Chris “TWEETY BIRD” Matthews Pushes His Book, Pines For JFK, & Thinks Our 21st Century President OBAMA Can Learn A Thing or 2 From Kennedy

The shameful plugging of your book is sad enough, Chris Matthews, but to insert President Obama into the narrative and insist on COMPARING him to John F. Kennedy is laughable. 

See Sunday, October 30th video of The Chris Matthews Show here:

                                        I thought I saw a Kennedy, Oooh, I did, I did!

Have your fantasies about “Camelot” but please don’t assume you can compare this president with the “WOMANIZING ‘ JFK.   The Irish Catholic President has had his turn.  memorialize him and MOVE ON, dude.

And Matthews continues his Kennedy obsession today on Hardball:

Seriously, Howard Fineman, a HuffPost POSER, and Mike Barnacle, a Boston Globe PLAGIARIZER….




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  2. Ametia says:

    That rat bastard Matthews is attacking FLOTUS with that bullshit stab at the “obesity” comment, amongst other thing. Time to take out the knives; ladies.

  3. Ametia says:

    I sincerely HOPE that book of Matthews gets dumped in the 50 cents bin at the $1 store like next week! Now this MOFO is going on about Kennedy being on Mt. Rushmore vs Obama. What an ASSHAT

    • WTF is going on with the mofo? He has been bashing the President all week long. I could slap the taste out of his mouth. Pesident Obama don’t need his advice. Punk ass sob!

  4. Hey 3 Chics. I found this little jewel concerning JFK from this site

    JFK adored his father and maternal grandfather, his brother Bobby was his closest friend,
    but he had little time or use for his mother nor for women as peers in general. He often
    called women he knew “kid” because he couldn’t remember their names; even the names
    of his lovers. Hersh speculates that JFK’s craving for women and compulsive need to
    shower (as often as five times a day) may have been linked to a lack of mothering.
    He not only considered women as less than equals, he often referred to the poor, the
    blacks, and the Jews, as “poor bastards”.
    He showed almost no empathy and, like the
    majority of people of his time, accepted inequalities based on race, gender, and religious

  5. Ametia says:

    Chris Matthews and Hacks Use Political Mythology to “School” the President
    By Emilia 1956

    Chris Matthews has written a book. So has Michael Moore. So have Bill Maher, Glenn Greenwald, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Joan Walsh.

    Yes, folks, the pimping season has arrived, just in time for the Christmas sales.

    This is why you see Michael Moore appropriating Occupy Wall Street, even though pimping his latest Forrest Ga-hu-hu-hump fantasy is pure capitalism. That’s why Joan Walsh appears twice daily on MSNBC opinion programs for no fee at all and out of the goodness of her heart. This is why Greenwald is here, there and everywhere, unfortunately. Maher plugs his book weekly on his show. Self-publicizing is too much for vanden Heuvel’s impeccable Fifth Avenue breeding. She sticks to Twitter.
    Chris brought his book into the foray on Hallowe’en. Maybe that’s why Hardball viewers were subjected to a particularly surreal 12-minute segment where he invited his usual cronies, hack’s hack Howard the Hack Fineman and Mike (Disgraced Journalist) Barnicle to interview him.

    The occasion for the interview was the release of Matthews’s Kennedy biography, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, which was to go on sale the following day. I don’t know what was more ironic – that Matthews’s laudatory man crush book of myths appearing in print, appropriately, on the traditional Catholic holy day of obligation, All Saints’ Day, or the bizarroworld trumped-up, pretend interview between MSNBC’s Fineman, Barnicle and Matthews on Hallowe’en.

    All that was missing from this epic was Joan Walsh, Pat Buchanan and the firewater.

    The entire twelve-minute interview revealed that Matthews’s book was nothing more than a rehash of Kennedy myths, the ones his people spun to the adoring public and the ones we were fed as Catholic parochial school children growing up during his administration:-

    – That he was a war hero, swimming to the shore towing an injured crewmate with a belt buckle in his mouth. (Yes, we remember the Jimmy Dean song and the Cliff Robertson movie).


    What was most annoying about the Matthews “interview,” was simply that it was a ruse, just another way that three, old white guys could sit around and drum up ways they might give the black President “advice.” Chris even went as far as hoping President Obama read his book. This is the same President Obama, mind, who Chris “sometimes” forgets is black and whom other times, he chastises for being elitist (psst! that’s another Yankee word for uppity, but you know, those Yankees aren’t racist in the least). In fact, I wonder if Chris were aware that his hero, JFK, usually referred to African Americans and poor people in general as “poor bastards.”

    Matthews and Barnicle – a disgraced journalist, who shouldn’t even be allowed to associate with political opinion media in a professional manner – kept referring wistfully to a speech Kennedy made during his 1960, to the Pennsylvania delegation and having received a lukewarm introduction from the Governor of Pennsylvania, David Leo Lawrence, who was the state’s first Catholic governor. Kennedy, then, publically rounded on Lawrence during the speech, and told the delegation that if they couldn’t vote for Kennedy because he was a Catholic, then they had no business being Democratic delegates.

    Matthews, Barnicle and Fineman all agreed that Barack Obama should be following that tack and should have followed it rigorously from campaign to present day.

    • I particularly hate Barnicle. Go home you worth piece of dodo. I am on a roll. Fineman works for huffypuffy–what else can I say? Remember when he dyed his hair a flaming red? What a hoot.

      • Ametia says:

        Dorothy, the sheer phuckery of these folks. Me and my family NEVER ever spoke negatively about JFK, most black folks and my relatives had a trio of MLK, JKK, and Bobby Kennedy on their living room walls.

        How dare Chris Matthews and Fineman, Barnacle the plagiarizer talk this bullshit about PBO, like he’s some immature lil boy. Fuck these jealous nitwits.

      • My parents were in love with JFK. Matter of fact, they loved the entire Kennedy clan. My mother would often tell us how she broke down in the grocery store when the news broke of JFK’s assassination. It was a stab in their hearts!

  6. [wpvideo Mq9FVl9T]

  7. Tweetie is an effin’ jerk. The ONLY reason he brought PBO in on his hard sell was to PRETEND he was doing more than pimpin’ his goddam book.

    The sorry (for him) fact is I might have bought it on my own. Not now. So blatant, stupid, tacky and unnecessary. I hope the twitter universe is ripping him a new one.

  8. rikyrah says:

    he really needs to stop.

    sell your damn book, but leave POTUS out of it.

  9. These pundits are the saddest mofos. They are so in search of a hero!

    • Ametia says:

      Can you believe this shyt?

      LO asked Chris Matthews about Cain and the sexual harassment charges, he had the nerve to say Kennedy’s many LIASONS with various women OUTSIDE his marraige were ROMANTIC, not harrassment. WTF?

      I’M SO DONE WITH THIS MOFO. And PBO has what to learn from Matthews, Kennedy and his book?

  10. Ametia says:

    *sigh* Whtie Catholic boys can’t stand it; they got to tell the Black President how to roll. Dudes, POTUS got it. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

    Chris Matthews should go do book signing and leave President Barack Hussein Obama out of his nonsense and infatuation with the Kennedys.

  11. Chris Matthews need smacking. Why can’t President Obama be himself? President Obama is a BLACK man. Get over yourselves, bee.itches.

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