George Zimmerman – A Thief Concerned With Catching Thieves

The Buckeye’s Firearm’s Foundation raised more than $12,000 for George Zimmerman to buy another gun and for his security otherwise.   With the Department of Justice investigating, all evidence in the state’s case has been turned over to the DOJ, including the gun that Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

Some media are reporting that any money coming to Zimmerman would go to his attorneys, Mark O’Mara and Don West, for their legal fees.

Shortly after Buckeye’s Firearm’s made the announcement that they issued the check to Zimmerman, it was reported that Zimmerman was stopped for speeding in the State of Texas.

This isn’t the first time that Zimmerman skipped town owing a lawyer.

Through Mark Osterman, the public learned that Zimmerman moved in with him and his family on February 27, 2012, the day after Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.   We also know via Osterman that Zimmerman resided with him for about 6 weeks, then left the State of Florida.

From George and Shellie’s bank records, we learned that on April 6, 2012, the Zimmerman’s received $3,500.00.  Later, they would pay the same amount to his parents and therefore, it is presumed to have been a loan.  On the same day, there are two ATM withdrawals made in Cambridge, MD.  On April 9, 2012, a purchase was made at the KFC in Cambridge, MD.  It is reasonable to believe therefore, that on April 6, 2012 as soon as he got money from his parents, Zimmerman left Lake Mary, FL and drove to the State of Maryland.

Something else happened on April 6, 2012.   On that day, attorney K.E. Pantas filed a document in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando Division, in case number  6:06-CV-630-ORL-22JGG.  The case is captioned George Zimmerman, Plaintiff, vs. Aames Funding Corp., d/b/a Aames Home Loan, Defendant.   Since about May 2009 when Aames filed for bankruptcy, attorney Pantas had filed quarterly status reports in Zimmerman’s  case against Aames.

The April 6, 2012 Status Report filed by attorney Pantas sets forth that the bankruptcy trustee for Aames informed him that payment was made directly to George Zimmerman in the amount of $18,219.71, and that Zimmerman cashed the check.  Zimmerman paid no fees or costs and retained the entire amount, although he agreed to pay his attorney from the proceeds.

Not only did attorney Pantas learn that the Aames bankruptcy trustee issued the check directly to Zimmerman, but that he did so “sometime in 2011.”    A copy of the cancelled check provides that the check is dated July 7, 2011.   Had the bankruptcy trustee for Aames not informed attorney Pantas, Zimmerman certainly was not going to do so, and when attorney Pantas filed the document in the federal court, Zimmerman left Florida like a bat out of hell.

Let’s go back.  Police reports filed in discovery in the murder case contain a report dated August 21, 2009.  It was a call by Zimmerman from Kohl’s, complaining that his Landlord was trying to take his money for rent.  Zimmerman told police that the home was in foreclosure.  This is the same townhouse where Zimmerman resided when he killed Trayvon, 2 years and 6 months after he called police on his Landlord.   I was not able to find any court filing for a foreclosure on that property.

Let’s now fast forward to December 10, 2011 keeping in mind that about 5 months earlier, Zimmerman came into $18, 219.71.  Also in discovery documents is a police report where Zimmerman called in a “disturbance.”  He had a (non) graduation party and a White Male named Jeff served food at the event and expected to get paid.   Zimmerman called the cops saying that he didn’t want the man to serve at the event.

His supporters argue that if Zimmerman had intended harm to Trayvon Martin, he would not have called the non-emergency number for the police reporting him as a suspicious person.  Well, Zimmerman called the police twice when he owed people money and he didn’t want to pay.  It’s his way of using the color of law enforcement to hide behind when he commits small-time, White Collar crime that can only be resolved in the civil courts.  It appears that there may be yet a civil case against Zimmerman for stealing Trayvon Martin’s life.

Shall we talk about how Zimmerman requested money for a legal defense and living expenses, yet spent more than $30,000 paying off his debts incurred before February 26, 2012, the day that he killed Trayvon Martin?   His wife, Shellie Zimmerman is currently awaiting trial for perjury for misrepresenting her knowledge of that money to the court, although she was the person who transferred the money and paid their debts.   That in fact, the Honorable Judge Lester presiding over the criminal case at that time revoked Zimmerman’s bond and ordered him back to jail.  In the subsequent bail hearing, Judge Lester stated in his Order Setting Bail,

“Contrary to the image presented by the Defendant not by evidence but only by argument of counsel, it appears to this Court that the Defendant is manipulating the system to his own benefit.  The evidence is clear that the Defendant and his wife acted in concert, but primarily at the Defendant’s direction, to conceal their cash holdings.  … The Defendant also neglected to disclose that he had a valid second passport in his safe deposit box.  … It is entirely reasonable for this Court to find that, but for the requirement that he be placed on electronic monitoring, the Defendant and his wife would have fled the United States with at least $130,000 of other people’s money. “

In December 2012, Associated Investigative Services (AIS) sued George and Shellie Zimmerman and Mark O’Mara for $27,000 for unpaid services rendered and breach of contract.

George M. Zimmerman is a thief, but he’s the type of thief that places his victims in a position of inconvenience to take him to civil court to seek redress.

Just to think — Juror B37 said that Zimmerman was concerned about crime in his community.   Wonder what she calls a man who steals money from his lawyer; calls the cops on his Landlord because he didn’t pay his rent; calls the cops on a server who did the work but Zimmerman refused to pay; and lied to the court about his cash holdings so he would get a lower bond?    Some people might call him a deadbeat.  Others might call him a shyster.  A cheating, lying, thief is a more appropriate term.



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25 Responses to George Zimmerman – A Thief Concerned With Catching Thieves

  1. I am an angry Black man

    Some bold truth telling here!

    • ‘Nation of Cowards’

      • Ametia says:

        Yes; and starting with the media who continue to strut out the black folks to speak on race. They want to keep painting us as the victims, while not holding the RACISTS accountable for their hate-filled ugliness.

        When AC 360, Piers Morgan, and nem hold town halls for white folks to address their racism, we can chat. until then, they’re perpetuating the racism, but not addressing the culprits, white supremacy.

        • Xena says:


          until then, they’re perpetuating the racism, but not addressing the culprits, white supremacy.

          Well, there ya go. Many Whites who are sincere and intend no harm need to be informed on what white supremacy ideology has done and is doing to our nation. It now masquerades as sovereign citizenship, patriots, and the Tea Party. In effort to deceive others, these groups include a few Blacks to give the impression that they do not promote White supremacy. The truth is that they use those Blacks to test the government, the law AND to deceive the public.

          Before sincere Whites can understand racism, they must first understand white supremacy ideology that is the foundation and root of racial hatred.

      • Yahtc says:

        Okay, Xena, you’ve got my attention.

        I just spent an hour researching white supremacy ideology trying to understand more of it because I have not been a person who has experienced the negative side of it*……I need to learn more. I know Eric Dyson brought the topic out in his Katrina book. Perhaps I should buy that book.

        Can you suggest a better book for me?

        *Had I experienced the negative side of it, I would have long ago had a solid understanding of this ideology.

      • Yahtc says:

        Xena, Ametia, rikyrak, SG2,

        I have discovered something more about myself.

        When I have these “deeper” conversations with you, I am propped up by unearned safety and false strength. On the other hand, the 4 of you talk with me from a place of true power, strength, and maturity that you have HONESTLY earned from your personal experience.

      • Yahtc says:

        Just some white privilege benefit junk I am disposing of today if I can. I don’t know how deeply embedded it is. Anyway, bye bye junk.

        Thanks, Xena, for the link.

    • Ametia says:

      Loved this man’s honesty and truth-telling. It’s POWERFUL.

  2. Ametia says:

    Thanks for the post, Xena. STAY.ON.IT. GZ & CO…. Literally the Pot calling the kettle Black.

  3. William Newman: American justice still shackled by bias

    NORTHAMPTON — Let’s try to decide whether we have heard enough, debated enough, about George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin by our recalling the national print campaign run by the ACLU some years ago. That ad showed photographs of two men’s faces side by side — one black, one white — with the question, which man is the criminal?

    Knowing this had to be a trick question, you stared at the photographs, searching futilely for any telltale signs that one was a member of a gang or had been beaten up in prison or was wearing a smirk that demonstrated a predilection for antisocial behavior.

    The actual answer, the ad eventually revealed, was that the two photographs were actually the same photograph except that in one, the color of the man’s skin was white and in the other, black. The lesson? It is difficult to look beyond race even when we are trying hard to do that, and particularly difficult when we are talking about crime and punishment.

    Here’s another, more chilling, example. A 1983 study by law professor David Baldus, which examined every homicide in Georgia, demonstrated that only two factors determined whether a defendant ended up on death row — the race of the defendant and the race of the victim.

    A defendant being black instead of white means the odds of a death sentence doubled. The race of the victim matters even more. A victim being white instead of black meant a defendant was 4.3 times more likely to be executed. The Baldus study was replicated in a dozen states, both north and south. The racist results of capital punishment, it turns out, are reflected throughout the rest of the criminal justice system as well.

    Recent FBI data show, for example, that across America blacks are arrested for marijuana offenses at a rate 400 percent greater than whites even though everyone uses marijuana at about the same rate. And when it comes to dangerous illegal drugs, the story gets even worse.

    Consider cocaine. Crack and powder cocaine are equally addictive. The difference between them is that crack is most frequently sold and used in black ghettos while powder is the cocaine of choice in white suburbs. For years the Federal Sentencing Guidelines required crack cocaine users (blacks) to be imprisoned 100 times longer than powder cocaine offenders (whites) for the equivalent amounts of the drug. The Fair Sentencing Act, enacted by Congress in 2010, reduced the disparity to 18 to 1.

    Defenders of George Zimmerman’s acquittal point out that the critics did sit in court, view all the evidence, hear all the testimony and arguments and the judge’s instructions and that the prosecutors with their poor performance may not have established proof beyond a reasonable doubt. That argument sounds logical but diminishes the importance of emotion in a jury verdict. Here the jurors clearly empathized with George Zimmerman, and not with Trayvon Martin.

  4. Ty Ty says:

    Nice truck in texas. How did he buy that?

  5. cielo62 says:

    Xena~ This whole “lawyer payment thing” has me confused. Were MOM and West working Pro Bono or not?? It doesn’t seem they incurred any fees since they did NOTHING for a case. The only real cost was a jury consultant who ended being the only thing they needed apparently. Just sneak in that plant, and voila! gz is a free murderer. And I am SURE he insisted on HIS payment in cash upfront. You have any definitive answers for this, my good friend?


    • Xena says:

      @cielo62. Any payment of fees to O’Mara and West would be based on their written agreement with GZ or the administrator of the legal defense Trust. Since that agreement has not been made public, there are no definite answers as to the expectancy of O’Mara and West being paid. However, the fact that O’Mara spent about $40,000 from the trust to equip his office with computers, software and furniture, conveys his expectancy of at least receiving “costs.”

      The sanction hearing has not been scheduled, and the Feign Team has not filed a motion for approval of legal fees so they probably haven’t either filed an attorney’s lien on the Trust neither any other assets now or in the future to GZ. Maybe they didn’t expect for him to run so quickly after the verdict.

  6. cielo62 says:

    Zimmerman’s hell will be nuclear. And I hope it begins on earth!

  7. akrnc says:

    Long time reader here, love your posts! Reading this post about GZ’s habit of involving the police or courts when he owed anyone money, made me absolutely furious, especially after seeing a clip of O’Mara trashing Trayvon (AGAIN!) and seeing a post from RZJR about how the Martin family should be worried about what may come out in court if they should dare to sue GZ in civil court. I think it’s the Zimmermans’ that should be worried about what is revealed in court when it comes to anyone’s background info. This info doesn’t portray GZ in a favorable light. In fact, it shows a man who is used to using the court system and the police to get away with crimes, including murder.

    I also think Trayvon’s parents should look into the possibility of filing suit against Mark O’Mara for spreading lies about their son. He had to know the video, which had been in his possession for several months, did not contain anything that indicated Trayvon was beating up homeless men with his friends while taping it. O’Mara made the round of the talk shows immediately after sending out jury summons, revealing these slanderous stories about Trayvon, yet when called on his lies, he folded immediately, yet only posted a two sentence alleged apology about his so-called “mistake” regarding the video.

    Thanks for all the info provided about Juror B37. You did a great job on revealing the gaps in her story and what happened during voir dire. I tried posting on these individual threads but for some reason, they weren’t going through, so I thought I’d try one more time on here. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    BTW, if there are any Texas readers, how common is it to receive a verbal warning for going 30 MPH over the speed limit? I’ve never heard of such a thing, but that’s what happened with GZ…wonder how many other drivers that cop gave the same verbal warning to on the day he also stopped GZ?!

    • racerrodig says:

      You’re exactly right on what they should be concerned about in civil court. In most states nothing about the plaintiff can be used as to character other than what is relative to the crime or action. If Trayvon had a documented history of attacking Afro – Peruvian gun toting creepy ass crackers every 3rd Sunday night in February, they could bring that up. But since this is a minor, the facts are that he has a 99% chance of being found guilty of wrongful death among other things…..and SheLie could be a party since it’s her gun.

      The HOA already settled without even being sued !!

      I agree about suing The Moron Man but we had an issue with a lawyer in civil court that did just like O’ Moron and even though we won a unanimous decision our attorney told us flat out that never wins.

    • Xena says:

      @akrnc. Thanks for your comment. When this case got national attention, White Supremacists posted on the internet that the only way for GZ to be acquitted was to thugify Trayvon. O’Mara took that advice because it plays into the mindset of racist bigots. Junior’s tweets and appearing on Randy Hahn’s show drove in the supremacists agenda.

      What their words and actions did was confirm what the cousin told investigators about the Zimmerman family being racist.

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