President Obama Speaks On Middle Class Tax Cuts | Online Map Shows IMPACT Of Romney Tax Hike State-by-State

Check out this online map which shows how Romney’s tax hike would affect your state.


Let’s not get distracted from the REAL work President Obama and his administration are doing to assist  ALL Americans.


Below is a snapshot of coverage of Romney’s Tax Hike in battleground states:

Bethlehem Patch:Obama Tax Cut Helped Bethlehem Mom

· PA Morning Call:Obama to go after Romney on middle class taxes

· Politics PA:Class Warfare, Anyone? Brady Talks Middle Class, Rips Romney

· Philadelphia Weekly:Rep. Bob Brady Rips Romney Over Tax Plan

· Pittsburgh Post- Gazette:In Ohio, Obama rips Romney tax plan

· Orlando Sentinel:Obama, Central Florida share vision to boost our economy

· Tampa Bay Times:President Barack Obama headed to Florida with study showing Mitt Romney’s tax plan hurts middle class

· Orlando Sentinel:Randolph, Obama campaign: Romney tax plan would hurt middle class

· Miami Herald:Study: Mitt Romney’s tax plan could save millionaires $87,000 and raise taxes on the middle class

· Palm Beach Post:Obama camp touts tax relief, blasts Romney on eve of president’s visit to Florida

· Sarasota Herald- Tribune:Study: Romney-like tax plan would help rich, raise taxes for poor, middle class

· Toledo Blade:Pres. Obama attacks Romney on tax cuts while speaking in Mansfield

· Cleveland Plain Dealer:President Barack Obama tells Mansfield crowd that Mitt Romney would ask middle class to pay more

· Fox 8 Cleveland:Obama Slices Romney’s Tax Plan in Mansfield

· KWTX: Ohio:Obama Pitches Tax Cuts In Ohio

· Cincinnati Enquirer:Crowds swoon as Obama presses economic message

· Las Vegas Sun:Obama campaign to unleash new attacks on Romney tax plan

· MinnPost:Brookings: The benefits of Romney’s tax plan mostly trickle up

· Minnesota Public Radio:Romney tax plan: Tax hike for 95 percent of Americans

· Newport Daily Press:New study examines Romney tax plan

· CBS Miami:Romney Camp In Disarray After Tax Study’s Release

· Tampa Bay Times: Obama: Mitt Romney wants you to pay taxes so people like him can pay less

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