Mitt’s Medicare Whiteboard — Corrected

In an interview that aired last night on WBAY in Green Bay, Mitt Romney said his Medicare plan is “the same, if not identical” to Ryan’s plan, which would provide vouchers that new retirees would have to use to buy their health care coverage:

· The AP says such a plan would hasten Medicare’s insolvency “toward the end of what would be his first term in office.”

· Romney is becoming increasingly ensnared in his own web of Medicare claims. ThinkProgress cuts through to the truth:

· Greg Sargent blasts Romney’s deliberate attempt to mislead the public, explaining that the Medicare savings in Obamacare are “wrung from providers, not benefits, and Obamacare lowers costs for the very same seniors Romney and Ryan are pretending to defend from the alleged ‘cuts’ to Medicare.”

But seniors on Medicare aren’t the only ones who would suffer under a Romney-Ryan administration.

· Ed Kilgore explains how the Romney-Ryan plan, which cuts Medicaid by an estimated one-third, yanks the rug out from under lower-income seniors who depend on the program for their basic needs:

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