Domestic Violence Rewarded With Flowers, Dinner, & Bowling

“It’s NOT the first time” the wife says…

Did the judge make the right call for this couple? Your thoughts? Would love to hear the male and female insights on this.

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7 Responses to Domestic Violence Rewarded With Flowers, Dinner, & Bowling

  1. When I was married (now, thankfully, divorced) there was a lot of spousal abuse (me=victim). The police finally arrested the jerk, and I went into the station a few days later so the police could take pictures of my body bruised from my lower back down to my knees (he body-slammed my on my backside). Finally, case comes to trial. We both show up, the arresting officer shows up. We tell our sides of the story, and guess what… the officer never developed the photos. But he did testify as to the scene and the bruising. When all testimonies were done, the judge (a woman, nonetheless) said, “This is a case of ‘he-said, she-said’… case dismissed.” I lost all faith in our judicial system at that point. I wanted him sentenced, even if a misdemeanor.

    • Ametia says:

      Good for you, She speaks.It must have been excrutiating to hear the “case dismissed coming from a female too. You must have felt sooo DESERTED. Abuse is a hard cycle to overcome. Its unfortunate for the women who don’ get out alive.

    • Hi, She Speaks!

      I know of a woman from my hometown who suffered horrible abuse at the hands of husband. He was the cruelest sob this side of heaven. She was sooo afraid of him. He kept her isolated from her family and friends and turned an outgoing woman into a timid shell. Long story short…He finally left but moved to Houston and met his match. He tried beating on another woman and she shot his a**. He didn’t die but she stopped him.

      • What goes around comes around. I love when Karma strikes back. I ended up driving away with a suitcase in my car and never came back.

      • Good for you! And you’re right about Karma. It demands to be paid. As Ametia says…Karma, it’s what’s for dinner! :)

        I want to add…this woman told me if he knocked her down, she’d better get up quickly otherwise a boot was coming next. Can you imagine a man kicking a woman…with boots on? OMFG!

  2. Hell to the No! Why not order the guy to counseling or have him enter into an anger management program? The lady stated it was the second time she had to call police. I see a pattern developing..

    • Ametia says:

      SG2; I’ve heard women like the one in this video. ” But I love him… ” Love don’t hurt honey; not with the blow of a fist, knife, or gun.

      It’s so fucked up, I know the judge recommened counseling for the husband, but they both need hep. My feeling is this isn’t going to end well.

      I hate to be a pessimist, but this man will go throght the motions of the court order to keep his ass out of the pokey for now. What happens the next time he snaps, because he’s asked why he didn’t get a gift fo their anniversary, etc.?

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