TRUMP The CHUMP Thread: Have at It!

This here’s The Trump PLAYGROUND.  Feel free to drop any links, pics, videos, etc. about this raggedy-headed carpetbagger.

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  1. Ametia says:


  2. Wanda Sykes Rips Donald Trump, Calls Birthers Racist

    Wanda Sykes has never pulled punches, especially when it comes to controversy and politics. On Thursday night, she delivered a jab to Donald Trump, and a full-on smack down of conservative birthers.

    Before her scheduled performance in Vancouver, Sykes spoke to the Vancouver Sun about her take on the right wing attacks on President Obama.

    “I feel sorry for ’em, they’re just sad,” she said of the birthers. “I love that they’re hanging it on ‘Well, he’s not from this country’ when they should just face it: You’re having issues because a black man is president. That’s what it is, and you need to deal with that, to work with that.”

    Of course, last week, Obama presented his official long-form birth certificate to the public, though that hasn’t quieted some on the right down very much. That includes potential presidential candidate Donald Trump, who both took credit for forcing Obama to produce the certificate, and said that he would have to investigate further into the matter.

    Trump’s act has not exactly impressed Sykes.

    “He’s not happy unless he’s relevant in some way,” she told the paper. “He wants people to be talking about him. I thought he would be happy enough to finally have a decent season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ but, you know, he had to make a little bit more noise than that, I guess.”

    Sykes has long been outspoken politically; she took on Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh (whom she called the 20th 9/11 high jacker) at the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner.

    • Cable News knew Trump and the birthers were peddling racism from the beginning but it was all about ratings and making that almighty dollar instead of calling a spade a spade. They were enjoying it because Trump was saying what they couldn’t say.

      ***Looks at NBC,CNN, ABC, MSNBC***

      • Ametia says:

        Yepper! Instead of digging up the dirt on a so-called potential presidential candidate, they propped up this mofo’s racist ass. Now the shit comes out after PBO & Seth Myers COLD COCKED his ass.

        • Precisely! The MSM was totally complicit in the fiasco & pretending Trump was legitimate in questioning the President’s place of birth when they knew the truth from jump street.

  3. Ametia says:

    Trump’s ‘University’ Accused Of Scamming Customers

    NEW YORK — Along with touting his wealth and business acumen, real estate mogul Donald Trump has long portrayed himself as an educator, who is ready and willing to impart the knowledge that can turn any motivated person into a multimillionaire.

    On top of the millions who watch his prime-time smash hit, “Celebrity Apprentice,” thousands have enrolled in seminars with Trump University in order to better learn his money-making real estate sales methods. The educational program, launched in 2005, promises mentorships that are “the next best thing” to being Trump’s apprentice.

    In speeches across the country, the potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate touts the importance of education. Trump has decried the state of our public schools and mocked President Barack Obama’s academic credentials.

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