Juror B37 – A Bigotvoyant

Bigotvoyant (big-it-voy-ant)  Noun.  A term created by Xena of Blackbutterfly7 and 3Chicspolitico.


  1. A bigoted person who believes that Trayvon Martin was clairvoyant, knowing what George Zimmerman would do; when he would do it; where he would go; how long it would take him; and where he would be at any particular moment.
  2. A bigoted person who predicts a bleek future of all Blacks.
  3. A bigoted person who believes that Black kids feel no fear when being followed by grown men driving trucks and who look like creepy perverts.
  4. A bigoted person who believes that peaceful protests organized by Blacks, (and although attended by people of other races also), are “riots.”
  5. A bigoted person who believes that referring to one individual in the plural does not demonstrate racial profiling.

What do we know about Juror B37?  She is middle-aged, with two adult daughters, one who lives at home.   She works for a chiropractor and based on her voluntary information during voir dire, appears to work in Oviedo and Winter Springs.  She volunteers for animal rescue groups. Regarding her responsibilities at home and for her animals, before she was selected for the jury, her husband had already told her that he would “do it all.”   Before the George Zimmerman case, she previously served on two juries.

During her voir dire, Mark O’Mara told her that the process was that she go into the jury room and decide “what happens.”  He also told her to advise other jurors that whatever did not come from the “witness stand” could not be considered.

And, we know that based on her AC360 interview and subsequent correspondence, that Juror B37 is an inherent racist, or what I term, a bigotvoyant.

Juror B37’s bigotvoyant demonstration ranges from her opinion as to how Rachel Jeantel lives, to accusing Trayvon of attacking Zimmerman out of anger for Zimmerman following him.

What we know from Zimmerman’s non-emergency police call, is that he watched Trayvon from his truck, and then followed him in his truck.  Trayvon ran.  He ran to the dog walk where no vehicle could come.  Taking things as Zimmerman stated, and in order to make his story true, Juror B37 and other bigotvoyants gave Trayvon clairvoyant powers.   For instance, in order to wait for Zimmerman so he could attack him, Trayvon would need pre-knowledge that Zimmerman would get out of his truck and follow him.

Zimmerman told detectives Serino and Singleton that he saw Trayvon run behind the buildings, down the dog walk. Zimmerman also told them that when he was told “We don’t need you to do that,” that he was on Retreat View Circle.   For Juror B37 and other bigotvoyants, Trayvon would have to know that Zimmerman assumed he was headed for the back gate.  Trayvon would know in advance, that Zimmerman would not follow him down the dog walk but instead, run straight to Retreat View Circle.

The problem for Juror B37 and other bigovoyants is that they can’t understand a map.   All those charts that West put before them during opening statements, and that they saw during trial, and Juror B37, apparently, could not look at the map of Retreat at Twin Lakes and ask herself why Zimmerman ran to Retreat View Circle, while Trayvon was running behind the buildings down the dog walk.  Zimmerman admitted to the dispatcher that he was following the kid, and also told the dispatcher that the kid was running towards the back entrance.

The following video shows how it was possible for Zimmerman to go “in the same direction” as Trayvon by taking Retreat View Circle to the back gate.  What it suggests is in agreement with Zimmerman’s statement.  That is, he looked down Retreat View Circle and not seeing Trayvon run across the intersection, told dispatch “he ran.”   Zimmerman continued down Retreat View Circle because he told police dispatch that he didn’t what to give out his address because he didn’t know where the kid was  – Zimmerman didn’t want Trayvon to hear him.  That also indicates that Zimmerman was not walking back to his truck using the same route he took to reach Retreat View Circle because he had just walked it, and Trayvon was not there.

Juror B37, like other bigotvoyants, believes Rachel Jeantel when she testified that Trayvon told her he was right by his father’s house.  In order to believe and acquit George Zimmerman, bigotvoyants believe that Trayvon walked to his dad’s house, but didn’t go in because he knew Zimmerman was still out of his truck; where he was; and where he would walk.   With the gift of this foreknowledge, Trayvon knew where the creepy looking guy was, and the moment that Zimmerman would reach the “T” to be confronted.  That’s bigotvoyant theory.

Logically, Trayvon would not leave the house by the patio door to go to the store, leaving it unlocked, with Chad inside, upstairs in his room, with headphones on playing video games.  Juror B37 did not bother to question the lack of door keys on Trayvon and that he would need Chad to open the front door for him, or if he had the code to open the garage door.  Trayvon would have needed to enter through the front of the house.  Doing that takes Trayvon to the end of the dog walk, coming out on Twin Trees Lane, and turning the corner to enter the front of the house on Retreat View Circle.

I believe that is what Trayvon did.  Rachel Jeantel testified that Trayvon told her he saw the creepy guy again, and Zimmerman told Singleton that he walked back towards Trayvon.  Trayvon had no other option of getting away from the man and still be close to home, other than to turn around and go back on the dog walk behind the house.  The creepy pervert was then behind him, and getting closer.

For bigotvoyants, Trayvon knew that if he asked Zimmerman if he had a problem, that Zimmerman would not give him an honest answer, neither walk or run away.  Rather, Trayvon had foreknowledge that Zimmerman would stop walking and turn to face him.  Trayvon also, through the gift of being clairvoyant, would know that Zimmerman would turn his attention to his pockets, giving him opportunity to sucker punch him in the nose.

If we remove the bigotvoyant gift, then we see that what Zimmerman says happened is impossible because it is all based on Trayvon reading Zimmerman’s mind.

The following video is a compilation of media opinions concerning Juror B37, and they tie in with Mark O’Mara’s use of overt racism to justify Zimmerman committing murder due to frustration, in addition to Juror B37 saying that Zimmerman had good intentions, and Juror B29’s understanding of “intent” in the law that was read to her.  Thanks for reading and watching.


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25 Responses to Juror B37 – A Bigotvoyant

  1. George Zimmerman, Juror B37…and The Racist Connection


    George Zimmerman is delusional! He somehow managed to convince himself that he was a member of Neighborhood Town Watch, answerable only to himself! Rules from the handbook that applied to others, didn’t apply to him!

    Now the operative word here, is watch! Members sighting anything at all that appears suspicious are to call police. They are not to confront anybody, get physically involved, get out of the car if they’re in one … and most important of all, town watch people are not permitted to carry guns!

    George Zimmerman arrogantly disregarded all of the above, and a young black man is dead! Why? Because George Zimmerman is also a racist!
    Trayvon Martin was 17-years -old. The evening of February 26, 2012, he went to a 711, bought a bag of Skittles, and a can of Ice Tea. On his way home he was spotted by George Zimmerman. Only Zimmerman didn’t see somebody simply hurrying in the rain to get home. He saw instead what the racist in him chose to see! A black teenager who, on the call he made to 911, was described as “a real suspicious guy.”

    He also said to the Dispatcher, ‘these assholes, they always get away.” Asked by Dispatcher, “are you following him?” Zimmerman said “yeah.”

    Dispatcher…” OK – we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman replied, “OK” … then promptly ignored what came out of his own mouth, and pursued this teenager anyway! Young Trayvon Martin ended up dead! And George Zimmerman wound up in court over a year later pleading self defense.

  2. ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ tackles Trayvon Martin case. Cybil Shepherd, on location downtown, plays a George Zimmerman-style shooter; ‘SVU’ episode will air in October.


    It was only a matter of time — the Trayvon Martin shooting is getting a ripped-from-the-headlines “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” treatment.

    Cybill Shepherd was seen Tuesday at the courthouse on 60 Centre St., filming a scene for an episode of the NBC crime drama in which she plays a vigilante-like character loosely based on Florida neighborhood watch gunman George Zimmerman.

    “Arrested Development” star Jeffrey Tambor plays her lawyer.

    • Xena says:

      @SG2. I’ll look out for that episode.

      Just got up-to-date on the guy in Georgia yesterday. How is someone arrested in March for terrorist threats, but gets an AK rifle and comes to a school to kill cops 5 months later? Something is very wrong with that picture.

  3. Lonnie Starr says:

    Gov’t is shot though and through with racists, each republican administration put more and more of their like minded individuals into positions of power. It will take much time to root them all out.

    • Xena says:

      @Lonnie Starr. Good to see your fonts!!! Personally, I was never really involved in following politics until 2008. Even then, it was because a Yahoo group on judicial reform took up a soapbox in the presidential election. After being a member of that group for about 8 years, it made me so upset that I unsubscribed, while at the same time, I became curious as to why they were so mean-spirited towards Barack Obama. Well, I think we know the answer to that.

      People I had known for 8 years in that group, through other elections, suddenly transformed like vampires or werewolves.

    • Hi, Lonnie Starr! Welcome!

  4. roderick2012 says:

    Xena, excellent as always Xena!!

  5. Yahtc says:

    Bravo Xena. Clap, clap, clapping. The truth is in your work!

    GZ’s lies are obvious. Lies to cover his crime. Too bad his lies were not studied carefully by those who were handed the responsibility to study them.

    And, they should have carefully studied GZ’s word slip-ups.

    Yes, gz did say that he walked back towards Trayvon…..”When I walked back TOWARDS him”. YES, gz CONTINUED to PURSUE Trayvon. Trayvon, who was innocent of all of gz’s suspicions; Trayvon who just was trying to return home from the store; Trayvon who was doing NOTHING wrong was PURSUED by this creepy, frustrated, wanna-be-cop.

    George, who Taaffe said was fed up with Emmanuel Burgess’s burglaries; George whose attempt to be a hero wanna-be-cop FAILED to be the one responsible for Emmanuel Burgess’s arrest. Even with Burgess in jail, George still had the need to going after someone…..anyone…..so that he could achieve that hero status!

    And, he was so fed up and needy that he wasn’t going to take it anymore! He had to get one of those “assholes” who always got away. He had to get one of those “fucking coons” as he described them.

    George had such rage issues that a former security coworker called him a “Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde” and had such rage issues that he was required to take an anger management course to avoid a felony conviction on this record from assaulting an undercover police officer who said he had identified himself to George. This George-man of failures is the creepy person who pursued Trayvon after deciding, after judging that Trayvon was up to no good.

    And, yet Trayvon was simply and innocently return home from the store.

    Who would want to be followed at night by the type of person that followed Trayvon that night of February 26, 2013?? Who would not be scared? Who would not be apprehensive of an unidentified strange purser??

    George Zimmerman violated Trayvon’s civil rights! This WILL be looked into by the DOJ.

    • Xena says:

      @Yahtc. Good evening!

      BDLR brought out some of Zimmerman’s lies, such as “When I walked back towards him.” What prosecutors didn’t do was tie Jeantel’s testimony into it and “show” the jury how the truth is ferreted out from Zimmerman’s statements.

      But then too, regardless of what prosecutors did or didn’t do, O’Mara had Juror B37 in that jury room to work her mind influencing witchcraft on the other jurors. It started off 3 to 3, giving either side possibility of persuading the other side to understand the evidence as they did. So, how did Juror B37 persuade them to disregard all evidence? By making Zimmerman the victim who had already suffered enough, learned his lesson, and had “good intentions” that moot laws against murder.

      • Yahtc says:

        I agree.

        See if you and the 3 others at 3chics received an email I sent within the last half hour. Thanks!

  6. Ametia says:

    WORK IT, XENA! Yes; Trayvon had super NEGRO POWERS. Remember how during the trial the LYING witnesses were all testifying about Zimmerman’s clothing and how Trayvon’s wet & blood stained clothing magically disappeared? Yet Zimmerman photos showed bloody head and broken nose.

    • Xena says:

      @Ametia. In the bigotvoyant world, the blood and DNA of Blacks is inferior and washes away in the rain. They should think about that if they or their loved ones ever need a blood transfusion.

  7. O.M.F.G. This is sooo disturbing!

    A federal prosecutor working for the Justice Department? Outrage! Oh no, he needs to GO! He cannot be trusted!

    Federal Prosecutor Allegedly Made Horrifying Facebook Comments Related To Trayvon Martin


    A veteran U.S. prosecutor in Texas is under fire for allegedly implying on Facebook that Trayvon Martin looked like a criminal, the Houston Chronicle reports.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney John Craft made the comments on his private Facebook page in response to a status update that supported “stand your ground” laws, according to the Chronicle. Such laws allow people to shoot intruders even if they have the opportunity to run away.

    Here’s what Craft wrote, according to the Chronicle:

    How are you fixed for Skittles and Arizona watermelon fruitcocktail (and maybe a bottle of Robitussin, too) in your neighborhood? I am fresh out of “purple drank.” So, I may come by for a visit. In a rainstorm. In the middle of the night. In a hoodie. Don’t get upset or anything if you see me looking in your window … kay?

    The night George Zimmerman shot him, 17-year-old Martin was walking in the rain and wearing a hoodie — a piece of clothing that’s become a symbol for racial profiling. He was also carrying Skittles and an Arizona iced tea.

    The Beaumont Enterprise reports that Craft had also posted a graphic that said “Obama: Why Stupid People Shouldn’t Vote.”

    Craft told the Chronicle the Facebook comments were “not related to the U.S. attorney’s office.”

    It’s still deeply troubling that a U.S. attorney would make derogatory comments about a young, black male. He works for the Justice Department, which is in charge of prosecuting racially motivated murders. (Murder isn’t usually a federal crime, but it is if it involves a civil rights violation.)

    • Liza says:

      John Craft talks about stupid people voting for Obama while overlooking how a person has to be stupid beyond comprehension to post racist trash talk on Facebook especially if you are an assistant US Attorney.

      Well, it is disturbing, but we need to remember that just because John Craft somehow got through law school and managed to get a government job, does not exclude him from being a f**ked up piece of sh!t, which he is. They need to fire his stupid a$$,. He is a government employee not a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. We the people pay for his generous salary and his generous benefits and we should not have to put up with this sh!t.

    • Xena says:

      “Obama: Why Stupid People Shouldn’t Vote.”

      “Stupid” is a word White Supremacists and sovereign citizens use for “Blacks.”

      No wonder Zimmerman was discovered in Texas. Maybe he went to talk to Craft about the feds investigating him.

      • Liza says:

        Well, if Zimmerman didn’t alreaady know Craft, he certainly knows now that he has a friend at DOJ. But he probably has others. Craft isn’t an outlier, especially in the Confederacy.

    • Yahtc says:

      Hopefully, he will be out of his job by tomorrow morning!

  8. Princess Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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