A Colorblind Society?

Huffington Post reported today;

“Has the U.S. achieved Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a colorblind society? Fewer than half of all Americans say the country has made substantial progress in the past 50 years toward racial equality, a new poll shows.”

Reverend King’s dream is that people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.  There is no need to re-interpret that to mean that we should be “colorblind” to believe in the equality of all men.   A teaching of Jane Elliott explains it well and is on the video below.  Simply put, everyone has to recognize and appreciate diversity, rather than transforming others into what makes them comfortable.  It might make some people comfortable to be colorblind, but that’s because maybe they are uncomfortable seeing the color of people. The question then is, why are they uncomfortable with color?

flower gardenThe most beautiful gardens are those with variety.  Imagine what we are missing in their beauty if we are colorblind.  True belief in equality is seeing the color of the skin while not defining people by racial stereotypes, and prejudices.  Can we say, “profiling”?  For instance, when George Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin, he profiled the teen as a burglar.  That in fact, based on statements that Zimmerman, his dad, and Juror B37 made, had the burglars been another race, Zimmerman would have profiled them based on their race.  Zimmerman sees race, but according to negative profiles or prejudices in what he thinks are their intentions or content of their character.

That is the revelation behind Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream – do not profile based on the color of skin.  The basic belief that all men are created equal means that there is no inherent superiority nor inferiority.  It does not assume the heart of individuals based on the color of their skin.


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  1. The only headline I want to see is Zimmerman no longer walks this earth. May he be cursed when he goes in and cursed when he goes out. May his life be tormented every waking minute and then let him rot in he!! along with every member of his trashy family.

  2. Bunnell Police investigate Trayvon Martin comments


    BUNNELL, Fla. – An internal affairs investigation is underway to determine whether any Bunnell police officers took part in an exchange of messages about slain teenager Trayvon Martin that led to the firing of a Volusia County beach officer.

    Bunnell City Manager Armando Martinez told the Daytona Beach News Journal a case regarding Trayvon Martin messages is open.

    Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman fatally shot Martin in February 2012 and was acquitted of murder charges in July.

    Last week, the department also launched a strict social media policy that bars officers from sharing material that is “unprofessional, unbecoming, illegal, unethical, sexual, violent, harassing, racist, sexist or ethnically derogatory.”

    Volusia Beach Safety Officer Todd Snipes was fired three weeks after the verdict for posting messages about the case on social media.

  3. update_bar
    5:40 PM PT — We were initially told that Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara was with him at Kel-Tec, but O’Mara tells us that’s not true … he was in court all day today.

  4. idk why we don’t hear any news from the DOJ or from Crump/Natalie. it’s starting to irritate me too although it’s only been a month and we sure don’t wanna rush perfection.

    3Chix, oh I thought of you today when I found this pic of POTUS! not sure if you have it but I just love it!
    dayam I can’t post it here. i’ll send it on twitter, let me know if you’ve seen it.

    • Shannon, I’m loving your avatar.

    • Xena says:

      @Shannon. The DOJ conducts investigation without releasing any updates. In federal court, they also conduct trial by ambush.

      Just think — had the OS and us not talked about how voice analysis was going to put a nail in Zimmerman’s coffin, O’Mara would not have challenged the methods used by voice experts. The feds are not going to give any head’s up publicly.

      Had the bullet holes not lining up with the gunshot had not been dissected with conclusion that Zimmerman was holding down Trayvon’s shirts, the defense would not have claimed that the Arizona tea can pulled the hoodie down.

      The prosecution did not challenge that on the basis that the can was not in the sweatshirt causing the bullet hole to line-up with that of the hoodie because frankly, O’Mara and West were countering what Trayvon Warriors talked about. That in fact, the prosecution was so unprepared on that issue that they didn’t even argue for how the Arizona can got into the pocket of Trayvon’s hoodie and if it was there when he was shot — BECAUSE — that can was placed in a bag by the clerk in the 7-Eleven.

      The DOJ is not going to give Zimmerman any kind of head’s up to prepare counter-defenses. It’s going to be glorious!!!

  5. rikyrah says:

    Colorblind is just another scheme to ignore Black folks’ history in this country

  6. Just disappear off the face of the earth, George Zimmerman!


    George Zimmerman Shops For Tactical Shotgun

    George Zimmerman was on the hunt today — for a shotgun … TMZ has learned.

    Zimmerman went to Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company. We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.

    The gun in question is a tactical shotgun, often used for home defense. It holds 12 rounds of 12 gauge shells.

    And this is interesting … Kel-Tec manufactures the PF-9 gun — the pistol Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

    We’re told the owner’s son took Zimmerman on a tour of the grounds, including the area where the firearms are assembled. The photo of Zimmerman and an employee (above) was taken inside the assembly plant.

    It’s unclear if he actually bought the shotgun while he was there.

    • Xena says:

      I believe the story is true, but the photo on TMZ is photoshopped. The head is too large for the body and is a different color also.

      • racerrodig says:

        Where did that extra 200 lbs. go……it’s photoshopped alright, but he probably did go gun shopping. And he’s back to the skin head look ?

        Either way…………….he’s still a fucking pea brain.

        • Xena says:

          Hey RACER!!! Good to see ya.

          Good point about the weight loss. According to Adam Pollack, it took Zimmerman a year to lose 80 lbs, and that was with diet and training in grabbling. If anything, Zimmerman has probably gained another 50 lbs since the verdict. If hes’ back in Florida, it’s to pimp off Donnelley for money for larger clothes.

      • Yahtc says:

        You know, this seem more like an effort to put a shotgun by Kel-Tec in the news.

        Why was O’Mara along on the trip? To help sign papers? Money deal?

      • Yahtc says:

        Accompanied by his lawyer, Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman stopped in at Kel-Tec gun dealership and inquired about a Kel-Tec KSG.

        The 12-round, 12 gauge shotgun has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,197, and is manufactured by the same company that made the PF-9 gun that Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

        Zimmerman and O’Mara were given a tour of the plant where the guns are assembled, TMZ reported, and he had his picture taken with one of the employees. There is no word, however, on whether the prospective client actually purchased a shotgun.

        Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/george-zimmerman-spotted-gun-shopping-article-1.1434474#ixzz2clJFmXLk

        • Xena says:

          LOL! So maybe O’Mara is shopping for a gun and took Zimmerman along for the ride so he could get him out of his office. :-)

      • Hey racer!

        You’re probably right, I didn’t think of the pic being photoshopped. I just got off the phone with Ametia and told her about the skin head look and the slight weight loss. I feel the sob is keeping himself in the news to taunt the family. I am so damn tired of this mofo!

      • Yahtc says:

        It might have been photoshopped with this photo by slightly tilting this photo:


        • Xena says:

          @Yahtc. Could be. I immediately thought about the one he took with Junior that has the IV in the background.

  7. Ametia says:

    Bravo! I’m not trying to hear anybody spewing that “color blind nonsense.” Never liked that term. Just another word for INVISIBLE..

    • Xena says:

      @Ametia. Invisible is right.
      I have a friend who is a natural red-head. Know what happens if I don’t see her color? I could give her an orange sweater for her birthday. Think she would appreciate that? LOL!

      Like Mama Zimmerman’s “We don’t see color,” it says “We don’t see the individual.” Her son George proved that when he referred to Trayvon in the plural as “assholes” and “coons.”

  8. Yahtc says:

    True belief in equality is seeing the color of the skin while not defining people by racial stereotypes, and prejudices.

    love…. caring… reaching to embrace and enjoy diversity….. bonded sisterhood = both my joy + my dreams for our society

    • Xena says:

      @Yahtc. Correct. I think about the Thanksgiving story. Two different races, two different cultures, and two different languages came together. If only those Europeans who came later had stopped to break bread with Native Americans ….

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