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The Time is a funk and dance-pop ensemble formed in 1981. They are close Prince associates and arguably the most successful artists who have worked with him.

The band was assembled under a clause in Prince’s contract with Warner Bros. that allowed him to recruit and produce other artists for the label. Inspired by the 1980 film The Idolmaker, Prince decided to put together a pop-funk group that would serve as an outlet for material in the vein of his own early albums, while he explored other genres and styles in his own career.[1]

By 1981, he had built The Time out of an existing Minneapolis funk unit, “Flyte Time” (from the Donald Byrd song), which featured Jellybean Johnson on drums, Jimmy Jam and Monte Moir on keyboards, and Terry Lewis on bass. To this base were added Jesse Johnson on guitar and a lead singer and childhood friend named Morris Day, and Jerome Benton who was a promoter drawn from another local band called “Enterprise”, who became Day’s comic foil. Prince had used an Enterprise song, “Partyup”, on his Dirty Mind album, and his selection of Day was essentially a reward; he had originally tapped Alexander O’Neal – yet another player in the Minneapolis Uptown funk scene – for the vocalist slot, but O’Neal wanted too much money, himself being quoted as saying, “I basically didn’t see no point in being a superstar with no money.”

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  1. BREAKING: Huckabee announces he will not seek presidency

    Washington (CNN)–Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee announced Saturday that he will not seek the GOP nomination for president in 2012.

    Huckabee ended speculation that he would run for president during his weekly Fox News Channel show saying, “All the factors say go, but my heart says no. And that’s the decision that I have made.”

    Indications had been mounting recently that the 2008 presidential candidate would not pursue a repeat bid for the Republican nomination for president. He switched his residency to Florida, where he and his wife have built a home, he co-founded a company with the mission of teaching history lessons to children, and key 2008 aides moved to other campaign teams, including those of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

    Huckabee also failed to form a presidential exploratory committee, a critical first step in building a presidential campaign.

    And with a successful television show, book deals and lucrative paid appearances, another presidential bid may be less desirable for the television and radio host – even though he’s topped recent major national polls as the favored 2012 GOP candidate.

    Though Huckabee asserted as recently as late April that his supporters should not make decisions based on his indecision, Saturday’s announcement settles the question once and for all.

    And he admitted, “The past few months have been a time of deep, personal reflection.”

    “I don’t have an issue with my family being supportive. My wife actually has encouraged me to do it despite knowing full well that it would subject her and the rest of the family to some savage and brutal personal attacks,” Huckabee said.

    “I don’t expect everyone to understand this…For me, the discussion and decision is ultimately not a political one, it’s not a financial one, it’s not even a practical one, it’s a spiritual one.”

  2. Ametia says:

    Is the auto bailout Obama’s 2012 ‘secret weapon’?
    By David Ferguson
    Saturday, May 14th, 2011 — 5:11 pm

    There is speculation in political circles that the White House is preparing a PR offensive to raise the profile of one of its less widely-known successes, the bailout of the automotive industry.

    According to Politico, President Obama is joining forces with the Alliance for American Manufacturing and the United Autoworkers in an attempt to bring the auto industry’s accomplishments to center stage as the 2012 campaign season begins to heat up. A large portion of both organizations’ members rely heavily on automotive manufacturing for their livelihoods, jobs that would have been lost if the companies had gone under.

    General Motors has announced that it’s making two billion dollars in new investments at 18 U.S. plants, a pattern of overall improvement among bailout recipients, putting the auto companies on track to pay back most of the funds they borrowed from the U.S. Treasury. While much of the public is currently unaware of the success of the bailout program, strategists are optimistic that the industry’s successes will lend credence to Democratic policies while becoming an albatross around the necks of the Republicans who opposed the payments to car companies. The funds were paid out in two lump payments in 2008 and 2009.

    The list of Republicans who tried to block the bailout reads like a “who’s who” of 2012 hopefuls. The plan was opposed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Michele Bachmann. Romney even warned darkly in a New York Times Op-Ed piece called “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” that if the government offered auto companies bailout money, “you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye”.

  3. Ametia says:

    Percent of whites on food stamps

    Read here for the details, Newt Gingrich

  4. Ametia says:

    Rachel Maddow again points out how Republicans dominate the Sunday shows

    Maddow pointed out on her show this week that it’s 8 to 1 this Sunday–with Senator Dick Durbin being the lone Democrat represented on the Sunday shows–even worse than last week’s ‘bin Laden’ coverage when the networks invited Liz Cheney and various other Republican ilk to falsely claim their policy of waterboarding and other forms of torture led to bin Laden’s demise.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Meet the Press: Newt Gingrich. Roundtable: Mark Halperin, E.J. Dionne, Peggy Noonan, Helene Cooper, Matt Bai
    Fox News Sunday: Huckabee, Rep. Paul, Sens. Durbin, Kyl
    This Week: Gov. Nikki Haley
    Face the Nation: Speaker Boehner
    State of the Union: Sen. McConnell, Rep. Ryan×673713


    If It’s Sunday, It’s Still Conservative
    Special Report: How the Right Continues to Dominate the Sunday Talk Shows

    Every Sunday morning, some of the country’s most powerful and influential figures enact one of the most hallowed rituals in American politics: policymakers, government officials, journalists, and other newsmakers appear as guests on the network talk shows to hold forth on the pressing issues of the day. The shows — ABC’s This Week, CBS’ Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, and Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Fox News Sunday — serve as an invaluable forum for the nation’s agenda-setters. It is on these Sunday shows where conventional wisdom is formed and the terms of debate are set.

    In order to assess the balance of voices on these programs, Media Matters for America classified every guest appearing on these programs during 2005 and 2006 (over 2,000 appearances in all) by their party affiliation and ideology (see Methodology section for details). This report follows on a previous study Media Matters released a year ago that analyzed the Sunday shows dating back to 1997.

    The results show that the right has a distinct advantage in determining the shape of the debate on Sunday morning. During the years of the 109th Congress, Republicans and conservatives far outnumbered their Democratic and progressive counterparts on the Sunday-morning talk shows.


    To supplement these findings, the study also examined the performance of all four shows since the Democratic victories in the 2006 election. Among the findings:

    Although it had been significantly imbalanced in the past, ABC’s This Week has been the most balanced of the four programs since the midterm election, dividing almost evenly between the two sides.

    Read on


  5. Heads up folks!

    Right-Wing Sock Puppets Pretending to Be Liberals Assault Progressive Websites

    Ignorant, peevish, narrow-minded, misinformed, livid, intolerant, they are an army of everything that’s wrong with America, denizens of a weird trickster God who speaks to them with words they don’t completely understand, or tints their natural interior wrath with righteous anger conferred by snake-oil preachers or haughty cable charlatans either crass or crazed, or just slyly in it for the money, or all of the above.

    This minority wouldn’t matter much except they are whipped into a frenzy and ‘played’ by cynical manipulators like Frank Luntz, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who, in turn, wouldn’t have much impact without the billions of dollars spent to spread their fetid message from such right-wing corporatists as Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers.

    But beneath the second-tier video fictions of James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart, and the hollow-headed bleating of the various ozone-inhabiting creatures who will never be president like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and even in the shadow of the disingenuous theocratic mushpile that is David Barton’s twisted view of our history, exists a well-funded Republican netherworld of PR propagandists and marketing hucksters busy dreaming up unethical new ways to undercut Obama and the Democrats.

    One of these is Doug Goetzloe, an anti-tax right-wing talk show host and former Young Republican who heads up Advantage Consultants.

  6. creolechild says:

    This tells you everything you need to know about the Republicans’ perspective about voting. Connect the dots…”nuff said.”

    • Ametia says:

      Good clip, powerful and so true. Thus the GOP’s continued efforts at voter suppression, disenfranchisement, and stealing the stealing of elections. 2000.

      Creolechild, please check your email. THANKS! :-)

  7. Gingrich businesses owed unpaid state taxes

    ATLANTA (AP) — Companies run by Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have faced overdue tax bills in four states worth more than $6,000.

    Records reviewed by The Associated Press show the tax liens ranged from a $195 property tax bill in the Atlanta suburbs to $1,969 in unpaid Missouri taxes. Most of the liens were paid shortly after tax authorities filed them. Liens also had been filed in Indiana.

    One exception was in Pennsylvania, where Gingrich Holdings Inc. last week paid off a $1,599 lien for unpaid corporate income taxes just days before Gingrich formally announced his presidential run.

    Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler said Gingrich and his firms were unaware of the liens until recently. He said the companies have either paid the bills or filed documents necessary to resolve the underlying problems.

    Well well well! And the gall of him to mock the President being on food stamps but he doesn’t pay his own taxes. When evil gets to rockin; Karma comes a knockin!!!!!!

  8. Ametia says:

    And let 3 CHICS REMIND folks that Rep Paul Ryan benefited from his father’s medicare benefits, while he and his GOP cohorts want to decimate my and my children’s right to access our MEDICARE BENEFITS

    January 31, 2011 12:00 PM
    Um, Paul Ryan…About that Hammock?
    By karoli

    In Paul Ryan’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union address last week, he fretted over our social safety nets becoming hammocks.

    Here’s what he said:

    We are at a moment, where if government’s growth is left unchecked and unchallenged, America’s best century will be considered our past century. This is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency.

    So what I want to ask Congressman Paul Ryan is this: How’d it feel to rest in the hammock? How did it feel to know you could go to college and read crap like Ayn Rand because of that hammock? Because Paul Ryan, youngest child in a family of four, had a great big hammock hanging in his living room that sent him to college.

    One day as a 16 year old, Ryan came upon the lifeless body of his father. Paul Ryan, Sr. had died of a heart attack at age 55, leaving the Janesville Craig High School 10th grader, his three older brothers and sisters and his mother alone. It was Paul who told the family of his father’s death.

    With his father’s passing, young Paul collected Social Security benefits until age 18, which he put away for college. To make ends meet, Paul’s mother returned to school to study interior design. His siblings were off at college. Ryan remembers this difficult time bringing him and his mother closer.

    See how that worked? Congressman Paul Ryan loses his father at age 16, and Social Security steps up to ease the burden. Of course, his mother also received Social Security benefits as his father’s surviving spouse.

    Seems like it was such a great hammock for Ryan that he just doesn’t want anyone else to share it.

  9. Ametia says:

    Check out how the right to healthcare enslaves DOCTORS

  10. The right wants to remind America Obama is black

    “President Obama goes back to his radical roots again and again and again.”

    This recent statement by Fox News host Sean Hannity initially had me alarmed. Immediately, my mind began to wonder if President Obama had somehow reconnected with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers or Father Michael Pfleger.

    To my utter amazement, I later discovered that Hannity’s exaggerated rants were targeted at Common — arguably, one of the most positive and intellectually astute lyricists in the hip-hop industry for over a decade, as evidenced by a plethora of empowering and uplifting songs such as “The Light,” “Come Close,” “Love Is,” “Retrospect for Life” and “I Have A Dream”. If one had watched Hannity and Karl Rove and did not know about Common and his constructive corpus of songs and amazing philanthropic activities, one could possibly surmise that first lady Michelle Obama had invited an extremely controversial figure to recite poetry at the White House.

    Was it fair for Rove to describe Common as a “thug”, a misogynist and a reprehensible promoter of killing police officers and President Bush? Certainly, Common’s performance during last night’s poetry event and his recent work with Sesame Street does not exemplify such a person. And, why didn’t Rove mention the fact that the late Eazy-E, who frequently rapped about violence (“F**k Tha Police”) during his days with N.W.A., attended and contributed to a luncheon hosted by former President George H.W. Bush to benefit the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle in March 1991?

    Sadly enough, as then Senator Obama described in 2008 during his campaign, some conservatives will try almost anything to paint him as “different” and “other.” Or, to be more pointed, there were going to be right-wing propagandists who would attempt to remind America that he was a black candidate. Now, as the 2012 campaign season begins, there are already at least a handful of Republican strategists who are treading down the same path to create fear and xenophobia of blackness throughout the country in the hopes of preventing President Obama’s re-election.

    Over the past two weeks, President Obama’s momentum has made it extremely tough for the Republican presidential candidates. The release of his long-form birth certificate that immediately squashed the birther debate, the killing of Osama bin Laden and the recent AP-GfK poll that denoted a 60 percent approval rating are unequivocally worrisome for his conservative opponents.

    These recent accomplishments are additions to the already robust resume of President Obama that includes the health care reform bill, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the repeal of the military’s ban on gays and lesbians, the withdrawal of combat troops out of Iraq, the historic Wall Street reform bill, the White House initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the appointments of Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court and over 200 more legislative achievements.

    • creolechild says:

      “Long before Gordon Gekko declared “Greed is Good,” a Russian immigrant named Ayn Rand argued that selfishness was a virtue. She encouraged individuals to blindly pursue their own self-interests, without regard for the “common good.” 30 years after her death, her influence on conservative ideology is growing by the day as it becomes fashionable to slash unemployment benefits, cut heating assistance to the elderly, and gut Medicare.”

      “‘Here’s an example. Rand once claimed, “If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.” Altruism, in her opinion, led to tolerance for the “incompetent” common man, coddling of the ‘less deserving.'” [SOUND FAMILIAR?]

      “‘Dr. Jennifer Burns, author of Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right, explains to theLoop21, ‘Ayn Rand believed that the root of prosperity comes not from the labor of the many, but from the genius and creativity of a few unique and talented individuals.'”

      “As Burns elaborates, Rand divided society into two types of people, the producers and the parasites. The producers, including the business class and entrepreneurs, created all the value in society. The parasites leeched off the producers’ efforts.” [AGAIN, SOUND FAMILIAR?]

      “‘In Ayn Rand’s opinion, government programs unfairly robbed the wealth creators in order to give to the poor, unemployed and other leeches of society. Consequently, Rand openly objected to initiatives like Medicare, unemployment insurance, and welfare support, as they simply rewarded the ‘weak.'”

      “The wealthy deserved their riches,” Dr. Burns adds. “Rand felt to tax them was to punish them for being successful.” [DO I HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF?]

      “And a new generation of conservatives have bought into Rand’s message, awarding her cult-like status. Atlas Shrugged, Rand’s unabashed defense of free market capitalism has become the Bible of the Tea Party and conservative movements alike. The fictional novel recounts the story of society’s leading “producers” who’ve grown so tired of government interference that they go on strike, leaving the masses of parasites that is the rest of society to defend for themselves. The book has seen a resurgence of sales and was recently released as a feature film.” [WHICH FLOPPED!]

      “Influential thinkers like former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Congressman Ron Paul at one time or another openly counted themselves as Rand devotees, while Rush Limbaugh touts her work nationally.”

      “‘Rand’s individualistic overtones strike the primal nerve of conservative and Tea Party psyches. It’s a theme that shouts loudly, ‘I earned my good fortune through my own hard work. The government shouldn’t force me to share the fruits of my labor with the lazy looking for a hand-out.'” [COUGH…]

      “The seeds of Ayn Rand’s influence particularly permeate through Congressman’s Paul Ryan’s recent Republican budget proposal….”

      • Ametia says:

        Yes, and the movie Atlas Shrug based on Ayn Rand’s novel has just been released.

        TEA PARTY AND THE RIGHT AlterNet / By Joshua
        Ayn Rand Railed Against Government Benefits, But Grabbed Social Security and Medicare When She Needed Them

        At least she put up a fight before succumbing to the imperatives of the real world.
        January 29, 2011
        Ayn Rand was not only a schlock novelist, she was also the progenitor of a sweeping “moral philosophy” that justifies the privilege of the wealthy and demonizes not only the slothful, undeserving poor but the lackluster middle-classes as well.

        Her books provided wide-ranging parables of “parasites,” “looters” and “moochers” using the levers of government to steal the fruits of her heroes’ labor. In the real world, however, Rand herself received Social Security payments and Medicare benefits under the name of Ann O’Connor (her husband was Frank O’Connor).

        As Michael Ford of Xavier University’s Center for the Study of the American Dream wrote, “In the end, Miss Rand was a hypocrite but she could never be faulted for failing to act in her own self-interest.”

        Her ideas about government intervention in some idealized pristine marketplace serve as the basis for so much of the conservative rhetoric we see today. “The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand,” said Paul Ryan, the GOP’s young budget star at a D.C. event honoring the author. On another occasion, he proclaimed, “Rand makes the best case for the morality of democratic capitalism.”

        “Morally and economically,” wrote Rand in a 1972 newsletter, “the welfare state creates an ever accelerating downward pull.”,_but_grabbed_social_security_and_medicare_when_she_needed_them/

      • creolechild says:

        Just thought I’d let that sink in first before submitting this:

        “Noted speed freak, serial-killer fangirl, and Tea Party hero Ayn Rand was also a kleptoparasite, sneakily gobbling up taxpayer funds under an assumed name [note: it might have been her legal name] to pay for her medical treatments after she got lung cancer.”

        “An interview with Evva Pryror, a social worker and consultant to Miss Rand’s law firm of Ernst, Cane, Gitlin and Winick verified that on Miss Rand’s behalf she secured Rand’s Social Security and Medicare payments which Ayn received under the name of Ann O’Connor (husband Frank O’Connor).”

        “‘As Pryor said, ‘Doctors cost a lot more money than books earn and she could be totally wiped out’ without the aid of these two government programs. Ayn took the bail out even though Ayn ‘despised government interference and felt that people should and could live independently… She didn’t feel that an individual should take help.'”

        “But alas she did and said it was wrong for everyone else to do so.”

        LOL! I suppose government wasn’t so bad after all…

      • Well I’ll be…

      • creolechild says:

        “Morally and economically,” wrote Rand in a 1972 newsletter, “the welfare state creates an ever accelerating downward pull.”

        Right, so you [Rand] should get busy stop handing out subsidies that are to corporations that taxpayers shoulder the burden for, eliminate tax loopholes which companies like Exxon and GE and the wealthy utilize so that they can avoid paying their fair share, and stop trying to pick the pockets of the middle class and working poor.

        That would be a good start…

      • Ametia says:

        LOL youMe Guess we have to keep hammering home TRUTH

  11. Ametia says:

    this PDF is worth a read. Rand Paul, Opthomologist would find the data interesting, being for free markets and all.

  12. Ametia says:

    Alright START ME UP!

  13. creolechild says:

    Thank you, CR, for all you do in getting the facts out!

    World Fair Trade Day is Saturday, May 14, 2011.

    Fair trade involves:
    * Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
    * transparency and accountability
    * Capacity building
    * Payment of a fair price
    * Gender equity
    * Improved Working conditions
    * The environment

    “Global trade is unsustainable if it favors only the few. This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that open markets have created, and share its benefits more equitably. Trade has been a cornerstone of our growth and global development. But we will not be able to sustain this growth if it favors the few, and not the many. Together, we must forge trade that truly rewards the work that creates wealth, with meaningful protections for our people and our planet. This is the moment for trade that is free and fair for all. “
    Senator Barack Obama – Speech in Berlin Jul 24, 2008

  14. creolechild says:

    The following post comes from Michael Clement.

    “May 11, 2011 is a day I won’t soon forget. It is the day that Delaware became a state that recognizes LGBT couples under the law with the same state rights, protections and obligations as our heterosexual friends and family.”

    “Over 600 Delawareans and their families gathered last night at World Cafe Live at The Queen to watch as Governor Jack Markell signed Civil Unions into law. To say that emotions ran high is an understatement. I was overwhelmed with happiness, love and pride as I watched so many families come together to celebrate this day. As I looked around the room it was clear to me that this day was a long time coming for so many loving couples and families in our great state. As I stood along side of my partner of 15 years, Mac, and my mother, father and future mother-in-LAW, I thought about all of the work that so many great civil rights advocates before us had done to get us to this point. I also thought about the lives of those to come and how this law would affect them in so many great ways.”

  15. creolechild says:

    Did you hear about this from the MSM last month? No? I’m not surprised! Now, look at the number of young people who are actively involved… Should give adults something to think about, right? This article is a good read, imho.

    “Over the weekend of April 15, some 10,000 young organizers gathered in Washington, DC to build the movement to address climate change. The third Power Shift conference was overwhelmingly stocked with young people under the age of 30, and it offered a breath of fresh air for the wider progressive community.”

    “The conference participants combined work on forming an agenda for action, strengthening coalitions, and building skills for organizing with hands-on lobbying of elected officials. A group of participants even ended up meeting with President Obama.”

    “I think we need to take a page out of the book of the Power Shift youth – not just because they represent the next generation of organizers, but because I think they are being terribly smart about what they’re doing. We can take three lessons from their experience.”

    “The first lesson is that we need to recognize our role as social movement advocates within an inside-outside strategy for change. In order to leverage real pressure to move a progressive agenda, you have to have both reformers on the inside of the system and activists pushing from the outside. Having more liberal elected officials is not enough, because the pressures on them from other forces – the forces of organized money and corporate power – are too great.”

    “We need to recognize that our role is to be a countervailing influence to these other forces. This means that we not simply go along with the administration, but rather remain resolute about our own agenda.”

    “These activists have embraced this dynamic as they have pushed larger, more established environmental groups to take stronger stands. And President Obama himself acknowledged its importance. As The Nation reported:

    [Obama] told us it was our job to push the envelope and it’s his job to govern,” said Shadia Fayne Wood, a member of the steering committee of the Energy Action Coalition. “That was really reassuring to hear from the president, because we’ve gotten lots of pressure from Big Green groups saying we shouldn’t be criticizing him. I think our meeting [with Obama] shows their strategy isn’t working, and it’s time for young people to be leaders of this movement.”

    “From the very beginning of Obama’s time in office, progressives have trumpeted the need to create pressure from outside the administration, but too few of our organizations have really taken this to heart. Too many of us think of ourselves as insiders playing a role in the reform operation. But Obama has his own team, and most of us don’t work in the White House. Our role is different. Instead of looking to Washington for favors, we have to show elected officials that we have a mass base that is demanding change.”
    “This relates to the second lesson we can take from Power Shift. Namely, we need to frame the debate in clear terms by making resolute demands. The Nation story revealed that organizers were clear with Obama that they would not accept him caving to industry lobbyists by endorsing things such as so-called “clean coal” and nuclear power:

    The president told us he wants the same things we want, but the politics in the country are really hard right now,” said Maura Cowley, 28, one of two chief co-organizers of Power Shift. “We said that’s fine, but he can’t call coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas clean energy when actually they are quite dangerous. And we said we’re here to help create the political space so he can show bold leadership on truly clean energy choices.” This was precisely the focus of a jam-packed session at Power Shift aptly titled “What To Do When the President’s Just Not That Into You,” where many former Obama volunteers seemed ready to apply their social networking skills to demand far more ambitious leadership from the president….”
    “Last, we can learn from Power Shift youth by observing how they linked their advocacy efforts with concrete training. Not only did they meet with elected officials, they spent their weekend learning how to build alliances and organize at the grassroots. While the idea of building skills is hardly novel, they broke from the usual practice by immersing themselves in training instead of just talking about the need for it. They left Power Shift with both a clear mandate to build coalitions and an enhanced ability to expand their base at the local level.”
    “Although it is often forgotten, major reform movements in the past – such as the New Deal – relied tremendously on the energy of people under 30. The Power Shift conference should serve as a clear reminder of the importance of that energy. These young people were bold enough to draw a line in the sand. Having “access” – sitting in a room with powerful officials – is not enough, they told us. That’s what we’ve been doing, and it hasn’t produced the results we want. If we want substantive changes in the future, we need to act differently, and organize differently, to get them.”

  16. creolechild says:

    If this is the case, then why aren’t we getting behind this to see that it’s done? Just a thought…

    ‘Every single poll you can find shows that a majority of Americans favor raising taxes on the wealthy. Even a majority of self-identified Republicans and self-identified Teabaggers favor raising taxes on the wealthy. Polls alone obviously aren’t enough to sway the minds of the Republicans though, otherwise we would already have a deal in place.”

    “With the big-wigs of Wall Street chiming in to say that we must raise taxes and preserve the social safety net, I am left asking the question — who exactly are the Republicans protecting? Is this simply a battle to preserve an ideology? The voters have spoken and now Wall Street has spoken. They aren’t being subtle about the risks of Republican brinkmanship either.”

    “‘I think the opportunity for the markets to stage a riot is going to be elevated because this is not going to get done before the very last second and it’s not going to be done in a way that’s very satisfying to markets,” said Mitch Stapley, chief fixed income officer, Fifth Third Asset Management in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fifth Third has $17 billion in assets under management.'”

    “He’s right. It’s highly unlikely that a deal will be reached until the very last second, and the only way to restore a truly positive long-term economic outlook to the nation is by raising taxes.”

    “The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities brings us this chart projecting the national deficit from now until the year 2019 and, as you can see, the single largest arbiter of debt is the Bush tax cuts.” [FOLLOW LINK TO SEE CHART.]

    • Ametia says:

      Thanks, creolechild. I got the pics of this chart from BWD, and was looking for the actual link to it. I’m working on a post for this.

  17. Ametia says:

    Fri May 13, 5:01 pm ET
    High schooler challenges Michele Bachmann to Constitution showdown
    By Liz Goodwin

    A New Jersey high school sophomore has challenged Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) to a constitutional duel in an open letter that is making the rounds on political blogs.

    Bachmann says she’s a constitutional conservative and frequently cites the founding document when making arguments against policies or programs she doesn’t support, such as the U.S. Census.

    “I have found quite a few of your statements regarding The Constitution of the United States, the quality of public school education and general U.S. civics matters to be factually incorrect, inaccurately applied or grossly distorted,” writes Cherry Hill, N.J., high schooler Amy Myers. She concludes: “I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics.”

    The full letter was posted on CNN’s iReport, though we haven’t been able to confirm Myers’ identity. This may be her blog, where an Amy Myers who says she attends Cherry Hill East high school writes about education policy, Gov. Chris Christie, and her ninth-grade reading assignments.

    This is the entire letter:

    Dear Representative Bachmann,

    My name is Amy Myers. I am a Cherry Hill, New Jersey sophomore attending Cherry Hill High School East. As a typical high school student, I have found quite a few of your statements regarding The Constitution of the United States, the quality of public school education and general U.S. civics matters to be factually incorrect, inaccurately applied or grossly distorted. The frequency and scope of these comments prompted me to write this letter.

    Though I am not in your home district, or even your home state, you are a United States Representative of some prominence who is subject to national media coverage. News outlets and websites across this country profile your causes and viewpoints on a regular basis. As one of a handful of women in Congress, you hold a distinct privilege and responsibility to better represent your gender nationally. The statements you make help to serve an injustice to not only the position of Congresswoman, but women everywhere. Though politically expedient, incorrect comments cast a shadow on your person and by unfortunate proxy, both your supporters and detractors alike often generalize this shadow to women as a whole.

    Rep. Bachmann, the frequent inability you have shown to accurately and factually present even the most basic information about the United States led me to submit the follow challenge, pitting my public education against your advanced legal education:

    I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics.

    Hopefully, we will be able to meet for such an event, as it would prove to be enlightening.

    Sincerely yours,
    Amy Myers

    • creolechild says:

      Follow the link to the Economist and check out the great political cartoon by Kevin Kallaugher (aka KAL). It speaks for itself…

      “IT IS only a mile or so from the colonnade of the Supreme Court to some of Washington, DC’s most dangerous neighbourhoods. But these two parts of the nation’s capital could be in different countries. On any given night, armed police prowl north-east Washington in search of guns or drugs. So routine are these patrols that black men sitting on stoops or standing on corners will reflexively lift their T-shirts when the police approach, to show that they have no pistol tucked into their waistbands. Often the police will frisk them anyway, and search their cars as well. You might almost forget, in light of these encounters, that the fourth amendment to the constitution establishes the right of the American people to be “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

      “‘David Shipler, a former New York Times reporter and winner of the Pulitzer prize, does not want you to forget. In a new book (“The Rights of the People”, Alfred Knopf) he argues that America’s search for safety is relentlessly eroding the precious protections in the Bill of Rights. He decided to write the book—the first of a pair—on September 11th 2001, the day al-Qaeda struck the twin towers. After watching the awful images on television, he suddenly understood: ‘There go our civil liberties.'”

  18. creolechild says:

    “Good news for this Saturday morning.”

    “LOS ANGELES — US lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords, who was almost killed in a horrific shooting in January, will eventually return to Congress, a senior Democrat who saw her last week said Thursday.”

    “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the newly-elected chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Giffords — shot in the head at point blank range — had made “tremendous progress” in the fourth months since the Arizona attack.”

    “I do think she’s gonna come back to Congress,” she told Good Morning America on ABC television. “I mean the progress that she’s making, I think that from what I understand, she’s on track for that to happen,” she added.

    “While this is great news, and while I’ve seen no reports of how closely she has followed matters of policy while recovering, I personally wouldn’t want to be the one to break it to her that, in the wake of the Tucson shooting, many members of the opposition decided to push for more guns in public places”.

    “I simply have no idea how you tell someone who has been through what Gabrielle Giffords has been through just how insensitive and devilish some of her opposing colleagues have been. Let’s hope that those closest to her have been able to find, and continue to find, the right words.”

  19. creolechild says:

    “Corporate profits grew 38.8 percent in 2010, the biggest increase since 1950. But while CEOs earned an average of 20 percent more last year, many Americans continued to lose their jobs and benefits. The insecurity of the middle class has a lot to do with how executives are paid. Bonuses pegged to stock prices encourage CEOs to mercilessly outsource and downsize, slashing costs to boost profits. The result is that more corporate leaders are getting paid at the expense of average workers. Here are 10 of the worst offenders:

    Michael T. Duke Walmart Jeffrey R. Immelt General Electric Angela F. Braly WellPoint Mark G. Parker Nike Hugh Grant Monsanto Craig Dubow Gannett Clarence Otis, Jr.Darden Restaurants Gary M. Rodkin ConAgra Foods Keith E. Wandell Harley Davidson Peter L. Lynch Winn-Dixie [SEE CHART].

    *Duke’s pay would have dropped even more had Walmart not stopped calculating his bonus based on same-store sales, which have declined over the past two years.

  20. Ametia says:

    Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home

    INDIANAPOLIS | Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Hoosiers have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes.

    In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry.

    “We believe … a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence,” David said. “We also find that allowing resistance unnecessarily escalates the level of violence and therefore the risk of injuries to all parties involved without preventing the arrest.”

    David said a person arrested following an unlawful entry by police still can be released on bail and has plenty of opportunities to protest the illegal entry through the court system.

    The court’s decision stems from a Vanderburgh County case in which police were called to investigate a husband and wife arguing outside their apartment.

    When the couple went back inside their apartment, the husband told police they were not needed and blocked the doorway so they could not enter. When an officer entered anyway, the husband shoved the officer against a wall. A second officer then used a stun gun on the husband and arrested him.

    Professor Ivan Bodensteiner, of Valparaiso University School of Law, said the court’s decision is consistent with the idea of preventing violence.

    “It’s not surprising that they would say there’s no right to beat the hell out of the officer,” Bodensteiner said. “(The court is saying) we would rather opt on the side of saying if the police act wrongfully in entering your house your remedy is under law, to bring a civil action against the officer.”

    Justice Robert Rucker, a Gary native, and Justice Brent Dickson, a Hobart native, dissented from the ruling, saying the court’s decision runs afoul of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    “In my view the majority sweeps with far too broad a brush by essentially telling Indiana citizens that government agents may now enter their homes illegally — that is, without the necessity of a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances,” Rucker said. “I disagree.”

    Rucker and Dickson suggested if the court had limited its permission for police entry to domestic violence situations they would have supported the ruling.

    But Dickson said, “The wholesale abrogation of the historic right of a person to reasonably resist unlawful police entry into his dwelling is unwarranted and unnecessarily broad.”

    This is the second major Indiana Supreme Court ruling this week involving police entry into a home.

    On Tuesday, the court said police serving a warrant may enter a home without knocking if officers decide circumstances justify it. Prior to that ruling, police serving a warrant would have to obtain a judge’s permission to enter without knocking.

    • dannie22 says:

      Negroes are in trouble in Indiana. For real.

    • Ametia says:

      yes, the state of Indiana would rather deny folks the right to request a WARRANT for entering their private homes, but would entertain the idea of pushing Mitch Daniels on a presidential ticket

      Mitch Daniels’s Weird Marriage History Is the Only Thing Stopping Him From Running for President

      Many in the Republican Party are desperately hoping that Indiana governor Mitch Daniels will swoop in and save them from a field of fatally flawed or un-serious presidential candidates. And according to the Huffington Post, Daniels would like to. There’s just one thing standing in his way at this point: How he and his wife are going to handle their weird marriage history. “In 1993, Cheri Daniels left her husband with their four daughters and married another man in California. She returned a few years later, reconciled with Daniels, and the two were remarried in 1997.” Cheri has never spoken about why that happened, and she probably doesn’t want to.

    • Ametia says:

      Dannie, here’s your boy Boehner

  21. creolechild says:

    Here’s some basic information about the current issue revolving around raising the U.S. debt limit:

    “The debt limit does not control or limit the ability of the federal government to run deficits or incur obligations. Rather, it is a limit on the ability to pay obligations already incurred. While debates surrounding the debt limit may raise awareness about the federal government’s current debt trajectory and may also provide Congress with an opportunity to debate the fiscal policy decisions driving that trajectory, the ability to have an immediate effect on debt levels is limited.”

    “This is because the debt reflects previously enacted tax and spending policies. Delays in raising the debt limit create debt and cash management challenges for the Treasury, and these challenges have been exacerbated in recent years by a large growth in debt.”
    “For example, unlike the past, the amount potentially provided by the extraordinary actions for 1 month in fiscal year 2010 was less than the monthly increase in debt subject to the limit for most months of the year. As a result, once debt reaches the limit, Congress will likely have less time than in prior years to debate raising the debt limit before there are disruptions to government programs and services.”

    “Failure to raise the debt limit in a timely manner could have serious negative consequences for the Treasury market and increase borrowing costs. Also, some of the actions that Treasury has taken to manage the amount of debt near the limit add uncertainty to the Treasury market.”

    “GAO’s analysis suggests that borrowing costs modestly increased during debt limit debates in 2002, 2003, and most recently in 2010. In addition, managing debt near the debt limit diverts Treasury’s limited resources away from other cash and debt management issues at a time when Treasury already faces challenges in lengthening the average maturity of its debt portfolio.”

  22. Ametia says:


    • It’s very disturbing. You can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Rand Paul. Like father, Like son! And these bigots have infiltrated our government! We have to fight back and hard! Enough already!

      • Ametia says:

        Surely Dr. Rand Paul would have suffered if he didn’t collect medicare payments from his patents! But he’s got a cushy job as senator now.

    • dannie22 says:

      For people who hate govt so much they sure like staying elected in govt

    • creolechild says:

      “The FBI’s terrorist watch list designates those “known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism.”

      “And yesterday, the House judiciary committee, in a party-line vote, re-approved — by defeating a Democratic amendment to the Patriot Act to ban these sales — the sale of firearms to those on the list.”

      It’s acceptable, according to the committee’s libertarian Republicans, for government to expand, say, its powers of “record searches,” “secret searches,” “intelligence searches” and “‘trap and trace’ searches” under the Patriot Act; and, in a pinch, it might well be. True, none of those expansions conforms impeccably with small-government restraint and strict Constitutional constructionism; but maybe, just maybe a few, narrowly circumscribed, time-limited exceptions would help battle the bad guys — even if, it certainly can be argued, the expansions run somewhat afoul of the Bill of Rights.”

      “But to libertarian Republicans they’re game, all the Amendments among the Bill of Rights — except one, which is to say, Two. Libertarian, Constitution-loving, Founders-embracing Republicans indeed embrace the Founders and love the Constitution and are impeccably libertarian as long as the Constitution is interpreted chiefly as a kind of armed fortress to protect only their interpretation of the Second Amendment, which in itself is an extraordinarily dubious interpretation. Nevertheless, other Amendments are negotiable, reviewable, tweakable, impure, at times suspect — even those outside the Bill of Rights, all the way to #14 — and subject to statutory refinement.”

      “So here we have it: the modern definition of Republican libertarianism. And its meaning is this: Whatever libertarian Republicans want it to mean.”

      “Email this”

  23. creolechild says:

    Follow the link and look at the chart of earnings for Americans struggling to stay afloat. Than think about sitting home and not voting because if you do and the Republicans have their way, we’ll see more of this:

    “As ThinkProgress has previously noted, necessary services and public investments in Main Street America are being gutted as some of the wealthiest Americans are getting away with paying less in taxes than they have in a generation.”

    “Progressive activist and former Texas agricultural commissioner Jim Hightower notes one particularly egregious exammple of this unfair economic arrangement: the case of hedge fund billionaire John Paulson. Hightower writes that an American who earned $50,000 a year for 47 years would earn $2.4 million, which would be a healthy sum. Yet Paulson earns that much in an hour:

    If your job paid $50,000 a year and you stayed at it for 47 years, your tally for a lifetime of work would be $2.4 million. Not bad — but hedge fund hustler John Paulson pulled down that much last year.

    Most of us would consider an annual income of $2.4 million to be a windfall, but it didn’t take Paulson a full 12 months of work to pocket his windfall — or one month, a week, or even a day. That’s how much he made an hour. Yes, Paulson could’ve worked one single hour in 2010 and hauled off a paycheck equal to what a typical household gets for a lifetime of work.”

    • creolechild says:

      Case in point:

      “Conservatives in several states, as we’ve been documenting, have moved in recent months to reduce their state corporate taxes at the same time that they’ve proposed raising taxes on low-income families and cutting services upon which their most vulnerable citizens depend. Last week, Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) lost his fight to eliminate Florida’s corporate income tax, in the highest-profile defeat the corporate tax-cutters have suffered yet.”

      “However, Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) has been far more successful in getting his tax package through. Yesterday, in fact, the Michigan legislature approved Snyder’s plan, with some slight modifications, by narrow margins in both the state House and state Senate:

      This amounts to an 86 percent cut in the state’s corporate income tax, exempting nearly 100,000 businesses from paying any corporate income tax at all, combined with a two-thirds reduction in the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit (which goes to benefit low-income families). (Snyder originally wanted to eliminate the state’s EITC entirely.) As state Sen. Rebekah Warren (D) said, the plan represents a “significant tax shift” from business to those “who are the least among us.”

      “Adding insult to injury, there’s little guarantee that Snyder’s corporate tax cut will lead to job creation. Snyder himself confessed that “I can’t guarantee results.” State Sen. Jack Brandenburg (R) added that “there’s no guarantee that the tax cuts for businesses will generate a lot more jobs.” “The results are likely to be very disappointing,” said Timothy Bartik, senior economist at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo, Michigan.”

  24. creolechild says:

    “Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) is expected to soon sign a Voter ID bill passed by both chambers of the South Carolina Legislature. When she does, South Carolina will become the second state in the country to pass such legislation this year, although Voter ID bills are being considered by GOP-led state legislatures nationwide. According to the ACLU, “nearly 180,000 voters in South Carolina – most of whom are elderly, student, minority or low-income voters – will be disenfranchised as a result of this discriminatory bill. The NAACP adds that it “immediately disenfranchises eight percent of registered voters in the state.”

    “But while the new law will be very bad for the voting rights of minority groups, it’s already been very good for one person: the man who proposed it. State Rep. Alan Clemmons (R) received the South Carolina Republican Party Legislator of the Year Award this week for his role writing and sponsoring a bill that will kick thousands of South Carolinians off the voter rolls:

    Regarding the Voter ID Bill, Clemmons says, “Voting is a special American right. We have a duty to protect that right and to prevent Chicago-style election fraud. By requiring photo-identification to vote we are insuring the credibility of elections and instilling faith in a process designed to detect and prevent abuse…I’m humbled by the title ‘Legislator of the Year’, but I’m grateful that it has been presented at such a pivotal time in the legislative progress of the Voter ID Bill so as to reinforce the SC Senate’s determination to cast that final vote to make Voter ID the law of South Carolina!”

    • creolechild says:

      Let’s clear this up once and for all, shall we?

      “Barack Obama and the Democrats are stealing the election. Massive voter fraud is being carried out, even as we speak, by their henchmen, known by the innocuous sounding Association for Community Organisations for Reform Now, or Acorn. Clever bastards.”

      “The only problem? Despite the screaming wall-to-wall coverage of “Democratic voter fraud in 11 swing states” as seen on Fox News and even the once-respectable CNN, none of it’s true. None of it.”

      “In just the last week, we’ve had a phoney stunt raid in swing state Nevada (where Acorn had been cooperating with officials for months, concerning problem canvassers they’d long ago fired); a Republican election official in swing state Missouri tell Fox News that she’s being beseiged with fraudulent registration forms from Acorn (in a county where they’ve not done any registration work since August); a Republican sheriff in swing state Ohio, who, the very next day, suddenly requested the names and addresses of hundreds of early voters (with evidence of exactly zero wrong doing, but lots of Democratic-leaning college student in the particular county, and John McCain’s state campaign chair as a partner in the investigation); and a screaming front page headline in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post about a guy who claims he was somehow tricked by Acorn into registering 72 times (but read the article closely to note he says he registered at the same address each time, which, even if true, would allow him – you guessed it – precisely one legal vote.)”

      “It’s an old Republican scam, but it’s never been carried out with more zeal than this year. The Republicans have been putting so much time, money and resources into the propaganda leading up to this over the last four years, we should have expected no less.”

      “As luck would have it, the Democrats have a man who, as an attorney years ago, actually had the temerity to join the US department of justice in representing Acorn in a successful lawsuit, forcing the state of Illinois to follow the law by allowing citizens to register to vote at the department of motor vehicles. What a scoundrel.”

      “That, of course, was before the department of justice, under George Bush’s corrupt command, would itself become politicised by the very Republicans so desperate to keep low-income voters from voting, that they were willing to fire their own US attorneys for failing to bring phoney charges of voter fraud in key swing states like Nevada and Missouri.”

      “So what are the crimes that have caused all the Sturm und Drang on US television and talk radio, and in several otherwise respectable newspapers and even by the McCain campaign itself?”

      ‘The only actual crime here is that Acorn managed to register some 1.3m low-income (read: Democratic-leaning) voters over the past two years. The rest is, pretty much, just made up.”

      “You’ll hear that Donald Duck, Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, Mickey Mouse and (new this year) the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys football team have all had fraudulent registrations submitted in their names. That’s true. And we know this, why? Because Acorn told officials about it when they followed the law and turned in those registrations, flagged as fraudulent.”

      “What you won’t hear is that federal law requires anybody who does not register to vote in person at the county office to show an ID when they go to vote the first time. So, unless Donald Duck shows up with his ID, he won’t be voting this November. You needn’t worry, no matter how much even John McCain himself cynically and dishonourably tries to mislead you.”

      “If it quacks like a duck, in this case, it’s likely another Republican Acorn voter fraud lie. They haul it out every two years.”

      • Ametia says:





    • Ametia says:

      Yes, we know the GOP can’t win elections fair and square. They must resort to voter suppression, lying, stealing, and cheating, disenfranchising voters, and re-invent laws and amendments**looking@ you SCOTU, CITIZENS UNITED, KOCH BROTHERS***

      And to imply that “CHICAGO” style tactics is pure utter nonsense to smear PBO. No this is what WHITE Republicans and house negroes**looking@ you Ken Blackwell** do to win elections.

  25. Ametia says:

    h/t Angelar @JJP -Great NEWS!

    A College Degree, 55 Years and an Era in the Making
    Published: May 13, 2011

    DENTON, Tex. — As she prepares for her commencement at the University of North Texas here on Saturday, Burlyce Sherrell Logan can still hear the words the institution’s president spoke at her freshman welcoming ceremony.

    “ ‘There are some people here — you know who you are — that we don’t want here, but the state says can be here,’ ” she recalled the president telling the class of 2,155, clearly referring to her and the dozen other African-Americans among them. “He said we couldn’t eat in the cafeteria, we couldn’t live on campus. They set up a little area, with a little television, for us to be in when we weren’t in class.”

    That was in 1956. What followed were two brutal years in which, Ms. Logan said, people threw rocks at her, pushed her in front of a moving car and burned a cross on the lawn of the house where she and five others boarded.

  26. creolechild says:

    Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you are all well…I can see that you’ve been busy! (:

    “Shirley Sherrod is back at the United States Department of Agriculture, almost a year after she was forced out by a misleading video spread by conservatives falsely accusing her of discriminating against white farmers.”

    “Sherrod will not take her old position, reports Politico, instead rejoining the agency to work on civil rights. In her new job, she’ll lead a program designed to improve relations with minority farmers.”

    • Ametia says:

      Good Morning, creolechild. You bring more good news. We know it’s out there. Ms. Sherrod will bring great expertise in her new job. Congratulations, Shirley!

      • creolechild says:

        Facts! Facts! Facts! We have to make sure that accurate information is disseminated so that folks realize what’s at stake.

        Do you want THIS?

        “President Barack Obama is scheduled to travel to Memphis, Tenn. Monday to meet with families impacted by the flooding.
        The Mississippi crested in Memphis earlier this week flooding neighborhoods and forcing hundreds of residents into emergency shelters. Obama has announced Memphis, Shelby County and surrounding affected areas, are eligible for federal aid. We hope recovery will be restored to those affected by the flooding.”

        Or THAT?

        “This morning, Libertarian hero Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) announced that he will join the motley GOP presidential field, marking his third run for the office. Offering further insight into his presidential sensibility, Paul told CNN host Wolf Blitzer today that he would do away with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), even at a time of unprecedented need.”

        “Viewing the agency as unconstitutional, Paul questioned why federal funds should pay to protect citizens from natural disasters and concluded, “It’s a moral hazard to say that government is always going to take care of us when we do dumb things:

        BLITZER: On the whole issue of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, do you want to see that agency ended?

        PAUL: Well, if you want to live in a free society, if you want to pay attention to the constitution, why not? I think it’s bad economics. I think it’s bad morality. And it’s bad constitutional law. Why should people like myself, who had, not too long ago, a house on the Gulf Coast and it’s – it’s expensive there and it’s risky and it’s dangerous. Why should somebody from the central part of the United States rebuild my house? Why shouldn’t I have to buy my own insurance and protect about the potential dangers? I mean it’s – it’s a moral hazard to say that government is always going to take care of us when we do dumb things. I’m trying to get people to not to dumb things. Besides, it’s not authorized in the constitution.”

        • Ametia says:

          Come on with it now, creolechild! TRon Paul’s disconnect from reality is mindnumbing. I know a few young adults who eat up this type of Ayn Rand thinking. It’s dangerous. As I’m thinking about why they’d support this nonsense and asking them why, They say he’ll llegalize pot! Young white couples with children. Who do they think will bring them relief when a hurricane, tornado, or some other disaster hits their hometown, while they are smoking pot in their so-called libertarian homes?

        • Good job of spreading the word, Creolechild! We have to shut Ron Paul down!

    • Very good news! Congrats to Mrs. Sherrod!

      • creolechild says:

        SouthernGirl2 and Ametia-

        All we have to do is keep on presenting the facts. Ron Paul’s own views will shut him down, but you just never know…look at how many Tea Party candidates were elected. Now those who put them in office are crying the blues…(sigh)

      • Ametia says:

        Right on, creolechild. Keep bringing the facts. We appreciate you!

      • creolechild says:

        And I appreciate you all right back for allowing me to post news about current events.

        As Bobfr likes to say: Yes…We…Can…Do…More…Together!

  27. Ametia says:

    Worker at Japan’s tsunami-hit nuclear power plant dies, no radioactive substance found on body

    By Chico Harlan, Updated: Saturday, May 14, 5:36 AM

    TOKYO — A worker at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant died Saturday, the company operating the plant said, marking the first casualty during the ongoing effort to stabilize the tsunami-battered facility.

    Though the cause of the death remains unknown, the worker’s body showed no sign of radiation overexposure, Tokyo Electric Power Co. spokesman Naoyuki Matsumoto said.

    Still, the death renews concerns about conditions at the plant — a recent target for criticism from both government officials and from doctors who’ve performed check-ups on employees. Engineers and technicians often must operate in cramped and sweltered areas, working on quick rotations to limit their exposure because of high radiation levels.

    Tepco said that man, a subcontractor in his 60s, had begun work at the plant only a day earlier. He was exposed to 0.51 millisieverts of radiation on Friday, and a further 0.17 millisieverts on Saturday — in all, roughly four time the dose one gets from a chest X-ray — and no radioactive material was found on his body. He was wearing protective gear, including a mask, when he collapsed Saturday morning after roughly 50 minutes of work. By the time he was taken to a doctor’s room at the plant, he was no longer breathing. The cause of the death is being investigated by police.

  28. Ametia says:

    Email from Jim Messina last night:

    Ametia —

    I spent this week moving boxes and getting set up in our new campaign headquarters in Chicago, but something happened in Washington that I want to make sure you know about.

    The CEOs from the five major oil companies — which together booked $36 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2011 alone — went to the Senate on Thursday to try to justify the $4 billion in tax giveaways they’re receiving this year.

    It’s a head-smackingly obvious example of how broken Washington is that there’s even a question about this. These companies don’t need and don’t deserve taxpayer money — especially with a budget deficit to close and gas prices at or near record highs.

    Even worse is the fact that when the Senate tries to strip these oil company giveaways, it’s likely that a minority of senators will block a vote from happening. And even if the Senate manages to pass a bill eliminating the giveaways, there’s little chance it will be brought up for a vote in the House.

    Here’s why: These five companies are expert manipulators of the money-for-influence game in Washington that the President is working to change. It’s simple math — they spent more than $145 million last year on nearly 800 lobbyists whose job is to defeat bills like this one. The $4 billion they’ll likely get to keep as a result represents a 2,700% return on their investment.

    I’d like to be able to say with certainty that you can do something to help pass this bill, but the fact is that at this stage we may not be able to affect the outcome of next week’s vote.

    What we can do is build a campaign that will keep a spotlight on issues like this and the fundamental reasons why Washington doesn’t work.

    Our campaign doesn’t take money from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs. This organization will be a living example of doing politics a different way — from the bottom up; of, by, and for ordinary people.

    That example and the results we achieve on Election Day are the biggest blows we can strike against a dysfunctional system and the distorted outcomes it creates.

    But we have to start building right now. Add your name to our call for a new kind of politics today:

    While the oil industry has been earning billions in profits, gas prices have surpassed $4 a gallon in some parts of the country.

    As the President has said, “Instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy sources, we need to invest in tomorrow’s.”

    But on Thursday, one of the CEOs went so far as to say that cutting oil giveaways would be “un-American.”

    Right now, we’re building a grassroots campaign that’s led and funded by people like you. We’re opening up offices not just in Chicago but all over the place, and putting organizers on the ground in communities across the country.

    So if you’re frustrated by the way business gets done in Washington, I’m asking you now to channel that feeling into building a massive grassroots organization to change it. Add your name to join our campaign to change Washington:



    Jim Messina
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America

    This campaign isn’t funded by lobbyists or corporate interests. We rely on donations from people like you. Please donate $15 today.

    • creolechild says:

      Sorry, Joe, save your tears for when you really need them…and “Big Oil” certainly doesn’t qualify!

      “Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) — who famously apologized to BP after the disastrous spill in the Gulf — now thinks that the term “Big Oil” is mean to the oil industry. Yesterday, executives from the Big Five oil companies testified before the Senate Finance Committee to defend their taxpayer funded subsidies in an often contentious hearing. In defense of the Big Oil executives, Barton told a C-SPAN interviewer that the media shouldn’t use the phrase “Big Oil” because it’s “upsetting”:
      “Contrary to Barton’s statement, “big” is an undeniably understated way to describe the industry – from its profits, to its campaign contributions and even its mistakes. For eight years in a row, Exxon Mobil was listed by Fortune 500 as the most profitable company in America. Combined, the Big Five Oil companies raked in over $32 billion in profits in just the first three months in 2011. The Big Five oil companies make more than one trillion dollars in revenues every year. And over the past decade, those same Big Five oil companies made a combined $900 billion. Since 1990, the oil and gas industry has spent more $270 million in congressional campaign contributions, and in 2010 alone, spent $145 million on lobbying.”

      “Perhaps the only thing that’s not big about Big Oil is its tax rate. A Center for American Progress analysis revealed that from 2008–2010, ExxonMobil’s effective federal tax rate came in at 17.6 percent, less than the average American’s federal rate in 2007. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that an ExxonMobil spokesman“conceded that the company had a net federal income tax credit of $156 million in 2009.” Yet the American taxpayers subsidize these companies with $4 billion in tax breaks every year.”

  29. Ametia says:

  30. Gingrich: 2012 election biggest since Lincoln in 1860
    Former speaker blasts Obama as ‘the most successful food stamp president in modern American history’

    MACON, Ga. — Republican Newt Gingrich told a Georgia audience on Friday evening that the 2012 presidential election is the most consequential since the 1860 race that elected Abraham Lincoln to the White House and was soon followed by the Civil War.

    Addressing the Georgia Republican Party’s convention, Gingrich said the nation is at a crossroads and that the re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama would lead to four more years of “radical left-wing values” that would drive the nation to ruin.

    Gingrich also blasted Obama as “the most successful food stamp president in modern American history.”

    The former House speaker gave his speech at the end of a day of campaigning that took him from a gathering of economic conservatives in Washington to an old-style restaurant in Georgia and then the evening gathering of the party faithful.

    Gingrich received a warm welcome at the GOP dinner. He represented Georgia in Congress for two decades and is stressing his ties anew after having lived in northern Virginia for more than a decade.

    “I am glad to be home,” Gingrich said Friday evening.

    On economic issues, the 67-year-old Gingrich said his program would lead to more paychecks.

    He outlined a jobs plan that would eliminate the estate and capital gains taxes and lower the corporate tax rate, which he said would infuse the nation’s sputtering economy with new investment.

    He said the United States needs to reexamine its relationship with Pakistan after revelations that Osama bin Laden had been hiding out there for years as America poured billions of dollars in aid into the country.

    Race baiting sob! Did he forget more people are on food stamps because of Bush’s failed policies?

    • Ametia says:

      Newt’s a race-baiting GRIFTER who doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Gingrich is a poser who wants to take us back to the 18th century. MAJOR.FAIL. BYE, BOY!

    • creolechild says:

      Let America Be America Again

      Let America Be America Again
      Let America be America again.
      Let it be the dream it used to be.
      Let it be the pioneer on the plain
      Seeking a home where he himself is free.

      (America never was America to me.)

      Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed-
      Let it be that great strong land of love
      Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
      That any man be crushed by one above.

      (It never was America to me.)

      O, let my land be a land where Liberty
      Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath,
      But opportunity is real, and life is free,
      Equality is in the air we breathe.

      (There’s never been equality for me,
      Nor freedom in this “homeland of the free.”)

      Say, who are you that mumbles in the dark?
      And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?

      I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,
      I am the Negro bearing slavery’s scars.
      I am the red man driven from the land,
      I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek-
      And finding only the same old stupid plan
      Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.

      I am the young man, full of strength and hope,
      Tangled in that ancient endless chain
      Of profit, power, gain, of grab the land!
      Of grab the gold! Of grab the ways of satisfying need!
      Of work the men! Of take the pay!
      Of owning everything for one’s own greed!

      I am the farmer, bondsman to the soil.
      I am the worker sold to the machine.
      I am the Negro, servant to you all.
      I am the people, humble, hungry, mean-
      Hungry yet today despite the dream.
      Beaten yet today-O, Pioneers!
      I am the man who never got ahead,
      The poorest worker bartered through the years.

      Yet I’m the one who dreamt our basic dream
      In the Old World while still a serf of kings,
      Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave, so true,
      That even yet its mighty daring sings
      In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned
      That’s made America the land it has become.
      O, I’m the man who sailed those early seas
      In search of what I meant to be my home-
      For I’m the one who left dark Ireland’s shore,
      And Poland’s plain, and England’s grassy lea,
      And torn from Black Africa’s strand I came
      To build a “homeland of the free.”

      The free?

      Who said the free? Not me?
      Surely not me? The millions on relief today?
      The millions shot down when we strike?
      The millions who have nothing for our pay?
      For all the dreams we’ve dreamed
      And all the songs we’ve sung
      And all the hopes we’ve held
      And all the flags we’ve hung,
      The millions who have nothing for our pay-
      Except the dream that’s almost dead today.

      O, let America be America again-
      The land that never has been yet-
      And yet must be–the land where every man is free.
      The land that’s mine–the poor man’s, Indian’s, Negro’s, ME-
      Who made America,
      Whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain,
      Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain,
      Must bring back our mighty dream again.

      Sure, call me any ugly name you choose-
      The steel of freedom does not stain.
      From those who live like leeches on the people’s lives,
      We must take back our land again,

      O, yes,
      I say it plain,
      America never was America to me,
      And yet I swear this oath-
      America will be!

      Out of the rack and ruin of our gangster death,
      The rape and rot of graft, and stealth, and lies,
      We, the people, must redeem
      The land, the mines, the plants, the rivers.
      The mountains and the endless plain-
      All, all the stretch of these great green states-
      And make America again!

      – Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967)

  31. rikyrah says:

    Reminder…FLOTUS gives the Commencement Address at SPELMAN tomorrow :)

    anyone know if it’ll be on tv anywhere?

  32. More Ron Paul Racist Newsletters And Admissions Surface

    After we posted the racist newsletters from Ron Paul’s past, more have come into light from Blogger, Adam Holland. Holland not only provides more racism from Paul but also admissions from his campaign and himself that he wrote them before claiming they were secretly written by a mystery ghost writer who’s name has never been revealed, without Paul’s knowledge.

    Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5 percent of blacks have sensible political opinions, i.e. support the free market, individual liberty and the end of welfare and affirmative action.

    Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal

    (W)e are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.

    We don’t think a child of 13 should be held responsible as a man of 23. That’s true for most people, but black males age 13 who have been raised on the streets and who have joined criminal gangs are as big, strong, tough, scary and culpable as any adult and should be treated as such.

    Holland also provides evidence that Ron Paul’s campaign admitted he wrote the racist newletters and defended them in 1996 to both the Houston Chronicle and the Austin American Statesman.

    Holland also notes that Paul admitted to writing the newsletters in 1996.

    Ron Paul is a little dried up racist! His racist views has no business where laws are made. You will NEVER be President, bigot!

    • Ametia says:

      We def have Ron Paul’s number. And has Ron Paul taken a look at Wall Street, Congress, and Corporate America lately. That’s where he’ll find the largest population of thugs, liars, cheats.

      And maybe he should take a mid evening stroll through those white suburban neighborhoods and check out the METH LABS in some of those milky white homes & basements.

      It’s clear as Casper the Friendly Ghost, that this bastard is RACIST, has no desire to see BLACK PEOPLE as human and thus not deserving of CIVIL RIGHTS.

      GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, RON PAUL. And take your dimwitted , nasty looking toupe-wearing son Rand with ya!

  33. Pakistan’s parliament condemns U.S. raid, threatens sanctions

    (CNN) — Pakistan’s parliament threatened Saturday to cut off access to a facility used by NATO forces to ferry troops into Afghanistan, signaling a growing rift that began when U.S. commandos killed Osama bin Laden during a raid on a Pakistani compound.

    A resolution adopted during a joint session of parliament condemned the U.S. action. It also called for a review of its working agreement with the U.S., demanded an independent investigation and ordered the immediate end of drone attacks along its border region.

    Failure to end unilateral U.S. raids and drone attacks will force Pakistan to “to consider taking necessary steps, including withdrawal of (the) transit facility” used by the NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, according to the resolution.

    U.S. lawmakers have questioned how the world’s most wanted terrorist managed to live in plain sight for years in Pakistan — near the country’s elite military academy — without being detected.

    Pakistani and U.S. intelligence officials have said there is no evidence that any active members of Pakistan’s military or intelligence establishment knew about or actively protected the al Qaeda leader.

    Publicly, leaders in both countries have downplayed a rift.

    But the unanimous resolution made clear there was a growing dissatisfaction among Pakistani lawmakers.

    The resolution also ordered a review of its counter-terrorism cooperation agreement with the United States.

    The government is deeply “distress(ed) on the campaign to malign Pakistan, launched by certain quarters in other countries without appreciating Pakistan’s determined efforts and immense sacrifices in combating terror,” the resolution said.

  34. Politics of Distraction

    By now, most of us have become accustomed to the all-too familiar notion of the politics of distraction. With pressing issues like near double-digit unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, a lingering budget deficit, growing international crises, struggling job growth and more, many on the right would rather avoid creating real solutions by averting our attention to nonsensical ‘issues.’ This week’s target: a Chicago-based rapper by the name of Common. Only problem is, this time, those screaming the loudest forgot to check their own history.

    Anyone with an ounce of reality knows that this wasn’t the first occasion where a rapper went to the White House, participated in a function or was acknowledged by an administration. In fact, Bush Sr. invited Eazy-E, a solo artist and former member of the group N.W.A., to the White House. Not only do the folks at Fox News and those attempting to create this non-controversy have amnesia about hip-hop’s presence at our nation’s headquarters, but they also quickly forget their own embrace of Common. Less than a year ago, a report on referred to the lyricist as a ‘rap legend,’ ‘very positive’ and a ‘conscious rapper.’ How quickly we forget indeed.

    The attacks against Common and the linkage of his alleged radicalism with President Obama are troubling on a multitude of levels. Once again trying to paint a picture that the president is some sort of angry Black man who has a vested interest in taking this nation down, the right is implying that he is again somehow not one of us. Now that the birther ‘controversy’ has been silenced, these opportunists want to create new ways of portraying Obama as somehow un-American, foreign or other. It is yet another pathetic attempt to discredit our Commander-in-Chief and take away from his very real recent accomplishments like catching Osama bin Laden. Perhaps because of the failure to bring the most wanted man in the world to justice during the past 10 years, those objecting the loudest here are just hurting from the failures of the previous administration.

    For several years now, I myself have openly condemned the sometimes misogynistic and profane lyrics that can be found in some rap songs. But to even attempt to paint Common — an artist who prides himself on creating uplifting music — in such a light is ignorant at best. The scapegoating of Common is yet another example of the proverbial boogeyman who is to blame for all of the ills of society, when in fact the very people attacking him have no resolutions to our very grave challenges.

    As the 2012 campaign begins, we as an observing public, must be weary of the politics of distortion, coercion and misinformation. When we see these deplorable moves to avert our attention, we must ensure that we do not fall victim to its fallacy. At a time when many on the left are criticizing the President for not being progressive enough, any concept of his alleged radicalism is beyond laughable. It’s yet another pitiful method of steering away the public from this man’s very real accomplishments, their very real failures and our very real problems. But rest assured, the politics of distraction didn’t work in 2008 — just like they won’t work in 2012.

  35. Obama’s War
    The secret behind the bin Laden takedown is the president’s new conception of terrorism.

    Ever so gingerly, even as they praised President Obama’s success against Osama bin Laden, some former senior Bush administration officials have sought to take a little credit for the mission themselves. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, interviewed by MSNBC this week, even called the operation “a good story for continuity across two presidencies.”

    That assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. Behind Obama’s takedown of the Qaida leader this week lies a profound discontinuity between administrations—a major strategic shift in how to deal with terrorists. From his first great public moment when, as a state senator, he called Iraq a “dumb war,” Obama indicated that he thought that George W. Bush had badly misconceived the challenge of 9/11. And very quickly upon taking office as president, Obama reoriented the war back to where, in the view of many experts, it always belonged. He discarded the idea of a “global war on terror” that conflated all terror threats from al-Qaida to Hamas to Hezbollah. Obama replaced it with a covert, laserlike focus on al-Qaida and its spawn.

    This reorientation was part of Obama’s reset of America’s relations with the world. Bush, having gradually expanded his definition of the war to include all Islamic “extremists,” had condemned the United States to a kind of permanent war, one that Americans had to fight all but alone because no one else agreed on such a broadly defined enemy. (Hez­bollah and Hamas, for example, arguably had legitimate political aims that al-Qaida did not, which is one reason they distanced themselves from bin Laden.) In Obama’s view, only by focusing narrowly on true transnational terrorism, and winning back all of the natural allies that the United States had lost over the previous decade, could he achieve America’s goal of uniting the world around the goal of extinguishing al-Qaida.

    Condi Rice is a lying liar! She should have her ass in jail!

  36. Pelosi’s Office Sends Another Helpful Memo To GOP Freshmen

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office has been reaching out to freshmen Republican legislators this week. Following their historic vote to end Medicare as we know it™, these freshmen members (who rode into office on charges that the Affordable Care Act and Democrats were “slashing Medicare”), have been taken aback by similar, more well-founded, attacks on themselves. In fact, they’d just as soon let “bygones be bygones.”

    On Tuesday, Pelosi’s office issued a memo to GOP freshman clarifying, just in case they didn’t get it, that ”The Truth Hurts — You Did Vote to End Medicare as We Know It.” On Wednesday, Pelosi’s office reached out yet again:

    We know it’s hard for you to accept the anger over your vote to end Medicare as we know it, but holding a press conference to ask the American people to ignore your irresponsible vote is, frankly, a bit puzzling. You defended your vote just two weeks ago, but you didn’t like what you got back from your constituents. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions.

    Democratic leadership realizes the tough spot in which these newly-minted GOP representatives now find themselves. And in a spirit of camaraderie, today issued yet another memo to help them better handle their visits home. (From an email I received today, but available here.)


    To: GOP Freshman

    Fr: Democratic Leader’s Press Office

    Da: May 13, 2011

    Re: Facing the Music – Suggested Songs for Your Trip Home

    As you go home to face the music of your vote to end Medicare as we know it, we know you’re worried about what your constituents are going to say…for good reason. Here is a suggested playlist for your trip:

    Think – Aretha Franklin (1968)
    Desperado – Eagles (1982)
    Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – Elton John (1976)
    Hard to Say I’m Sorry – Chicago (1982)
    I’m Sorry, So Sorry – Brenda Lee (1960)
    You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones (1969)
    You Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest (1982)
    Mama Said – The Shirelles (1961)
    Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home) – The Impalas (1959)
    Cryin’ – Aerosmith (1993)
    Who’s Sorry Now? – Connie Francis (1958)
    Lost Cause – Beck (2002)
    I Learned the Hard Way – Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (2010)
    Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks (2006)
    Bad Day – Daniel Powter (2005)
    Troubles – Alicia Keys (2001)
    When the music stops, you should try listening to the American people.

    Sometimes, politics is just plain fun.

    Go Nancy! Go! You rock!

  37. Good Morning, 3 Chics, Friends & Visitors!

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