MAN UP AMERICA: Your Attempts To Emasulate Our President… FAIL


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According to the Urban dictionary MAN UP means: 

  • Don’t be a pussy, brave it, be daring.
  • To fulfill your responsibilities as a man, despite your insecurities and constant ability to place yourself in embarrassing and un-manly scenarios.
  • To work through impediments and obstacles without whining
  • Strap on a pair, grow some balls, stop being such a complete and utter wuss.

For months, the media pundits, comedians, some on Professional left, and  the talking heads have been issuing a plea for the president to “MAN UP”, wuss, wimp,  grow a pair, “take off the pink tutu” 

Throwing it on the table right now:

 This 3 Chics’ perspective is because Barack Hussein Obama is a black male who now assumes the most powerful office in the country, the presidency, which until 2008 had been occupied by 43 white males is threatening to the some of these white men.

The black man has long been the object of hatred, fear, and contempt led by white men to uphold some illusion/ fantasy of their superiority and to protect their women from the big, black Mandingo.

You’ve got one smart, intelligent, good-looking, black President in the White House, but the male dominated media calls him “arrogant, vain,” codes for “UPPITY NEGRO,”  wuss, and weak.”  There’s nothing  really new with this kind of white male behavior, their lame behaviors to try to emasculate the black male.  It’s hilarious and infuriating to watch and listen to these penis-envy fools.  Now, what they’re asking the POTUS to do and what he’d actually do, were he not POTUS, would indeed play into their stereotypical mindset.

It’s got to be driving these men wild that President Obama is happily married to a black women, has two beautiful daughters, and  he is INTELLIGENT AS HELL! 

This WINNING combination of goodness is the biggest threat to white male superiority.

And let’s be real clear here.  Barack Obama would never have been elected POTUS had he married a white woman… NEVER.  The fact that he’s president and married beautiful black woman speaks to the insecurity of these white men, who think their white women are the ultimate prize. 

It drives them even wilder that white women find him equally attractive, smart and powerful.  Hell, some of these guys are lusting after this president, and y’all know it’s true. *******cough**christingledownmylegsmatthews, ericcantor**cough*cough.**********

Remember , the GOP spent tens of millions of dollars to impeach Clinton, chasing down a semen stained dress to prove that Monica Lewinsky gave Bill Clinton  head in the Oval Office.

President Obama is not your “smiling boy,” boyfriend, Mandingo, house nigra, best friend, honey-dew (do), God, magic negro, uppity negro, arrogant, gangsta, step-in-fetchit slave.

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America, and his role is to preside.

Honestly, folks, do we need to take history lessons here? 


 See if you can pass the test here.

In the last 2 years, this past 2 weeks alone, President Obama’s administration has passed key legislation.  HCR, tax cuts, unemployment insurance extension bill, and DADT, all while the racist teabaggers were screaming, the whining professional left, were whining, and the OBSTRUCTIONIST GOP and a complicit media machine were spinning their tales of mayhem, tomfoolery, and doom!

It appears that President Obama is using his brain.  I’m not sure of its size, nor do I care.

He’s still black, he’s still POTUS, and this fact won’t change after PBO leaves office in 2016

To recap, read the definitions for Man up and the role of the president.

Now who is actually presiding, and who needs to MAN UP here?

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10 Responses to MAN UP AMERICA: Your Attempts To Emasulate Our President… FAIL

  1. Lavender says:

    I agree it’s completely retarded for the right to try and portray the President as a wuss. Then again, perception is everything in politics, and if you hammer the message long enough, some folks will believe it.

    • Welcome to 3 Chics, Lavender!

      I concur. That’s all the pathetic insecure ass clowns have….fear, lies & race baiting.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Lavender. And it’s not just the right who try to portray the POTUS as a wuss. Please! These so-called liberals like Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and members of the Democratic Party are the WORST culprits of this meme.

      I don’t have it twisted.

  2. Ametia says:

    This “Man up” nonsense does NOT work, not for this president. America’s history dictates that it doesn’t. So all the dog whistling, screams about unkept promises, and weakness will fall on my death ears.

    The further attempts at moving the GOALPOST for Barack Obama, the dumber they look, because he’s already started a new game, and he plays by the rules that where set out for the office of president. PERIOD.

    the blinder and deafer I’ll become to their cries of weak leadership

  3. And let’s be real clear here. Barack Obama would never have been elected POTUS had he married a white woman… NEVER. The fact that he’s president and married beautiful black woman speaks to the insecurity of these white men, who think their white women are the ultimate prize.

    Tell it, sista!

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