Serendipity SOUL-Monday Open Thread

Wiki:  Earth, Wind & Fire is an American R&B and funk band formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 1969 by Verdine and Maurice White. Also known as EWF, the band has won six Grammy Awards and four American Music Awards. They have been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.[1][2] Rolling Stone has described them as “innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing” and has also declared that the band “changed the sound of black pop”.[3] In 1998, they were ranked at number 60 on VH1‘s list of the 100 Greatest Artists of Rock N’ Roll.[4]

The band’s music contains elements of African, Latin American, funk, soul, pop and rock music, jazz and other genres. The band is known for the dynamic sound of their horn section, and the interplay between the contrasting vocals of Philip Bailey‘s falsetto and Maurice White’s tenor.[5] The kalimba (African thumb piano) is played on all of the band’s albums.[6]    Complete chronology of band members here

Happy MUN-dane, Everybody! 

*Remember to catch the State of the Union Address  here with 3 Chics tomorrow night.

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  1. Ametia says:

    Jan 24, 1:06 PM EST
    Biden called for jury duty in Del., but dismissed
    WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Joe Biden may be the nation’s vice president, but that doesn’t mean he can avoid fulfilling his civic duty.

    Biden reported Monday morning for jury duty along with about 100 other people at the New Castle County courthouse after receiving a jury summons.

    “I don’t consider myself different than any other person,” Biden told The News Journal of Wilmington, Del. “This is important … It is an honor to be a part of the system.”

    Biden and several Secret Service agents waited with other prospective jurors in the jury assembly room. During a break, staffers and security poured in from a side door to consult with the vice president. Biden said he had to make several calls on a secure telephone during the break, including one to President Barack Obama.

    Biden, along with other prospective jurors, was dismissed shortly after noon.

  2. Court: Rahm Emanuel Can’t Run For Mayor, Not Chicago Resident

    UPDATE: A prominent Illinois election lawyer who asked to remain anonymous because of his many political clients in Chicago, told the Huffington Post that there may be hope for Emanuel yet.

    The Illinois Supreme Court, he said, “would certainly give the Appellate Court respect but I wouldn’t say that they are constrained from reversing their decision.”

    That said, Monday’s two-to-one ruling throwing Emanuel’s name off the Chicago mayoral ballot was a major legal set back that dramatically complicated the former White House chief of staff’s run for the post. Rather than seek a rehearing with the appellate court, the Illinois lawyer said he expected the Emanuel campaign to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court either Wednesday or as early as Tuesday. The Court will likely choose to take the case before the week was over.

    “This is a matter of serious importance affecting essentially half of the state of Illinois just because of the population and impact of the economy,” the lawyer said. “So you can expect the Supreme Court will act very quickly. The parties will simply recycle their briefs responding to the appellate court opinion.

  3. Ametia says:

    Report: Ed Rendell Finalizing Deal To Be A MSNBC Pundit
    by Matt Schneider | 10:16 am, January 24th, 2011

    Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has regularly appeared across all news networks providing his analysis on national issues, and it looks as if soon he will be paid to continue to do just that as a political commentator for MSNBC. Politico reports that Rendell is in final negotiations with the network to be a contributor for the 2012 election cycle.

    Rendell has previously shown his passion for certain issues and is often an aggressive, but still entertaining debater. In an interview, he said “I’m doing it mostly because I want to continue to participate in the public dialogue and speeches and television are the best venues to do that.” With Keith Olbermann out, might MSNBC have some extra money lying around, allowing the network to continue shopping for new talent?

  4. Fickle independents return to Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats learned at least one big lesson in the November elections: What the independent voter gives, the independent voter can also take away.

    But now, the same temperamental bloc that threw House Democrats out of power appear to be in a giving mood again – at least as far as Obama is concerned.

    That unpredictable, cranky group of voters who helped carry the president into office two years ago before turning against him in dramatic fashion, may be turning back in Obama’s direction even more quickly.

    A series of national polls released over the last week shows Obama’s approval rating on the upswing among voters who don’t affiliate with either political party.

    In two polls, Obama’s standing with independents jumped by double digits. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed him clocking 46 percent approval among independents – an 11-point increase since December.

  5. Mike Huckabee’s Wife Goes Head-To-Head With State Trooper After Accident

    Janet Huckabee, the wife of former Arkansas governor and potential 2012 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee, was recently involved in a multi-car traffic accident that later sparked an argument with the officer who appeared on the scene.

    The Tolbert Report provides a transcript for part of the conversation, in which Huckabee appears to suggest that the passengers of another automobile in the accident were lying about her being on a cell phone, and therefore lying when they alleged that the former Arkansas first lady had improperly merged into their lane, causing the incident.

    Janet Huckabee – “Did she say I was on the phone?” Trooper Blackmon – “Ma’am, that has nothing to do with it.” Huckabee – “It has everything to do with it. Trooper – “No it doesn’t.” Huckabee – “It has to do with whether I am telling the truth or not.” Trooper – “Okay, they gave me an exact description of your vehicle. I mean…” Huckabee – “That’s why I stopped up here. Yeah, that’s right. I realize there was a vehicle and we were both merging.” Trooper – “They gave me an exact description of your vehicle. They told me exactly what you were doing. You told me that you were going into their lane as well.” Huckabee – “Did she tell you I was talking on the phone?” Trooper – “Ma’am, that has nothing to do with…” Huckabee – “I just want an answer from you. Did she tell you I was talking on the phone?” Trooper – “She didn’t tell me. The passenger told me.” Huckabee – “That is a lie. That is an out lie.” Trooper – “Ma’am, I don’t have anything to…” Huckabee – “So if that is a lie how can I know that the other part is not a lie.” Trooper – “Ma’am, you verified it by your own statement.” Huckabee – “I said I was merging but I said she was merging.” Trooper – “Okay, well she said she wasn’t merging.” Huckabee – “She also said I was on the phone. So if one is a lie, why shouldn’t the other be a lie.”

    The Arkansas Times reports on the recently resolved outcome of the Sept. 20 episode:

    Former Arkansas first lady Janet Huckabee paid a $100 fee in Pulaski County District Court yesterday and received a “reserve judgment” ruling from Judge Wayne Gruber, with an agreement that charges of careless and prohibited driving against her would be dismissed if Huckabee doesn’t get into any more vehicular trouble for six months.

  6. Ametia says:

    The Tea Party Could Learn A Lot From Justice Scalia Today
    Justice Antonin Scalia will speak today to a group of Tea Party Members of Congress organized by ultra-conservative Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), an arrangement that even President George W. Bush’s former ethics attorney finds questionable:

  7. Arizona ‘Hero Intern’ To Sit With Michelle Obama At State Of The Union

    Daniel Hernandez Jr., one of the heroes of the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., two weeks ago, tells ABC News that he will be sitting, along with his father, Daniel Hernandez Sr., with Michelle Obama at the State of the Union on Tuesday, which happens to be his 21st birthday.

    “I’m both honored and excited to have the opportunity to travel to our nation’s Capitol for a once in a lifetime event. Also the chance to bring my father along for his first trip to Washington, D.C. The State of the Union is a pivotal moment because it is our opportunity to find where we are and where we will be going as a nation in this upcoming year,” Hernandez said.

    Two weeks ago, Hernandez, an intern for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, rushed to her aid when Jared Loughner allegedly opened fire at one of her public events, killing six people and wounding 14 others, including Giffords.

  8. The West Wing, Season II
    Almost overnight, Barack Obama overhauled his White House and rewrote much of the script. Now all he needs is a happy ending.

    David Axelrod awoke at three in the morning and checked his BlackBerry. It was January 12, a few hours before Barack Obama would fly to Arizona for the memorial service for the victims of the Tucson shootings, and a few hours after Obama’s speechwriters had handed him a draft of the address he would give there. The president knew well that a big moment was at hand, that what was called for was more than mere eloquence, but a speech that was deeply … his. “I want to work on this,” Obama said to Axelrod upon examining the text. “I’ll have a redraft for you by ten or eleven tonight.”

    But those hours had passed without any sign of the president’s revisions.

    Now, as Axelrod combed his in-box in the predawn darkness, he saw an e-mail from Obama, time-stamped 1:20 a.m. Although the early portions of the draft remained largely intact, the president had thoroughly rewritten the crucial last two pages—from the call for a new era of civility in our discourse to the grounding of that challenge in the imperative of living up to the expectations of the fallen 9-year-old, Christina-Taylor Green. Axelrod recalled the last time his boss had taken such personal ownership of a piece of oratory: his speech on race in March 2008. Obama had labored over that one, too, late into the night, and after reading it in the morning, his message guru e-mailed him back, “This is why you should be president.” The Tucson speech inspired in Axelrod a similar reaction.

  9. President Obama, The First Lady, and Dr. Biden Speak at Federal Government’s Support for Military Families

    11:00 AM EST

  10. New GOP Senator: Toning Down Rhetoric Would Mean ‘Shooter Wins’

    Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) seemed to imply recently that any change to the behavior of elected officials spurred by the shooting in Arizona earlier this month would be tantamount to making a concession to the alleged shooter.

    “The shooter wins if we, who’ve been elected, change what we do just because of what he did,” Lee said on ABC News’s “This Week,” during a segment about members of Congress being more sensitive about their use of inflammatory political rhetoric.

    Lee earlier suggested that the nation’s gun control laws should similarly remain steadfastly intact. According to Lee, the tightening of laws meant to prevent people with mental illness from obtaining a firearm should not considered, despite the fact that alleged gunman Jared Lee Loughner was able to purchase a semi-automatic handgun and multiple high-capacity magazines at the end of last year, even in the face of some clear questions about his mental stability.

    “We have state and federal laws on the books that already prohibit citizens who have been deemed mentally ill from possessing firearms,” Lee said during an interview with CNN earlier this month, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “I don’t think we’re going to lessen our way out of the risk [by adding more restrictions]. To the contrary, there is abundant research suggesting in cities where more people own guns, the crime rate, especially the murder rate, goes down.”

  11. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: Explosion kills up to 31 at Moscow airport
    January 24, 2011 10:05:19 AM

    An explosion at Domodedovo Airport, on the southeast outskirts of Moscow, killed up to 31 people Monday afternoon.

  12. Ametia says:

    JANUARY 24, 2011
    Postal Service Eyes Closing Thousands of Post Offices

    HOLMES MILL, Ky.—The U.S. Postal Service plays two roles in America: an agency that keeps rural areas linked to the rest of the nation, and one that loses a lot of money.

    Now, with the red ink showing no sign of stopping, the postal service is hoping to ramp up a cost-cutting program that is already eliciting yelps of pain around the country. Beginning in March, the agency will start the process of closing as many as 2,000 post offices, on top of the 491 it said it would close starting at the end of last year. In addition, it is reviewing another 16,000—half of the nation’s existing post offices—that are operating at a deficit, and lobbying Congress to allow it to change the law so it can close the most unprofitable among them. The law currently allows the postal service to close post offices only for maintenance problems, lease expirations or other reasons that don’t include profitability.

  13. dannie22 says:

    Good morning all!!

  14. Ametia says:

    Good Morning, Everybody! :-)

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