Make NO mistake about it, That empty chair stunt by Eastwood was the Romney camp’s continued motion of dogwhistling to their base. Eastwood talks down to the INVISIBLE BLACK POTUS, like he is a man- child. Ann Romney’s comments about “time for “grownups to take charge” in the WH. There is a segment of America that do not and will not EVER acknowledge Barack Hussein Obama as their President.


THERE GOT THAT OFF MY CHEST.  Now on to the roundup of Romney FAIL:

Mitt Romney gave the biggest speech of his campaign last night—but he failed to offer any tangible ideas to move the country forward. Obama for America has released a new video that tells Americans what Romney didn’t say:

Romney was full of gauzy platitudes, but he didn’t offer any specifics about his record or his vision.

·        Ezra Klein asks, “Where was the policy?”

·        The Boston Globe breaks down the wide range of important issues Romney declined to touch:

·        ThinkProgress has compiled his 9 most egregious omissions:

·        Plunderbund argues that since Romney allowed conservative extremists to write the GOP platform, he couldn’t help but play defense and avoid specifics:

Although Romney was sure to insult the scientific community by mocking President Obama’s efforts to address climate change, he didn’t mention the War in Afghanistan once.

·        The Atlantic slams his “idiotic foreign policy riffs”:

·        Even Bill Kristol was outraged at Romney’s decision to ignore the wars and fail to acknowledge our troops:

And just like his running mate the night before, Romney played fast and loose with the facts, knowingly repeating lies that have been thoroughly debunked by independent fact checkers.

·        Jack & Jill Politics on how brazen the lies have become:

·        Bloomberg walks us through the biggest falsehoods one by one:

·        The New York Times delves into Romney’s attempts to reinvent history and dishonestly distort the foreign policy debate:

·        And Jobsanger characterizes the Romney-Ryan ticket as “two lying peas in a pod”:

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12 Responses to Mitt Romney: EMPTY CHAIR, EMPTY SPEECH & More LIES

  1. rikyrah says:

    Chris Rock @chrisrockoz

    The Dems should have an empty chair on stage for the entire DNC, & when anyone asks who it belongs to, they can say Osama bin Laden #DNC2012

  2. rikyrah says:

    #Eastwooding, Ctd

    Of course it could simply be that he’s a huge star and not many have already endorsed Romney. Another reader offers a “much darker interpretation”:

    Like most viewers I thought Clint’s presentation was odd, sad, laughable, incongruous. Somehow this was a moment that just didn’t work out. But it was President Obama’s response tweet that got me thinking at a much deeper level.

    Obama responds with a picture of himself sitting in his chair in the Oval Office, back turned to the viewer, saying, “This chair is taken.” Directly to Romney, terse and defiant. Why did Obama respond to that moment, Clint’s strange rambling off-topic schtick? Isn’t Obama too smart to respond? But Obama’s response was so pointed, so potent. Clearly something needed to be addressed.

    So I went back to the whole Clint Eastwood stunt and re-watched it a few times with a critical eye. Here’s what I come up with: that was an intentional act of imagined violence against President Obama at a deep, semiotic level of American mythos. Take the optics: Clint comes out under a huge backdrop of the Western gunslinger. He starts a monologue vs. “the punk.” (Do you feel lucky, punk? Well do you?) The punk, the empty chair, the empty suit, responds by telling Romney, “Go fuck yourself.” Clint scolds Obama and leads the crowd in a chant, “Go ahead. Make my day.” At which point, as we all know, offstage, Clint would then shoot the punk and kill him. This was a very public, very imaginative enactment of violence against the sitting President of the US

    • Ametia says:

      I said this last night on the thread. The whole convention was set up to promote DISDAIN, HATE, AND UTTER CONTEMPT for PBO. Even the last piece of music they played, the theme from Rockie “Living in America.” It was the song played just before Drago killed Apollo Creed in teh boxing ring. I won’t repost the videos here.

  3. Ametia says:

    More Romney FAIL

  4. Ametia says:

    the Pirhannas are making their rounds this morning

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