Missing: Where Is Alexis Murphy?

Alexis Murphy1Alexis Murphy was last seen at a gas station in Lovingston, Virginia on August 3rd 2013.

3 days later Alexis’ car was found in a parking lot of Carmike Cinemas in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Authorities have arrested suspect Randolph Taylor 48 years old in connection with the disappearance of Alexis Murphy but she is no where to be found.

randy taylor truckIf anyone has seen Randolph Taylor or his late model GMC Suburban before or after Alexis Murphy’s disappearance, please call contact authorities at the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 263-7050.

ABC News.com

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  1. Alexis Murphy: 5 Facts Facts You Need to Know


    1. Alexis Was Last Seen At A Gas Station on August 3

    Alexis Murphy was last seen on a gas station security camera at 7:15 p.m. on August 3 in Lovingston, VA, and according to the Huffington Post, her accused abductor, Randy Allen Taylor was also seen on the video. Police found Murphy’s white Nissan Maxima in Carmike Cinemas parking lot three days later in Charlottesville, VA. Those two locations are over 35 miles away from each other.

    2. Randy Allen Taylor Was The Last Person To See Her

    Police arrested 48-year-oldRandy Allen Taylor on Tuesday in connection with Murphy’s disappearance. He is being held without bond.

    As friends, family and law enforcement continue to search for Murphy, deputies brought Taylor in to Nelson County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to face a judge for an advisement hearing on Tuesday. Judge Kenneth Farrar read him the felony charge he faces in connection with the disappearance of Murphy. He is charged with her abduction.

    3. Murphy Has A Full College Scholarship for Volleyball

    Alexis Murphy is a senior high-school student. She has a full-scholarship to play volleyball next year while pursuing her post-secondary education, according to the Huffington Post.

    Her school volleyball team just had their first practice without Murphy. Murphy, who played forward, was set to be the team’s captain in the up-coming season, according to NBC 29. Murphy was actually at volleyball camp the week before her disappearance.

    “She’s a good kid and has never been in trouble with the law,” Alexis’ mom said.

    4. Police Have Footage Of Randy Taylor In A Sex Store Close To Where Murphy’s Car Was Found

    According to The Daily Mail, police are now examining security camera footage of Randy Allen Taylor in an “adult store” located roughly two miles, or a six minute drive, away from the parking lot where Alexis Murphy’s car was located.

    5. Police Are Looking For Public Assistance In Locating Alexis Murphy

    Although authorities have arrested Murphy’s suspected abductor, they’re still the matter of finding Alexis and returning her home. Police and Alexis’ family are looking to the public to aid their search for their missing daughter.

    Authorities describe Alexis as a 5-foot-7 African American female, weighing 156 pounds. She was last seen wearing a floral spandex pants, brown boots, and a pink blouse. She was also carrying a gray purse or hand bag. Additionally, her right nostril and the left side of her upper-lip are pierced, according to the NY Daily News.

  2. Corinne says:

    I wonder if this scum bag had another person inside the trailer and got her in there with his help and then he drove off.

  3. Ametia says:

    WTF Is Taylor trying to blame a black guy for abducting Alexis Murphy?

    • What would Alexis Murphy want talking to that filthy looking man? He abducted her! I don’t believe one word about a young 17 yr being a drug dealer. He’s a LIAR!

    • Liza says:

      Definitely a made up story by Taylor to explain away Alex Murphy’s hair or DNA inside his camper. He’s a longtime criminal, I don’t think anyone actually believes him. His story is straight out of the book of made up stories – black guy, mid-20s, corn rows, drug deal, blah blah blah. Taylor is from the dregs of humanity.

  4. Alexis Murphy search continues on suspect Randy Taylor’s property


    The search for missing 17-year-old Alexis Murphy continues. On Aug. 14, Randy Taylor’s court-appointed attorney, Mike Hallahan, told WDBJ7 reporter Chris Hurst that his client admits that Alexis Murphy was on his property on Aug. 3, the day she went missing in Central Virginia.

    However, Taylor claims that Murphy left his camper with a drug dealer described as a black male in his late 20s after the man sold Taylor marijuana.

    FBI agents, Virginia State Police and Nelson County Sheriff’s Office crews spent hours searching Taylor’s property on Aug. 14, according to The News & Advance.

  5. There are new details in the case of missing Nelson Count…


    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – There are new details in the case of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

    We’ve learned that a bond hearing has been scheduled for Murphy’s accused kidnapper, Randy Taylor. The hearing will be held 1 p.m. Aug. 22.

    We’re also hearing from the lawyer representing Taylor. Police say Taylor was the last person to see her. His attorney, Michael Hallahan, spoke on camera to CNN affiliate WVIR. Hallahan says he has doubts about the case against his client.

    “I think their case may be quite weak to have a court date to be requested to be set that far out,” Taylor’s attorney, Michael Hallahan said.

    Hallahan used to be a cop in Albemarle and Greene counties, so he knows firsthand about law enforcement investigations.

    Now, Hallahan is the court-appointed attorney for Randy Taylor — who is charged with abduction related to Alexis Murphy’s disappearance.

    “This is a Class 5 felony. It carries anything for punishment to up to 10 years. There’s another type of abduction, abduction with the intent to defile That is a much more serious charge that carries up to life in prison. But, they don’t have him charged with that. They have him charged with simple abduction.”

  6. Judge Leyburn Mosby has signed an order sealing ALL affidavits and search warrants in Alexis Murphy abduction case.

    Judge sealing search warrant order in Alexis Murphy case

  7. Surveillance photos released of missing 17-year-old




  8. Alexis Murphy: Route 29 the site of several disappearances


    As investigators continue to search for 17-year-old Alexis Murphy, they’re reminded of other young people who have disappeared along Route 29 and whose abductors have never been found.

    In addition to Murphy’s disappearance near Lovingston, Dashad ‘Sage’ Smith disappeared from Charlottesville in 2012; Samantha Clarke from Orange in 2010; Morgan Harrington from Charlottesville in 2009 and Alicia Showalter Reynolds and Anne Carolyn McDaniel from the Culpeper area in 1996.

    Those two cases were at the time of the Route 29 stalker attacks, where more than a dozen women driving along Route 29 reported being stopped by a man who flagged them down. All of them got away except Reynolds whose remains were found a few miles off the highway.

    Orange County prosecutor Diana Wheeler is one of many members of the legal community hoping Murphy’s disappearance jogs the memories of people who live in this mostly rural area, particularly with a suspect, 48-year-old Randy Taylor, now behind bars, charged with abducting Alexis Murphy.

    He’s also been a person of interest in Samantha Clark’s disappearance since well before his recent arrest.

    While investigators won’t say if he’s connected to any of the other unsolved abductions, they will say they’re taking a fresh look at all of these cases dating back nearly 20 years, trying to close the cases for justice and the victims’ families.

    “It’s an open wound for them and they still grieve a great deal because there’s no knowing what happened,” Wheeler says.

  9. Fund Set Up for Family of Missing Nelson Teen


    One family is trying to help Alexis Murphy’s family during this time of need and they’re hoping the community will do the same.

    Alexis Murphy has been missing since Saturday, August 3. Randy Taylor was arrested on an abduction charge in connection with the case. Click here for more on the search for Alexis.

    Roxanne Carter-Johnston says she was so touched by the disappearance case that she had to do something herself. She has set up a fund to help the Murphy family pay for living expenses. It is called “Supportive Souls for the Murphy Family.” Alexis’ family members have said finding the 17-year-old is now their full-time job and aren’t currently working.

    “I’m a mother and this story has really touched me, like to the core, and I wanted to do something that would help them that they would benefit from. Not just a reward for helping to, finding information about her disappearance, but to help them get through while they’re focusing on trying to find her,” said Carter-Johnston.

    To donate, click here.

  10. Taylor told police his version of events up to #AlexisMurphy disappearance. Investigators will not confirm.


    More details are coming to light in the disappearance of Alexis Murphy. Suspect Randy Taylor is telling his side of the story.

    Alexis, a 17-year-old from Nelson County, has been missing since Saturday, August 3, when she was reportedly headed to Lynchburg. The last place she was seen is a Liberty gas station in Lovingston.

    Taylor is the prime suspect in her disappearance and has been charged with abduction. But Taylor’s attorney, Mike Hallahan, says authorities need to look for someone else.

    Hallahan says his client wasn’t the last person with Alexis on August 3 – but that Taylor knows who was.

    “A black male, mid- to late 20s, cornrows and a 20-year-old burgundy Caprice with 22-inch wheels,” Hallahan said.

    Hallahan says his client readily admits seeing Alexis the night she disappeared.

    “Mr. Taylor told law enforcement that he met this missing girl at the Liberty gas station by coincidence. He had parked at the pumps to buy cigarettes and she had parked at the pumps to get gas,” Hallahan said. “She made a comment to him about smoking marijuana based on her seeing him at another car wash in Lovingston weeks or a month before that. He had indicated to her that he would like to get some more. She said, ‘I know a guy’ she told him to meet at another location in Lovingston and they rode up there in both cars.”

    Then, according to Hallahan, the three of them – Taylor, Alexis and the unidentified man – drove three separate vehicles back to Taylor’s camper in Lovingston.

    “Where the drug deal went down, where my client purchased $60 worth of marijuana from this man, he said they drank a beer together and they smoked. The girl did not smoke or drink anything,” Hallahan said.

    Hallahan says Alexis and the unidentified man left before sundown on August 3 in separate cars and Taylor hasn’t seen them since.

    Hallahan says law enforcement told Taylor he was arrested because the FBI found a hair in his camper belonging to Alexis.

    “I don’t know how a hair found in a camper would justify probable cause on an abduction any more than a misdemeanor of assault or battery or murder,” Hallahan said.

    According to Hallahan, Taylor repeatedly told law enforcement the story. Hallahan says there is DNA evidence of the unidentified man in the camper that should help authorities find him.

  11. irie says:

    Has anyone looked at the kfc videos or surveillance videos around (the ultimate bliss) ..Maybe he was riding with an accomplice, if there is a possibility that someone was helping Randolph Taylor,due to the information I’ve seen about the case,it’s said Maybe he had another person to help in the abduction. ? I hope y’all have investigated and tried to view those cameras as well.

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