Know Thy History: The First American Immigrants

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Speak on it; if you will.

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7 Responses to Know Thy History: The First American Immigrants

  1. Lisa MB says:

    Interesting. Got a kick out of the fence one. One of those lessons that is still lost on most. This was NOT *your* land, peeps.

    The gaming one I did not get. But having lived near a casino in Arizona, I used to laugh at folks filling the parking lots. “You took our land, now we’ll take your money.”

    Am curious at what @GGail was upset by. “as an American”? Wish to see it from other perspectives. I am not fond of the Native American depictions, especially the woman. Stereotypical and of course, sexist.

    What say you, 3 Chicas?

  2. GGail says:

    As an American, I am insulted, What publisher or Editor found humor in this?!!!

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