Just a simple reminder

of what the President has accomplished. He’s started us down this road:

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  1. Ametia says:

    Obamacare Myths Debunked

    Obamacare is already helping millions of Americans save money and live healthier lives, and will help millions more in years to come. Mitt Romney and Republicans are trying to re-fight battles of the past, and in the process,deny millions of Americans affordable health care. Here’s a look at the top five distortions and political scare tactics they’re using to justify their pledge to “repeal” affordable health care for millions.

    1. Fiction:“It’s a massive tax increase.”

    · Fact: No it’s not. Those who can afford health insurance but chose not to buy it must pay a penalty so costsaren’t shifted to the rest of us. Romney put in place the same policy in Massachusetts, and only 1 percent of Americans are expected to pay this penalty. Obamacare is actually the largest-ever middle-class health care tax cut, which will be worth an average of about $4,800 to 19 million Americans. [Truth Team: http://bit.ly/OIVnX6

    > In fact,Mitt Romney himself implemented the same provision, as a part of his Massachusetts health plan: http://politi.co/LWqlYe

    >Think Progress:Why Obamacare is a Tax Cut for Millions: http://bit.ly/LWpZkk

    2. Fiction: “Government is taking over health care.”

    > Fact: Obamacare puts you and your doctors – not insurance companies or bureaucrats – in control of your health. It means insurers can’t drop you because you get sick or hit a coverage cap. [Truth Team] http://bit.ly/OIVnX6

    > In fact, watch this video of how Obamacare helped ensure that Stacy’s daughter could continue to get the care she needed: http://bit.ly/KILlz4

    3. Fiction:“Costs are going up.”

    > Fact: Obamacare lowers health care costs. It cuts waste in the system and requires insurance companies toissue rebates on if they spent too much of your premiums on administrative costs or CEO bonuses. Obamacare will save middle-class families up to $2,300 a year. [Truth Team] : http://bit.ly/OIVnX6

    >In fact, watch this video of how the Obamacare lowered Rebecca’s health care premiums, and actually got her money back from her insurance company: http://bit.ly/MGizlN

    4. Fiction:“You can’t keep your health care.”

    > Fact: Obamacare won’t take away your health insurance – it will only make your coverage stronger. It ends limits on coverage, lets young adults stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26 and makes sure your company can’t drop you just because you get sick. [Truth Team]

    > In Fact, watch this video of how Obamacare helped Spike actually get health care when she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to: http://bit.ly/NZupcc

    5. Fiction: “It will hurt small businesses.”

    > Fact: Obamacare doesn’t force any small business to offer coverage to its workers. For many small businesses that want to, it provides generous tax credits to help them pay for it and creates exchanges that will level the playing field so small businesses can competewith larger ones. [Truth Team] http://bit.ly/OIVnX6

    > Here’s a story from Philadelphia about how Obamacare is helping restaurants: http://bit.ly/NZutIY

    > Bottom line: it’s time to move on.Americans want Washington to move past the political battle over health reform and get to work on the economy. Congress passed health reform, the President signed it, and yesterday the Court ruled that it’s constitutional.

    > And lest you thought Mitt Romney could get away from talking about his record of shipping jobs overseas:InCase You Missed It the Buffalo News has a huge front-page piece on how Romney’s Bain eliminated hundreds of jobs: http://bit.ly/KROXn9

  2. Ametia says:

    WORD! Love this.

  3. vitaminlover says:

    Hi ho whaddya say? Obama/Biden all the way!

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