The Zimmerman defense shouldn’t be allowed to put Rachel Jeantel back on the stand

Don WestSince Don West is discussing the case with his daughters about witnesses, then maybe Bernie de la Rionda needs to bring this before the court about the photo and other social media outlets where they are smearing and attempting to humiliate witnesses in the high profile George Zimmerman Murder Trial.

The Zimmerman defense shouldn’t be allowed to put Rachel Jeantel back on the stand just to attempt to humiliate her for his daughter’s pleasures.

Don West, your daughters are the perfect image of you. No respect for human life, mean spirited, disrespectful, arrogant & without class!

Molly West: “We beat stupidity celebration cones” with the hashtag #dadkilledit .

Don West has the GALL to criticize Rachel Jeantel  about culture when his own daughters are disrespectful self-entitled ass clowns. Using the hashtag #dadkilledit in the murder case of a 17 year old boy is reprehensible.

Check out this posting from Rachel West.  It’s despicable. Nice parenting, Don West!

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35 Responses to The Zimmerman defense shouldn’t be allowed to put Rachel Jeantel back on the stand

  1. disappointed says:

    Thank you for letting me comment here. I think the posters here have pretty much expressed my feelings on this matter. As a mother I am disgusted with DW’s evil spawn. How dare any parent raise their children to disrespect another human being. A good parent would have encouraged his daughters to love all people, to have compassion for all people but instead this over priced, over rated twig has taught his daughters to ridicule another human being. I am going to look at the photo they took and see it for what it is. A family of ignorance.
    Rachel will mature to be a wonderful compassionate woman. This family will not break her. Rachel is stronger than any of us. DW and his spawn have made me feel shame and embarrassment for being a white person.

  2. Prosecutors filed a motion Monday in response to a photo defense attorney Don West’s daughter posted last week.

    SANFORD — Prosecutors have asked a judge in the George Zimmerman trial to conduct an inquiry into an Instagram photo of a defense attorney eating ice cream with his daughters, but the lawyer said Tuesday that it was unrelated to testimony in the case.

    Prosecutors claimed in their motion the photo was posted after defense attorney Don West’s tense cross-examination with prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel last week.

    The caption in the photo posted by West’s daughter reads “We beat stupidity celebration cones” and the hashtag “#dadkilledit.”

    Prosecutors said an inquiry was necessary “to ensure that witnesses and court proceedings are treated with respect and not as occasions for inappropriate jokes.”

    West said in a court filing Tuesday that the ice cream photo was taken a day before Jeantel testified and has nothing to do with her testimony. He called the prosecution’s motion “irresponsible” and said he had nothing to do with the posting of the photo or its caption.

    West said he has stopped for ice creams each night since the trial started and he was joined by his daughters a week ago. They decided to capture the moment with a photo because one of his daughters lives out of town, he said.

    “It was not taken for any such purpose or in any way as a comment on anything having to do with the case,” West said in the filing. “To me it was a private moment with my family. My daughter accepts responsibility for her immature and insensitive comment and apologizes for it.”

    Jeantel was talking to Trayvon Martin on the phone moments before he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman last year. She is considered a star witness for prosecutors.

    Zimmerman pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming he shot Martin in self-defense.

  3. Rachel Jeantel attorney

    Attorney West took a witness who should have been on the stand no longer than an hour and kept her on the stand for 5 1/2 hours over 2 days.

    We must keep in mind that Rachel Jeantel is a 19 yo young lady who didn’t ask for any of this. She lied about her name and age because she didn’t want to be identified.

    Roderick D. Vereen, Attorney for Rachel Jeantel

  4. Rachel Jeantel states how Trayvon describes his stalker

  5. The racists are in a frenzy b/c I said The GZ defense shouldn’t be allowed to put Rachel Jeantel back on the stand. Was it something I said?

    Sexy Girl Middle Finger

    • ladystclaire says:

      The SOB shouldn’t be allowed to put her back on the stand and, I got pissed at JN for allowing him to question her for that length of time and, he was basically asking her the same question over and over in a different way, in order to trip her up. HELL NO, THE JUDGE SHOULD NOT PERMIT THIS TO TAKE PLACE.

      • I concur. It was a disgrace what he did to Rachel in and out of the courtroom. No way should be allowed to question her again. It’s not right!

        • Ametia says:

          I’m beginning to think that all that West has done to try & harass and intimidate Rachel Jeantel in and out of the courtroom is intentional. So that he does not get to put her back on the stand. He doesn’t but the prosecution might want to. Don West knows that Rachel’s testimony is DAMNING to GZ’s case. If John Guy or Bernie D. can put Rachel back on the stand, I wonder if Don West would redirect. Just my 2 pesos as AG would say. LOL

  6. The Quote That Should End the Trayvon Trial

    George Zimmerman is going to be found guilty. All the evidence you need — all the evidence the cops needed — is right there in the interrogation they did with him three days after the shooting. The only thing more shocking than what Zimmerman says in the clip, which was released on the internet one year ago, is how little it has impressed the bloviating jerks who dominate the coverage of this trial.

    Why did he follow Martin, a police officer asks.

    “These assholes, they always get away,” Zimmerman answers.

    The officer asks, “What’s behind that?”

    “These people who victimize the neighborhood,” Zimmerman answers.

    In Zimmerman’s angry mind, without trial or jury, even after he killed him and learned he was a 17-year-old who was legitimately staying in the complex, Martin was an asshole victimizing the neighborhood.

    The officer gets a little defensive at this point. “There was an arrest a week ago,” he points out, though it is also a gentle reminder that Zimmerman’s fear might be a tad misplaced. He continues, skeptically. “How was he running?” Zimmerman describes it and the officer says, “Sounds like he was running to get away… you jumped out of car to see which way he was running? That’s not fear … it’s going to be a problem.”

  7. Did Don West’ daughter post pics from inside the courtroom and was it deliberate to get a mistrial?

  8. Don West proved that he is a sadistic racist bigot

    Don West’s cross examination of Rachel Jenteal was one of the most offensive events in a courtroom that I have ever seen and I sincerely hope that the jury realizes that the ugliness he displayed was all about him and his contempt for black people.

    She had no motive to lie and she did everything possible to avoid publicity.

    The jury will soon discover that the defendant confirmed to police the two most damaging statements about which she testified. That is, Trayvon asked the defendant why he was following him and he responded by asking Trayvon what he was doing in the neighborhood.

    The jury already knows from listening to the recorded NEN call and from Sean Knopke, the NEN dispatcher who handled that call, that the defendant got out of his vehicle and ran after Trayvon when Trayvon attempted to flee and conceal himself in the grassy area between the two buildings containing townhomes.

    The most effective cross examination would have been to ask the following question and sit down:

    Ms. Jenteal, you were not there and you did not see what happened, correct?

    Instead, by exploiting cultural and language differences to impress everyone with how smart and clever he believes himself to be, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a self-centered and bigoted asshole.

    Meanwhile, I believe Rachel Jenteal held up very well.

  9. Ametia says:

    MHP is covering Don West and his CaC wild, drunken-eyed daughters and their disgraceful behaviors.

  10. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    I’ll say! His daughter, the one throwing the peace sign looks like she is drunk or high.

  11. Rachel Jeantel- A glimpse into Trayvon’s mindset

  12. Zimmerman lawyer’s daughters spark outrage with Instagram posts: ‘We beat stupidity celebration’

    The 23-year-old daughter of one of the attorneys representing George Zimmerman in his second degree murder trial has closed her Instagram account after posting a photo and caption that the legal team have joined others in calling inappropriate.

    Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    Molly West posted the “selfie” picture of herself, her sister Rachel, and her father holding ice cream cones with the caption: “We beat stupidity celebration cones” and the hashtags: “#zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit” on her Instagram page.

    TheGrio confirmed with Shawn Vincent, spokesman for the Zimmerman legal team, that the cellphone picture was taken on Monday or Tuesday, and posted to the social media site on Wednesday. Don West’s arm can be seen outstretched in the photo, indicating he took the picture, which Vincent said was intended to be private. Separately, Vincent told NBC News that West and his daughters have had a tradition of going out for ice cream following his first day of trial since the women were children.

    The post drew an immediate and harsh reaction online. It had attracted over 2,200 comments on Instagram as of Friday evening, most of them negative, even vulgar. On Twitter, a #mollywest hashtag attracted a slew of outraged responses, many connecting the tweet to Don West’s relentless questioning, over two days, of Rachel Jeantele, the 19-year-old friend of Martin’s who was on the phone with him until just moments before he was killed.

  13. Don West criticized Rachel Jeantel b/c she didn’t contact authorities about Trayvon Martin but what about the grown ass people who didn’t help a child screaming for help? What about those mofos?!

  14. MMA’s Link to the George Zimmerman Trial

    The George Zimmerman trial is arguably the most divisive case in the U.S. since the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Zimmerman, 29, was charged with the second-degree murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin after the poor handling of the case by the Sanford, Fla. police department brought international attention to the teenager’s death.

    As the Zimmerman trial continues to play out in front of the world, it turns out the defendant regularly trained MMA and he’d been doing it for quite some time.

    Lindzee Folgate, a physician assistant who treated Zimmerman’s injuries a day after the shooting, made the revelation during her testimony.

    Here’s a summary of what Folgate said from

    “She also testified that Zimmerman had written on a form reciting his medical history that he was exercising three times a week by doing mixed martial arts, a statement that prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked her to repeat. … Folgate said she had treated Zimmerman for previous injuries before. She first encountered him in August 2011, and Zimmerman indicated that he had “difficulty with falling asleep and [was] exercising with MMA, but that has not helped. … She said she also treated Zimmerman in September 2011, and at that time he indicated he was involved in mixed martial arts three days a week.”

    Three of four witnesses claim Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon during the altercation, while the forth states it was Martin who was on top in a “ground-n-pound” position. Since Zimmerman’s claims he was defending himself when he shot Martin, the jury’s understanding of mixed martial arts might end up affecting the outcome of the case.

    Zimmerman’s MMA background should work in the prosecution’s favor, as the defense now has to convince the jury that a man who has about two years of mixed martial arts training needed to use lethal force to defend himself against an unarmed 17-year old, with no prior combat training, who he significantly outweighed.

  15. rikyrah says:

    I just wanted to thank you, SG2, for being on top of this. I appreciate you girding yourself to see the pain of losing this young man. This entire trial for the loss of this beautiful young man is just tough to experience. Your dedication to shining the light on this injustice is inspiring.

  16. Suuzie says:

    These people are the epitome of evil. The lawyer says leave the daughter out of it when she injected the West brand of evilness into the conversation. One day someone is going to give them a wake-up lesson they will. Never forget. Evil will not continue to rule the world.

    • Liza says:

      So West thinks we should leave the daughter out of it? First of all, the dumb f*ck takes his silly-ass daughters out for ice cream to celebrate what he thinks was a victory for himself in cross-examining the State’s star witness. Then the POS poses for a picture with his two sh!t-for-brains daughters. Then one of them posts the picture on the internet with a horrific comment for the entire world to see. They did this, not us.

      But his daughter should be left alone despite her egregious behavior that was in full collusion with her father, bet on it. This is the same ass clown who thought the jury was going to fall on the floor laughing at his knock knock joke.

      God help us. How much more can we take of this disrespectful, unprofessional, lying sacks of sh!t? God help those who are in the courtroom for Trayvon.

      • I believe with everything in me Don West was in full collusion with this ish.

      • Liza says:

        Sure, that’s why they took the picture. And he probably thought it was a really cute idea until the backlash occurred. Not everyone is as impressed with him as he is with himself. People like Don West (and his airhead daughters) live in bubbles and they get blindsided by reality on those rare occasions when it confronts them.

  17. Don West was so angry at not being able to break Rachel Jeantel down until he threw a pen, drank tons of water, paced back & forth. Let this be a lesson to him…don’t f’d with black women. We’re not having it!

  18. I think Don West planned the photo with his girls and then he’d claim willful ignorance and say he had no idea they’d post the pic online and they’re just being silly. These girls expressed behavior learned at home. No doubt about it.

  19. If a seasoned defense attorney’s only way to get back at a teenage girl is to post his insults online tells me the teen kicked a mud-hole in his ass.

    I Salute you, Rachel Jeantel! She bangs!

  20. White privilege = Jenna Lauer lied in court & nothing is done. Don West discuss witnesses with his girls & make jokes about them online. Don West makes knock knock jokes in opening statements at a murder trial. WTFF is wrong in Florida?

    • rikyrah says:

      totally White Privilege.

      their entire conduct, from beginning to end has been disgusting

      • Ametia says:

        Totally White TRASH. Doesn’t matter how dressed up these folks get or how many colleges they attend. You can’t buy class or any semblance of common humanity. Either you’re innately born with heart, compassion or you don’t.

        West and his daughters are shrouded in racism and hate. No amount of money, education, or whiteness can cover it up.

  21. Lol @ “disrespectful self-entitled ass clowns”. I swear y’all hit the nail right on the head. Lovin’ what y’all represent and how you do it!

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