1. WHAT is a Black Agenda? 2. What could President Obama HIMSELF be doing for a Black Agenda?

This isn’t a funny question.

Please leave a response on what the President can do – BY HIMSELF:

NOT what he needs help with Congress to do.

WHAT can the President do BY HIMSELF that would help a Black Agenda.

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9 Responses to 1. WHAT is a Black Agenda? 2. What could President Obama HIMSELF be doing for a Black Agenda?

  1. leutisha says:

    Y’all so wrong for this. (LOL) Here’s what’s in the WaPo Express today:

    “All the President’s (White) Men” (I did not make up that headline).

    But honestly, his inner circle are full of white men, and only Eric Holder is the fly in the buttermilk.

    I do realize that he’s dealing with teh Bat Shit Crazy in Congress, so he’s going to go for those who has the best chance of confirmation. Even if they can’t get confirmed in the Senate, he goes on to make McConnell and the gang look really like the shythouse rats they are.

    But some of his nominations are giving me headaches. I want Rik’s take on Penny Pritzker – I heard she’s the bagwoman like they had bagmen for the Mob. If that’s the case, I feel the same way about her that I did about his nomination of Tim Geithner for Treasury (dude had issues with the Agency he was going to have authority over – the IRS) and adding that sexist Larry Summers to his economic team make me puke. Both men, especially Geithner, were instrumental in facilitating all those banking policies that cause the economic collapse in the first place, and, NO, I do not believe that whoever broke the system is the best qualified to RUN It. Anywhere I’ve worked, if an employee broke the system, he/she were promptly fired.

    His real inner circle, like Valerie Jarrett and such? THAT’s where he could use the overhaul, ’cause these white guys (not Cabinet members) are not talking to US about what’s going down, and everytime the LGBT crowd hollers, they get a response. Talk about taking a page from OUR playbook….

    My complaint is that WE (African-Americans) continue to appear to be LAST on the list, and since he’s not up for re-election, he should be able to tell the ReThugs to kiss his ass and start addressing some of OUR concerns for a change, because OUR concerns are all of AMERICA’s concerns.

    Okay, Rant, ovah.

  2. Oh, has somebody actually figured out one?

    It’s funny, women & the LGBT movement took cues from the civil rights movement, black leaders nowadays are for grifting more than actually doing, and over 40 yrs of inaction & decay, all the problems coming to a head, then these same leaders, who sat & let this shit get out of control for so long now want the Super Black POTUS, the Dark Knight of Chicago to come back & save Gotham, and it’s really childish and immature.

    I do hope POTUS tell these fucks about themselves & hurt some fee-fees like he did at the CBC last year

  3. I would like to know too.

  4. Ametia says:


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