President Obama Signs EXECUTIVE Order For Disclosure of Politcal Spending by Government Contractors- Take That Citizens United!

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With A Stroke Of His Pen Obama Strikes Back At Citizens United

April 21, 2011  By Rmuse


On Wednesday it was reported that President Obama was drafting an executive order that would require companies pursuing federal contracts to disclose political contributions that have been secret under the Citizen’s United ruling. A senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Hans A. von Spakovsky, lambasted the proposed executive order saying that, “The draft order tries to interfere with the First Amendment rights of contractors.” Mr. von Spakovsky dutifully made all the right-wing, neo-con arguments including bringing Planned Parenthood and unions into the discussion. The draft order did not exempt any entity from disclosure rules and presents a reasonable requirement on contractors seeking government contracts. Several states have similar “pay to play” laws to prevent businesses from using unlimited donations to buy lucrative state contracts from slimy legislators. Thus far the only legislator who has railed against the proposed order was Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell called the proposal an “outrageous and anti-Democratic abuse of executive branch authority,” and went on to say, “Just last year, the Senate rejected a cynical effort to muzzle critics of this administration and its allies in Congress.


This means that all companies that sign contracts with the federal government will have to report on the personal political activities of their officers and directore.  This would include ALL contributions, expenditures ot or on behalf of federal candidates, parties or party made by the bidding entity.

Banks need to get the STROKE of the POTUS pen next.

If you don’t want to join them, Mr. President, BEAT THEM!

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16 Responses to President Obama Signs EXECUTIVE Order For Disclosure of Politcal Spending by Government Contractors- Take That Citizens United!

  1. John Mcguirk says:

    Oh, and one more thing, the article is as wrong as most left leaners. He has yet to sign it.

    • Ametia says:

      Don’t bust a gut, dude. Citizens United needs to be overturned, but then we know that the SCOUTS is on the side of the GOP and big corporations.

      Yes, we know this and the post title will STAND as is. 3 Chics knows it will be done.

      *FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* May 4, 2011 12:56 PM

      *CONTACT: Public Citizen * Phone: 202-588-1000 Obama: People Want Disclosure, Sign Executive Order Statement by Robert Weissman, President, Public Citizen

      WASHINGTON – May 4 – *Note: This statement was delivered today at a press conference held by good government groups.*

      Does anyone in America really think its a stretch to suggest that corporate campaign spending might affect decisions about what the government spends money on and to which companies it gives contracts? Isnt that a huge part of why corporations spend money on campaigns?

      Public Citizen strongly urges the Obama administration to adopt a draft executive order that would require companies that bid for government contracts to disclose their campaign spending, in order to diminish the likelihood that contracts are a payoff for political expenditures.

      The American people well understand the campaign money-corruption nexus.

      We are today presenting to the White House more than 22,000 petition signatures gathered in just a weeks time calling on the president to issue the executive order. Colleague organizations have gathered thousands of additional signatures.

      The need for such action is directly traceable to the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which lifted restrictions on political spending by corporations. The decision paved the way for companies to make massive expenditures from their general treasuries to influence election outcomes, including by funneling money through front groups that do not coordinate with candidates.

      Not only did Citizens United badly damage the functioning of our democracy, it invited a major uptick in pay to play abuses, where contractors make campaign-related expenditures to obtain contracts, or at least favorable consideration of bids. There is no question that Citizens United will facilitate more and more severe contracting corruption, in the form of pay to play abuses, both federally and in the states.

      The pay-to-play system encourages fraud and abuses of power, prevents contracts from being awarded to businesses based on merit, wastes taxpayer dollars, and facilitates privatization and contracting out of services that otherwise could or should be provided by government agencies.

      Short of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, the best way to prevent pay-to-play abuses is to bar contractors and lobbyists from political expenditures. Eight states, the Securities and Exchange Commission and several local jurisdictions currently restrict government contractors from making campaign contributions to those responsible for issuing government contracts.

      The presidents draft executive order would not turn back the clock on Citizens United. That’s going to take a constitutional amendment.

      Nor would the presidents draft executive order prohibit contractor spending on campaigns, a far more robust remedy to the pay-for-play problem. It would merely require disclosure.

      Modest though it is, the presidents executive order is nonetheless very significant. It will work to deter contractor corruption, a matter of great national importance.

      Government contracting is not a niche business. The government contracts for computer services and oil delivery, health care and weapons, construction equipment and security guards, washer and dryers and housekeeping services, satellites and solar panels, trains, planes and automobiles, and much more. Disclosure of government contactors campaign spending will help shine a light on the contracting process and diminish the likelihood of abuse and waste of taxpayer monies. ###

  2. John Mcguirk says:

    Sorry to intrude on your little lefty love fest, but your hero’s executive order is uncustitutional and will be challenged then struck down.

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  4. RiPPa says:

    Now we gotta fight to get true campaign contribution reform. Until we get that, those big boys like the Koch brothers will continue to grease the filthy palms of right-wingers. Oh, and let’s not even talk about international contributions…

  5. Good to see this, really.

    But…will he be given any credit for it? Or will it disappear down the memory hole of both the MSM and some on the Liberal side?

    Here is something that is a very good thing, a step in the right direction to fight against Citizens United….and I wonder if the folks at Kos, FDL, the Huffington Post, or chaps like Michael Moore and Glenn Greenwald will even notice it.

    • Hi Marc!

      Welcome to 3 Chics. Glad to have you drop in. You won’t hear a word from any of the above. They ignore things like this and find something else to whine and complain about what the President didn’t do or…gasp…he’s losing his base. Their fight is not about the progressive agenda…it’s about Barack Hussein Obama. They have a problem with him. They’re as transparent as water.

    • John Mcguirk says:

      What about the man who got Obama elected, George Soros, you left this piece of work off your list. This man is in the business of destroying nations and Obama is in his pocket. Must make you feel realy safe.

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