Video | Ana Marie Cox, PUMAs, & Other Bitter “Beckys” : Michelle Obama IS THE AMERICAN GOLD STANDARD

I finally got to watch the full segment of Thursday, 12-6-12 segment of The Last Word with The Guardian’s Ana Marie Cox. The segment was centered around the popularity of Michelle Obama for Illinois Senate.

First Lady Michelle Obama is favorite for Illinois Senate seat, were she to run: poll
The Public Policy Polling survey found the First Lady leading GOP incumbent Sen. Mark Kirk in a hypothetical matchup with 51% to his 40%.



3 Chics finds it fitting to front page the segment and the comments from two of the blogoshphere’s most ASTUTE sisters.

Here’s the segment, in case you missed it:

Camille a commenter at POU wrote this after watching the above segment:

Tonight on the Lawrence O’Donell show presented yet another one of those now ubiquitous opportunities to once again peek into the mindset of the entitled, all-knowing, self-proclaimed “progressive” white woman crowd as embodied by Anne Marie Cox – yes she of the “liberals” who love John McCain and who for so long shilled endlessly on McCain’s behalf as his unofficial spokesperson on MSNBC -even as she demeaned and dismissed the actual liberal nominee and eventual President Barack Obama.

Tonight Lawrence O’Donell discusses a poll showing Michelle Obama winning the Senate by double digits over the incumbent in her home state of Illinois – a showing so much more impressive than her predecessor Hillary Clinton ever polled at the same point in her husband’s tenure-

Cue an obviously irritated and condescending Anne Marie Cox who quickly dismisses Mrs Obama offhand – rambling on about how annoying it is that most women in Congress get there riding their husbands coattails – many directly inheriting their dead husband’s congressional seat etc. etc. Michelle would be just another one of those woman who gets into the Senate that way – and Anne Marie Cox strongly disapproves.

Not said out loud is if Ms. Cox’s “disapproval” is limited only to the idea of “women” sneaking into Congress courtesy of their husband’s coattails –or just that Ms. Cox disapproves of Michelle Obama specifically – as a candidate and/or as a woman/person.

But we can safely assume the answer to that as Anne Marie Cox’s facial expressions and choice of words betrays much, as she with impossible to miss and palpable disdain, discusses Mrs Obama.

Pretty much says it all.

It is important to note that Anne Marie Cox never once acknowledged Mrs Obama by name— it was a dismissive “she”.

But even more noteworthy, in Anne Marie Cox’s entire clinical dissertation, nary a compliment, or even the slightest acknowledgement of Michelle Obama as a capable human being in her own right, little less a formidable and central figure in her husband’s unlikely ascent to the highest office of the land – TWICE!

Or an influential and popular First Lady and international figure and role model in her own right.

No, according to Anne Marier Cox, Michelle Obama is just another one of those many bored undeserving housewives “riding her husband’s coattails” to office.

But then Ms. Cox’s eyes light up and she immediately comes to life as the conversation shifts to a similar poll showing Hillary Clinton polling decently for a presidential run.

Cue an excited and animated Anne Marie Cox who effusively waxes on positively and breathlessly about Hillary – their “golden girl” and their “gold standard” – as she asserts she and her friends call her.

Hillary is A+ insists Anne Marie Cox and can and will run in her own right “just as Hillary”.

This chick like so many in her crowd, completely lacks any self-awareness. LOL.

Her small bitter, hateful, petty, spiteful, short-sighted entitled, racist mind has been so engulfed, her own hypocrisy and double standards are entirely lost on her.

Even though I strongly suspect it still wouldn’t matter if she were confronted with it — Anne Marie Cox is after all in her own mind, a part of that select, superior group — the chosen ones who also get to decide, pick and choose who rates and who doesn’t —– the white girls club — the “gold standard” – the “A+” folks.

And Mrs Obama can be as whipsmart, effective, accomplished as only few can be–

But she’ll never belong to or ever rate with Anne Marie Cox and her “superior” all-knowing, all-deciding club who’ve appointed themselves the gatekeepers and the final word on all things women and “gold standard”.

I would challenge Anne Marie Cox to try to put her own categorical assertions and theory to test by backing any woman for national office while publicly assailing, demeaning or attempting to marginalize Mrs Obama–

She’ll quickly discover who the true gold standard really is.

Rikyrah- My Response to Camille:


I was feeling you comment from last night.

There was so much wrong with that heifer last night, I don’t know where to begin.

1. IF Michelle Obama were to run for anything in the State of Illinois, at least she would be doing it from a state where she has an actual connection and roots.

Hillary Clinton was nothing but a carpetbagger when she ran for Senator from New York. And, what were her qualifications, except for she was former First Lady.

Michelle would be running from a State where she was born, raised, and decided to plant roots of her own.

2. Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship was more a modern marriage of two equals. Michelle didn’t follow Barack to Illinois the way that Hillary followed Bill to Arkansas.

Fact: until Barack Obama began to sell books in 2006 after his Democratic Convention Speech from 2004, MICHELLE Obama was the primary breadwinner for the Obama family. Michelle Obama held down the financial fort so that Barack Obama could lay the foundation and do what he had to do for his political career.

3. One of the biggest reasons why I was never sold on Hillary Clinton in 2008 was because I saw her as unelectable. When every poll done on you – and that was before the GOP Anti-Clinton Machine began – said that Hillary had nearly HALF the country would never vote for her….why would Democrats go into an election like that. Sure, I didn’t know if the country would vote for a Black man, but I knew that Hillary wasn’t so ‘electable’. It’s never written about, but Barack Obama’s defeat of Hillary Clinton was but another reason why they hate him. They already had and had prepped their Clinton Playbook, and Barack Obama came along and snatched it away from them…and they had NOTHING to put in its place against him.

Yes, Cox is a bitter ass Hillary lover who hasn’t gotten over 2008. Hillary FAILED with Healthcare. Barack Obama passed it. Michelle Obama is so at ease with herself and so comfortable in her own skin that it irks so many on the PL. And, yes, they hate with the heat of 10,000 suns that ‘ no drama Obama’, has had no scandals….They twisted themselves into knots to defend Bill Clinton against shyt that no sensible politician should ever do. They cannot STAND to see President Obama display such love and devotion to this beautiful Black woman – yeah, I said it.

So, yes, ICAM with all you wrote.

And 3 Chics’ SoutherGirl2 & Ametia couldn’t AGREE MORE with you and Camille, Rikyrah. DO NOT, WE REPEAT, DO NOT, MESS WITH FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA.

Get over and on with the PUMA ANGST, Cox & CO. This, right here, is the GOLD STANDARD, BITCHES.


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18 Responses to Video | Ana Marie Cox, PUMAs, & Other Bitter “Beckys” : Michelle Obama IS THE AMERICAN GOLD STANDARD

  1. Roberta in MN says:

    I never though Hillary would make it either. As far as Ms Cox, she reminds me of someone who thinks her Shyte don’t stink. I have a hard time just watching her on TV. There is something that is going on in the media. All this crapof Hillary running in 2016. She still won’t make it to the White House again. There is just something about her that just doesn’t sit well. Sometimes, I wonder just how well she is doing as SOS. And how much of the crap that is going on in the ME is not put on to make Our President’s last term in office as hard as possible. Just some thought. You have an excellent site her ladies.

  2. vitaminlover says:

    Ms. Cox needs to stop smellin’ herself. She had better recognize!

  3. Doc Marten says:

    I absolutely agree with you about Hillary. There was no way in hell she would have won in the general election against McCain. All the GOP would have had to do was mention Monica Lewinsky and Bill’s other things on the side, Whitewater and the Lincoln Bedroom, and we would have had President McCain and Vice President Princess Running Moose (Palin). Thank God Obama won.

    • Doc Marten says:

      Oh, and DR Michelle Obama is fabulous. ITA with you about that too. Hell, I could see her running for President just as well as the President.

      • Ametia says:

        Hi Doc. I seriously don’t think Michelle Obama would ever want to get into politics, and specifically run for the presidency. No dobut she could become a great one in her own right.

  4. rikyrah says:

    thanks for this thread. the more I thought about it, the madder I got.

    • Ametia says:

      And after I finally got to view this nonsense this morning. I became utterly ENRAGED. I REALLY got what you and Camille were dialouging so fiercely about this hiefer.

  5. Gawd, I LOVE you guys!!!!!!

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