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Open Thread | This Is Right: Damar Hamlin IS NOT “A Miracle”

He is a beneficiary of the best healthcare money can buy, and immediate access to it. A message from a hospital pastor: May I humbly request not to call #DamarHamlin’s recovery a "miracle”?It wasn't a miracle. He had a sudden … Continue reading

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RIP, Legendary Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris

My parents were football fanatics. And, even though they didn’t care for the Steelers, they loved themselves some Franco Harris. RIP, Mr. Harris. Just landed in Pittsburgh. The famed statue of Franco Harris commemorating The Immaculate Reception at the airport … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The Lawsuit of Brian Flores…Echoes of Curt Flood?

Both of my parents were baseball fanatics. Knew the game inside and out. My mother was a baseball historian….and, she counted Curt Flood as important to baseball as Jackie Robinson. My mother believed that every current baseball player should put … Continue reading

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Houston Texans NFL owner on players kneeling: ‘we can’t have the inmates running the prison’

During a closed-door meeting among NFL team owners and executives, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair made a stunningly inappropriate analogy about allowing players to kneel during the national anthem. “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” said McNair, a … Continue reading

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Gayle King’s Live CBS Interview with President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

Posting just because! President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to CBS’s Gayle King on Sunday in their first-ever live interview together President and Mrs. Obama on last Super Bowl in White House The couple discussed their big … Continue reading

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Derrick Coleman Makes Fans Dreams Come True for Super Bowl Sunday!

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson It all started with this Duracell commercial: Derrick Coleman Makes Fans Dreams Come True Riley Kovalcik (r.), 9, who is hearing imparied, wrote a touching letter to Seattle Seahawks Derrick Coleman, who is legally deaf. She’s pictured … Continue reading

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Alabama vs. Texas A&M

Alabama’s road to a second-straight national title was not stopped by a loss to the Texas A&M Aggies last year, but Johnny Manziel and company will certainly be looking to leave their mark as the Tide travel to College Station … Continue reading

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