Video | Guns Have Changed Shouldn’t Our Gun Laws?


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7 Responses to Video | Guns Have Changed Shouldn’t Our Gun Laws?

  1. Bill Hayes says:

    The more fundmental of the “2nd amenders” always claim that aside from their right to gun ownership forrrr protect from criminals, they also expect thast one day theywill have to use their guns against an over reaching government.

    Well, if they were watching the scenes in Boston on Friday night, saw the the fire power and equipment that the Us government is willing to deploy just to catch one suspect – surely they would take pause and think what a pathetic notion that it is that they are going to win such a war.

    Nice posting, thank you.

    • Bill Hayes says:

      sorry for the typos – computer problems at the mo’

    • Ametia says:

      The craziness of the 2nd amendmen screed. It’s like some folks are living in an alternate universe. Where in the gun legislation does it say Americans cannot bear arms? And the where does it say Americans can’t ahve background checks performed before purchasing a gun?

  2. johnomason says:

    The NRA doesn’t mention the fact that the firearms of 1787 were single-shot muskets you have to stop and ram the power in and the ball; if AK-47s and Uzis were in existance back then, the writers of the Constitution would have phrased the Second Amendment a LIT-TLE differently.

  3. kstreet607 says:

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