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Rachel Jeantel Keeps her Promise to Trayvon & Graduates High School Today

CONGRATULATIONS, RACHEL! Rachel Jeantel keeps her commitment to Trayvon Watch VIDEO HERE. Sybrina Fulton attends Rachel’s graduation.  We’re so proud of you, Rachel! Rod Vereen and Rachel Jeantel (Courtesy photo) Rachel:  “I did it,” Jeantel said. “The witness who didn’t … Continue reading

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Juror B37 – A Bigotvoyant

Bigotvoyant (big-it-voy-ant)  Noun.  A term created by Xena of Blackbutterfly7 and 3Chicspolitico. Definition: A bigoted person who believes that Trayvon Martin was clairvoyant, knowing what George Zimmerman would do; when he would do it; where he would go; how long … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of Juror B37

The following video is an excerpt of Juror B37’s interview with Anderson Cooper where she gave her opinion of witness, Rachel Jeantel.

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Rachel Jeantel’s Interview with Piers Morgan

 Ms. Rachel Jeantel held it down in this interview on Piers Morgan. Rachel brought her for REAL, genuine, and honest self to the set, and didn’t allow Piers or anyone, and that includes juror B37 to tarnish her reputation and … Continue reading

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See…This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Slave-catchers, House negroes, Coonery & Buffoonery, this is why we can’t have nice things. 3 CHICS ALERT!!! While this racist twit continues to make the media rounds, traveling down that river in Egypt called DENIAL & spinning her web of … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman defense shouldn’t be allowed to put Rachel Jeantel back on the stand

Since Don West is discussing the case with his daughters about witnesses, then maybe Bernie de la Rionda needs to bring this before the court about the photo and other social media outlets where they are smearing and attempting to humiliate … Continue reading

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