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                           YES SIREE, POTUS IS BLACK, AND HE’S GOT AMERICA’S BACK!         

                                  CBS SUNDAY, MAY 8, AT 7 PM/EST-6 PM CT.



Excerpts of transcript

STEVE KROFT: What was the most difficult part? I mean you had to decide. This was your decision whether to proceed or not and how to proceed. What was the most difficult part of that decision?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: My number one concern was if I send them in, can I get them out? And a lot of the discussion we had during the course of planning was how do we make sure there’s backup. How do we make sure that there’s redundancy built into the plan so that we have the best chance of getting our guys out. That’s point number one.

The president also told Kroft the decision to bury the body of Osama bin Laden at sea was a respectful and appropriate way that contrasted sharply with the terrorist’s disregard for the 3,000 people who perished – some never to be found – in the 9/11 massacre he masterminded.

About bin Laden’s burial at sea executed within 24 hours of his death as prescribed by Muslim law, the president said, “Frankly, we took more care on this than, obviously, bin Laden took when he killed 3,000 people. He didn’t have much regard for how they were treated and desecrated. But that, again, is something that makes us different. And I think we handled it appropriately.”

Kroft asks President Obama if it was his decision to bury the al Qaeda leader at sea. “It was a joint decision. We thought it was important to think through ahead of time how we would dispose of the body if he were killed in the compound,” says the president. “And I think that what we tried to do was – consulting with experts in Islamic law and ritual – to find something that was appropriate, that was, respectful of the body.”

The president talked to Kroft about the decision not to release death photos of the terrorist leader:

STEVE KROFT: Did you see the pictures?


KROFT: What was your reaction when you saw them?

OBAMA: It was him.

KROFT: Why haven’t you released them?

OBAMA:  “You know, we discussed this internally. Keep in mind that we are absolutely certain this was him. We’ve done DNA sampling and testing. And so there is no doubt that we killed Osama bin Laden. It is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence. As a propaganda tool. You know, that’s not who we are. You know, we don’t trot out this stuff as trophies. You know, the fact of the matter is this was somebody who was deserving of the justice that he received. And I think– Americans and people around the world are glad that he’s gone. But we don’t need to spike the football. And I think that given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk. And I’ve discussed this with Bob Gates and Hillary Clinton and my intelligence teams and they all agree.”

KROFT:  There are people in Pakistan, for example, who say, “Look, this is all a lie. Obama, this is another American trick. Osama’s not dead.”

OBAMA: You know, the truth is that and we — we’re monitoring worldwide reaction. There’s no doubt that Bin Laden is dead. Certainly there’s no doubt among al Qaeda members that he is dead. And so we don’t think that a photograph in and of itself is going to make any difference. There are going be some folks who deny it. The fact of the matter is, you will not see bin Laden walking on this Earth again.

In Sunday’s interview, the president will reveal for the first time his thoughts as he watched and listened from the Situation Room of the White House as the commando-style raid on bin Laden’s compound unfolded.

And this video by ALPHACAT aka Iman Crosson is worth a repost:

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38 Responses to Video| President Obama 60 Minutes Interview With Steve Kroft

  1. Miriam Morales says:

    Steve Kroft needs to mind his manners and refer to Barack Obama as Mr. President and Michelle Obama as First Lady!!!!!!!

    • Precisely!

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Miriam. Welcome to 3 Chics. It absoulutely KILLS these white men to address PBO as MR. PRESIDENT. And don’t get me started on FLOTUS.

      If having manners was a prerequisite for REAL, quality reporter and journalists these days, we wouldn’t have any quality reporters and journalists. Oh wait; here aren’t any!

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  5. ryland stewart says:

    President Barack Obama is the Big Dog here and I am so proud of him and his team. This man is bad. He thinks before he acts and doesn’t act until he has all the facts and information before him, then he decides. Love this president and I feel safe knowing he is looking out for us and that when he says he’s going to do something, he means it.

    The teakluxklanners aka the Repub Party can snipe all they want and try to give credit to a former president who said he didn’t know where bin Laden was and could care less. Bush’s people want to say his methods are what brought OBL down. Really!!? If you’re not huntin’ for someone, ya damn sure ain’t gonna catch ’em. Those of us with common sense know that, the rest, well……hate and stupidity are terminal diseases and there is no cure for it. AND=If waterboarding gave Bush & Cheney so much information, why didn’t they catch OBL within those 10 years? The President did in 2 years 3 months what the other group couldn’t or didn’t do in 10 years.! What a president!!!

  6. Ametia says:

    Full Barack Obama “60 Minutes” Interview And Complete Transcript

  7. Shiiiiiiiiiiid…. POTUS is “badass”

  8. Ametia says:

    Go on and tell’em the work your admin did in Afghanistan helped with the getting OBL.

  9. Ametia says:

    I’m curious to know why POTUS didn’t notify Pakistan of their plan to kick in OBL’s door and take him out. Could it be because someone in the Pakistani government knew OBL was hanging out in the hood, instead of the mountains?

  10. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: In ordering bin Laden raid, Obama rejected the advice of some of his national security team, he says
    May 8, 2011 7:18:26 PM

    President Obama faced sharply divided counsel and, in his mind, barely better-than-even odds of success when he ordered the daring May 1 commando raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the president said in an interview broadcast Sunday. “At the end of the day, this was still a 55/45 situation,” Obama told CBS’s “60 Minutes” in his first broadcast interview since bin Laden’s death. “I mean we could not say definitively that bin Laden was there. Had he not been there, then there would have been some significant consequences.”

  11. Ametia says:

    It’s OBVIOUS to me how hard it is for Steve Kroft to hide his disdain for PBO.

  12. Ametia says:

    Break it down and let them know what you promised during the campagin, PBO.

  13. Ametia says:


  14. Ametia says:

    LOL The Bushites have been spinning their torture memes on the sunday talk shows this morning. I can’t wait to see the entire POTUS interview tonight.


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