue reading

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CNN Plans to Air Chris Cuomo – George Zimmmerman Inteview

See how the media elevates a child murderer? Hat tip Yahtc Please consider signing this petition (and passing it on to other blogs, twitter, Facebook, etc): Cuomo: It’s important to hear from the man at the center of it…”  SERIOUSLY?! … Continue reading

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Haiti to Sarah Palin: We Can See Your “Horns”

So Franklin Graham the Evangelical minister who called Islam “EVIL”  has paired up with Sarah Palin and traveled to Haiti on what they’re calling a “MERCY MISSION”  Umm, nope, we ain’t buying it.  As far as I can tell, they’re … Continue reading

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