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Sunday Wrap Up

Throughout this campaign, Mitt Romney has refused to stand up to the most strident voices in his party, promising to undermine women’s health security, and standing by as his own surrogates take extreme stances on women’s health and social issues. He not only still stands behind his endorsement of Richard Mourdock, even after Mourdock called rape that results in pregnancy was “something God intended,” but Romney is starring in ads to get Mourdock re-elected.

He also refused to stand up for the American worker –when the American auto industry and a million workers’ jobs were on the line, Mitt Romney turned his back. Now he’s pretending it never happened and is trying to scare voters with blatant falsehoods.

But the American people know better. President Obama has consistently stood up for women, and for the American people. And voters will not be fooled by dishonest ads in the final days of the election.


As guests pointed out on Sunday shows this morning, Romney has time after timeembraced the extreme views of his own party – right down to his own Vice Presidential choice. Republicans have drawn a line in the sand – with Gingrich going so far as to say women should “get over” Mourdock’s comments.

 Gingrich on Mourdock Rape Comments: “Get Over It” Asked about Richard Mourdock’s offensive rape comments on ABC this morning, Romney surrogate Newt Gingrich said that people concerned about them should just “get over it.” Mitt Romney continues to support Mourdock and appear in ads endorsing his candidacy even after Mourdock said that pregnancy fromrape is “something that God intended to happen.” His actions clearly suggest that he shares Gingrich’s view.

 Romney’s Never Stood Up To “Extreme Right Wing,” Wouldn’t As President. On “Face the Nation” this morning, Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said that the idea Mitt Romney would work across the aisle as President is “just nonsense.” As Cutter pointed out, Romney’s “never once stood up to the far extreme right wing” as governor or presidential candidate, and showed it again this week when he refused to take down his ad for Richard Mourdock after his offensive comments about rape.

 Romney-Ryan Ticket Shares Extreme Views of Mourdock-Akin. On “Meet the Press” today, Rachel Maddow highlighted how extreme the Romney-Ryan ticket is on women’s health, pointing to Ryan’s record of trying to mandate ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion and working with Todd Akin to redefine rape and ban all abortions.

 Romney Couldn’t Stand Up to Right Wing on Mourdock. On “Meet the Press” this morning, E.J. Dionne highlighted how Mitt Romney was too weak to stand up to the right on Richard Mourdock’s comments that pregnancy after rape is “something that God intended.” Even after Mourdock made these offensive comments, Romney continued to support his candidacy and appear in ads on Mourdock’s behalf.

 Romney-Ryan, Republican Platform Share Positions of Mourdock and Akin. On “Fox News Sunday” today, Senator Mark Warner  highlighted the similarities between Romney-Ryan’s extreme views on women’s health and those of Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin and also how Romney and the Republican Party are alienating both women and men with their extreme policies on women’s health and efforts to undermine women’s and families’ economic security.

Auto Industry:

Mitt Romney might be willing to do anything to close the deal, but Americans know where he stood when it mattered most.

 President Obama Is Bringing Ohio’s Economy Back & Will Win The State Because Of It. On CNN this morning, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said that President Obama is bringing Ohio’s economy back and will win the state because of it. Specifically, Governor Strickland cited President Obama’s rescue of the auto industry, which supports one in eight Ohio jobs, as one of the reasons for the state’s comeback. Mitt Romney would have just “let Detroit go bankrupt,” which is why he’s not telling the truth about his position in the campaign’s final days.

 Because of President Obama’s Courageous Decisions, Auto Industry is Adding Jobs. On “Face the Nation” today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel highlighted the improving economy in Ohio and President Obama’s courageous and, at the time, unpopular decision to save the American auto industry. As Emanuel noted, if Mitt Romney had his way, the American auto industry and more than one million jobs up and down the supply chain would no longer exist.

 Jeep Falsehood Highlights Romney’s Truthfulness Problem. On “Meet the Press” today, Rachel Maddow highlighted how Mitt Romney tried to scare an Ohio crowd by falsely tellingthem that Jeep is moving production to China. Despite Chrysler and multipleindependent news organizations debunking this claim, Romney has doubled down on it by putting it in a new Ohio ad—and his campaign refuses to answer for why he continues to repeat this false claim.

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  1. Romney Campaign Under Fire For Wildly Misleading Ad

    WASHINGTON — The Mitt Romney campaign, still attempting to turn the politics of the auto bailout in its favor, is out with a new television ad that dramatically bends both historical record and current news to fit its narrative.

    The ad, which was not announced by the campaign, makes no direct claim that can be called a lie. But that’s primarily because it’s so clever with its wording.

    For starters, the ad’s narrator says that President Barack Obama “took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy.” That’s true. But that was also the plan that Romney prescribed at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009. The difference is that Obama supported a bridge loan from the government to help the auto companies go through bankruptcy, while Romney wanted the private sector to pick up the tab. But as basically every principal involved in rescuing the auto industry said at the time, there was no money available from the private sector during the height of the recession. When Dan Akerson, CEO and chairman of General Motors since September 2010, was asked what would have happened had Romney’s plan been followed, he responded that GM “would have been in bankruptcy for years and I think you could have written off this company, this industry and this country.”


    Mitt Romney is a cold hearted lying liar. The man has no core! He can never be trusted. He LIES without blinking and thinks nothing of it. Totally unfit for the office of the Presidency!

  2. Ametia says:

    PBO had some of his best surrogates out today.

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