Mitt Romney To an Angry White Crowd: ” Mr. President,Take your Campaign of Division, and Anger and Hate back to Chicago

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This is rich, PUN intended, coming from Mitt Romney and his camp of SOUTHERN, RACIAL, dogwhistling tactics. He and the GOP’s got nothing but HATE, disdain, and total disrespect for our DEMOCRACY and our president. Mitt Romney has become UNCHAINED, UNHINGED, and it’s NOT an attractive look! I don’t think Lou Ferrigno appreciates your stealing his role, dude.

SHORT: Take your negro ass back to Chi-Town, and leave me alone about my TAX RETURNS. Naw son, you’re getting that ass whooped, and YOU’RE MAD, ANGRY, DIVISIVE AND HATEFUL.  Apparently Mittens thought he could just roll all up in here and not be challenged on his lies, deceit, dishonesty, tax returns, offshore accounts, record at Bain Capital, record as Governor of Massachusetts, etc.  You know, proper  POTUS VETTING to LEVEL the playing field.

But this punk can’t handle the pressure from the extreme wingnuttery of the GOP, so he’s going to go WAY BEYOND THE PALE, and tell the Black President to take his Black ass back where he came from. Chicagoans should give him a royal ass whupping, should Romeny ever show his face there.

And the GULL to use DECEASED Veterans to frame your attack, Mitt Romney.  Their families should be angry with you.  Americans should be ANGRY with you, for your piss-poor representation of an AMERICAN presidential candidate.

Ask John McCain how that race-baiting Sarah Palin tried to do worked for him. MITT IS MAD, because he’s getting beaten by the best, even though he’s raking in all that dough, and plastering his filthy, dirty, lying ADs on the airwaves, and hitching up to the ZOMBIE-EYED, COUPON BOY, Paul Ryan, he’s still not liked by his own party.

Better yet, keep it up President Obama, because what you and your campaign are doing is working and working WELL.

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7 Responses to Mitt Romney To an Angry White Crowd: ” Mr. President,Take your Campaign of Division, and Anger and Hate back to Chicago

  1. Beth says:

    We need to call his bullshit out and expose all HIS racebaiting, and constant lies about Obama, all those very dirty under-meaning comments he has made all along! He is the elites wrapped up in a very ugly litle box – I’d like to kick that box into the next century. Why won’t the dems go twice as hard back at him? There’s more than enough of rombots own comments to screw him good. It needs to DOMINATE the airwaves from now on!

  2. majiir says:

    I want Romney angry and unhinged because it will show that when it comes to performing under pressure, he falls apart. When some European newspapers described him as worse than Sarah Palin, the writers didn’t know how right they were. If Romney had a decent platform on which to run, he wouldn’t need to rile up republicans by lying about PBO being divisive, angry, and a hater. He and his financial backers thought that PBO would be unable to cut through the BS they’re running in their ads, and they don’t like it. The unvarnished truth is that Romney didn’t expect PBO to fight back as hard as he has or to reveal the truth about his and Ryan’s policies. Romney’s reference to having the president “go back to Chicago” is a racist dog whistle that is meant to further promote the lie that PBO is a Chicago thug–a lie that Fox News has been pushing since PBO took office.

  3. dannie22 says:

    Mitt would bring that bullshit to Ohio. Stay away!!

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