First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Secret Service Headquarters

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  1. Ametia says:

    Our FLOTUS is SWAGGERETTA! LOL It’s a word now, ’cause 3 Chics has declared it so!

  2. GGail says:

    FLOTUS is such a warm and gracious First Lady! I’m sure (by the looks in the pics) that the SS people enjoyed hearing the kind words from FL Michelle Obama.

  3. Michelle Obama visits Secret Service to express thanks for family’s protection

    First lady Michelle Obama has been to many agencies to support federal workers, but her midday visit to one on Wednesday was special.

    Obama went to the Secret Service headquarters to thank employees for protecting her family.

    “And one thing that the president and I always say about our work with this agency is that it is always 100 percent on point — truly,” she told the employees. “I mean, not just in terms of how you all do your job, but how you all make us feel. And that is important when you’re trying to live a normal life and raise a couple of girls in the White House. You all have really made us feel at home and safe, and there is no amount of thanks that I could convey that would give you a sense of how important you all are to us.

    “So this visit is special for me.”

    One reason it’s special, Obama said, is that “We love our detail. We love every individual. . . . People always ask, ‘What is it like to have Secret Service?’ It’s like — for us, it’s like having family around.”

    laughter from the crowd, she said the president and their daughters have a friendly dinner-table “fight among our family” over who gets which agent, saying that Malia told Sasha: “You took Scott? That’s not fair!”

    “But that’s because we feel close to each of you,” Obama added. “And particularly for the girls, they have just transitioned beautifully because of the work that you all do.

    “So I’m here to say thank you. I’m here to say, the next time that you have to work late — which all of you do — you have to work on a weekend, the next time you have to do something hard, just know that you have a first family, and you also have a nation, that appreciates everything you do.”

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