Jim Routon of Moore Oklahoma comforts his neighbor after tornado

Oklahoma teacher embraces one of his surviving students pulled from the rubble.

My eyes filled with tears watching Jim Routon of Moore Oklahoma reunite with his 6 year old neighbor Hezekiah Darbon after a devastating EF5 tornado ripped through their community. Little Hezekiah was so happy to see his neighbor come to his rescue. God bless them all!

Huffington Post: “When we got to the school it was pretty much chaos and destruction,” Routon told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “People were just running in all directions, trying to find their children… I think I needed that hug as much as he [Hezekiah] did.”

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18 Responses to Jim Routon of Moore Oklahoma comforts his neighbor after tornado

  1. Cassandra Brooks says:

    Tell big dog and little dog. I prayed for the town and ask God to calm the storms.👼👼💞💞💞💞💞💞

  2. ‘He calls me big dog… I call him little dog’: Neighbors whose joyful tornado reunion was caught in iconic ‘hug seen around the world’ image reveal their touching bond


    It has been described as the hug seen around the world – the wonderful moment that Jim Routon discovered his seven year old neighbor Hezekiah Darbon had survived the Oklahoma tornado and scooped him up in his arms.

    Appearing on Good Morning America to talk about their emotional reunion, Hezekiah revealed that the embrace from the man he calls ‘Big Dog’ made him feel safe – despite the scenes of utter devastation that surrounded the pair following Monday’s deadly tornado in Moore.

    In turn, Routon described rushing, part in terror and part in desperation to rescue the children of Briarwood Elementary, only to discover the boy he calls ‘Little Dog’ was alive and well, leading to his spontaneous reaction as he squeezed the young boy in his arms.

    ‘He calls me big dog… I call him little dog’

    It means my friend!

  3. Jim Routon with his neighbor Hezekiah Darbon

    Jim Routon with his neighbor Hezekiah Darbon on GMA

  4. Xena says:

    Jim!!! A man blessed with love. This lifted my heart.

  5. Ametia says:

    Hezikiah; I just love his name and the love and kindness Jim Routon & his daughter gave him. Hezikiah’s full of light, just look at that face. Thanks for sharing this post, SG2.

  6. vitaminlover says:

    I felt this video and the picture of him embracing the little boy touched my heart.

    • Yes! Jim Routon’s face told the story. He and his daughter went looking for that little boy. Jim Routon’s action showed the world what he’s about.

      Big Up, Jim Routon!

  7. CarolMaeWY says:

    It’s been so sad. The politicians are maddening though.

    • Why are they playing with folks’ lives? This isn’t a game! Voters need to take note and send their behinds packing b/c the politicians sure isn’t looking out for their needs.

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