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Michelle Obama: “Note to Self”

Hat tip 3 Chics Eliihaas Thank you! Michelle Obama: “NOTE TO SELF” This is who Michelle Obama is speaking to with ‘Notes to Self’

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Gayle King’s Live CBS Interview with President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Posting just because! President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to CBS’s Gayle King on Sunday in their first-ever live interview together President and Mrs. Obama on last Super Bowl in White House The couple discussed their big … Continue reading

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MSNBC, CNN & CBS Major Fail | Invade Home of Dead San Bernardino Shooters

Who the fuck let these SNAKES into that house? Who gave their stamp of approval for this shameful display of theatrics?! The landlord- GTFOH! Said the media forced their way in. Can we say CRIME SCENE? And Kerry Sanders showing … Continue reading

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Ava DuVernay, Director: “We (BLACK People) Don’t Need to be Saved by Anyone”

Watch interview here.   Transcript of  60 Minute  Bob Simon interview  With Ava Duvernay This is the real life version of what happened at the foot of that bridge, described in 1965 by CBS News correspondent Bill Stout. Bill Stout: … Continue reading

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Video | First Lady Michelle Obama CBS Interview With Lee Cowan |Cherishing Her Platform

Lee Cowan interviews First Lady Michelle Obama Look at BO; he just LOVES FLOTUS. BO joins in and she takes us on a tour of the White House Garden.

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H/T TOD Thanks!

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Ann Romney: “The Obama Stratergy Is Let’s Kill This Guy” | GUY= Mitt | Offshore Haven Hot Mess!

You can’t make this shit up.  Watch the video from the link below. Ann Romney: Obama’s whole campaign strategy is “let’s kill this guy” I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,” she said, seated next … Continue reading

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