Mitt Romney’s BAIN CAPITAL / ITALIAN Tax-Skirting Adventures! & Blogger Round Up

A new report from Bloomberg today lays out how much of Mitt Romney’s wealth – as much as $60m – came through the sale of one firm, with the money funneled through a tax haven. Bloomberg writes that it was probably prudent that Mitt Romney skipped Italy on his trip abroad.  

Why? That’s because Bain Capital, under Romney as chief executive officer, made about $1 billion in a leveraged buyout 12 years ago that remains controversial in Italy to this day

“The government got ripped off,” said AlessandroFogliati, who led a Stet shareholder group that voted against the sale of Seat. “It was the beginning of the destruction of Italian industry.” Mitt Romney’s Italian Job:

Daily Kos: Mitt-s-Italian-Job-Romney-Persona-Non-Grata-in-Italy-for-Bain-s-Deal-Skirting-Taxes

Today, Jon Soltz,two-tour Iraq veteran and Chairman of, asks the important question:Why Does Mitt Romney Want to Restrict Voting Rights for More Than 900,000 Ohio Veterans?

David Axelrod slammed the Romney campaign’s attempt to restrict access to the polls on Fox News Sunday:

  •   “What that lawsuit calls for is not to deprive the military of the right to vote in the final weekend of the campaign. Of course they should have that right. What that suit is about is whether the rest of Ohio should have the same right, and I think it’s shameful that Gov. Romney would hide behind our servicemen and women”

Political Animal points out “Earlier this year, the Republican Ohio state legislature, in keeping with nation-wide Republican efforts to restrict ballot access, eliminated early voting in the state, except for members of the military… The Obama administration filed a lawsuit to restore early voting for all voters; its suit does not in any way attempt to restrict military early voting. Even Fox News, of all sources, acknowledges this.”

Don’t miss this piece in the Des Moines Register today:  “Mitt Romney’s declared hostility to the wind energy tax credit is just one further sign of the clear choice facing voters in November:Renew the mandate of a president who has set a new standard for diversifying our energy portfolio, or opt for a remake of the shopworn “Drill Baby, Drill” fixation on fossil fuels.”


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3 Responses to Mitt Romney’s BAIN CAPITAL / ITALIAN Tax-Skirting Adventures! & Blogger Round Up

  1. majiir says:

    Neither Romney nor Bain cared what happened to the Italian economy as long as they got huge profits from the deal. I like the emphasis the Bloomberg article placed on Bain and Romney’s tax evasion efforts. I believe the reason he won’t release the rest of this 2010 tax return and other returns has to do with his knowing that he invested heavily in foreign companies, avoided paying his fair share of taxes to the U.S., and that he has offshore accounts that are valued in the millions. Another troubling thing is how he was able to accumulate millions in his IRA in a matter of years. It’s no wonder he won’t talk about any of this, and it’s no surprise that Reince Priebus called Senator Reid a “dirty liar” on a TV news program yesterday. The republicans know Romney has skeletons, and they’re doing everything they can to distract us from focusing on them.

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