Mitt Romney’s Real Elephant In The Room Is Religous BIGOTRY | Plus You’re a LIAR

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Southern voters gave Mitt Romney the proverbial middle digit last night in the Alabama and Mississippi Primaries.

All the money in the world, all the grits-eating, fake southern drawls, washing your own clothes, which is also a fake photo-op, adding up the delegates, and annoucing that your rivals should bow out due to the MATH, won’t change the minds of the Southern White Evangelicals.

The bad news for you, Mr. Romney is that they aren’t going to vote for you in the primaries. The good news is, no matter how much they hate you for being a MORMON, they hate the BLACK President more, so they will blacken the oval(PUN intended),or pull the lever for you come November 6, 2012.


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3 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Real Elephant In The Room Is Religous BIGOTRY | Plus You’re a LIAR

  1. Ametia says:

    DUH!!! Lke father, like son.

    Mitt Romney’s Son Thinks President Obama “Is Great”?
    By Dan Amira

    Based on Mitt Romney’s pandering tactics in the deep South, it’s surprising that Matt Romney, who is in Hawaii today as that state also holds its GOP primary, has yet to declare himself an “unofficial Hawaiian” and announce a newfound love of spam. But maybe that’s just because pandering as a Republican in Hawaii — a deep blue state that some people claim is President Obama’s birthplace — requires you to really elevate your pander game:

    “I’m not here to talk about President Obama. I think he is great. I’m here to talk about my dad and what he would bring to the country,” said Matt Romney.

    Whoa, whoa — overdoing it!

  2. Ametia says:

    REMIDNER: Mitt Romney officially joins teh GOP WAR ON WOMEN

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