Zimmerman wants up to $300K From Florida

moneyThe Orlando Sentinel reports that Mark O’Mara is preparing a motion for the court to order the State of Florida to pay $200,000 to $300,000 of George Zimmerman’s legal expenses.

O’Mara bases his motion on Florida Statute 939.06, which provides;

“(1) A defendant in a criminal prosecution who is acquitted or discharged is not liable for any costs or fees of the court or any ministerial office, or for any charge of subsistence while detained in custody. If the defendant has paid any taxable costs, or fees required under s. 27.52(1)(b), in the case, the clerk or judge shall give him or her a certificate of the payment of such costs, with the items thereof, which, when audited and approved according to law, shall be refunded to the defendant.”

27.52(1)(b) in which the aforementioned statute refers, is the Determination of indigent status.   That applies to defendants who have paid the $50 application fee to the clerk for court-appointed counsel.

O’Mara is seeking payment for expert fees. Are those “costs or fees of the Zimmerman and O'Maracourt” or simply costs of the defense?  O’Mara is also looking for payment for the video in which Judge Nelson ruled could not be entered into evidence at trial.

This raises an additional question also, because whatever money Zimmerman paid for his defense was donated to him for that purpose.   O’Mara failed to apply with the court to find George Zimmerman indigent.

This looks like a desperate move by Mark O’Mara to get money in either his hands, or Zimmerman’s hands.  As Robert Zimmerman Sr. told Barbara Walters, Zimmerman receives a monthly amount from the defense fund for his living expenses, but that will soon run out.

If O’Mara should indeed file such a motion, let us hope that the State files a challenge.

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48 Responses to Zimmerman wants up to $300K From Florida

  1. Department of Justice,

    George Zimmerman is a child killing menace to society. He stalked, chased & gunned down an innocent kid (while uttering fucking coons) b/c he wanted to. File the charges!

  2. NAACP keeping up pressure in Trayvon Martin case


    WASHINGTON (AP) — NAACP President Ben Jealous said Monday his organization collected petitions with more than 1.7 million signatures calling for charges to be filed against George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights.

    Jealous said the signatures, about a million of which came in by mobile phone and many from young people, would be turned over to the Department of Justice on Monday afternoon.

    The NAACP signatures would be in addition to another 219,000 handed over to the Justice Department last week by ColorOfChange, an online civil rights group.

    Jealous cited the petitions as an example of the advocacy in which the NAACP and others have engaged since Zimmerman was acquitted by a Florida court for the shooting death of Martin, 17, on Feb. 26, 2012. The teenager’s death has become symbolic to many of continued unequal treatment of blacks and other minorities despite progress since the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on segregation and racial discrimination.

    A Justice Department spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment or independently confirm receipt of the signatures.

    Martin was mentioned often by speakers at Saturday’s demonstration marking the 50th anniversary of the march. Images of the teenager were on T-shirts, posters, signs and buttons and mention of him by speakers often ignited the crowd. Martin’s mother was among the speakers Saturday.

  3. Yahtc says:

    I am wearing my pink trayvon shirt today.

  4. willisnewton says:

    Once again we have a story that starts with Mark O’Mara calling up Rene S at the Orlando Sentinel and saying he will file papers with the court at a future date. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt at this point – it’s not “news” per se so much as it is just the OS carrying water for the defense attn’y and his fund-raising and self-aggrandizing efforts to raise his own profile and once again attempt to line his own pockets, and that of a lying child killer with blood money. Yet the story gets national attention – I heard it (distorted) on NPR.

    Anything they manage to collect from the court would go to third parties, as the story explains, but of course then free up some of their own treasure chest of donated blood money for themselves. IMO the statute does not authorize the release of money the defense spent hiring experts, etc. – only the costs the court directly instructed the defense to pay, such as the GPS monitor fees – which were probably covered in the fine print as not being refundable anyways.

    Time will tell, but I see this is just a stunt for publicity that won’t go anywhere. And it makes me sick.

    • Xena says:

      Hi there willisnewton!!! Welcome to 3Chicspolitico.

      I’m thinking like you about the GPS fees. If O’Mara does file such a motion, I hope the State files an assertive challenge.

      Thinking about it, did Jose Baez file for reimbursements in the Casey Anthony case? I didn’t follow that case but seem to remember that she had some sort of defense fund.

      • oh i followed it! LOL fuxed my whole year!
        but no biaz got paid the 250K casey made from selling her daughter’s pics to ABC almost immediately, like w/I two weeks from the murder charges.

        Xena this joker omar can’t seriously think he’s getting money from the court?!! omar signed on pro bono and the killer put up not one, but two websites, and his parents put up another as if killing teenagers is the new family business! which btw makes me even sicker that both parents are just as fucked up liars as their murdering son because they have the nerve to write a book and collect money all because they raised a killer?! aren’t they’re getting pensions?! otherwise they’d still be working right?? don’t they have 2 homes still? one in lake mary and the one in VA?

        anyway, when I think about this I think of it as double dipping. I don’t believe reimbursement in this situation is anywhere close to what was intended by the spirit of this law. if the court awards Z money it’s like he gets back money he never had. not to mention it’s money he would’ve never had were it not for the crime he was charged with! and it’s not like he used his parents money. they wouldn’t even put up their house for collateral for his bail remember?
        as a matter of fact, the only reason why he was able to promise to pay any of these so-called experts is because everyone knows about of the massive amounts of money he was receiving from the beg site! so basically it would be like he’d be getting double the money, doubling down on the money that he never even earned. yet he thinks he’s entitled to the money he got from the racists and money from the tax payer?

        and as far as the logistics, how could the courts ever figure out exactly how much money Z made? it’s not as if the court is just gonna take his word for it like everyone of the stupid bitch ass jurors! he defiantly gets cash, whether its snail mail, by personal checks, bank checks or money orders. there’s just no way to find out how much he’s gotten.
        we saw at trial he got clothing. and he sure didn’t miss any meals.
        his whole family has been cashing in on the death of a child, how much have they made available to him?

        I’m just thinking in civil suits or torts, isn’t the court’s job to make one whole, not to enrich them? wouldn’t it be unjust enrichment to literally give Z money from the people (like me) he was never actually entitled to in the first place? he didn’t earn it, he didn’t win it. none of the money came from any asset he no longer has.
        and why would a court believe the tax payers should pay this acquitted murderer for his defense when the public’s racists already gave him with the noble intention of paying for the defense themselves? wouldn’t that be totally unfair to those good hearted racists?

        I can’t see this being successful if not for the fact that he was ALREADY unjustly enriched for no rightful reason, and that enrichment was solicited by him for the purpose of paying for the same expenses he thinks he’s entitled to now. He asked for it and he got it ALREADY! I say there’s no chance the state will give him one penny besides the few bucks any other criminal gets like the court fees or costs like that.
        unless he wants to give back all the money he got to the racists?? maybe then he has a chance. but not twice the money because that’s not the way this world works- not in my world??

        • Xena says:

          @Shannon. Excellent comment. I read a Florida case decision that involved an insurance company paying for the defense of an insurer’s employee and thought about the HOA settlement with Sybrina. Am wondering now that if the court reimburses Zimmerman, if the HOA or their insurance will sue Zimmerman? This is a wait and see type of thing. Zimmerman should have his own soap opera. LOL!!

      • omg that’s a great idea! they should sue z! you know I listened to the head of the HOA interview yesterday (by coincidence) and he was asked if there were any complaints about him and he said no. but at the same time he’s complaining that he’s getting calls about this POS going door to door asking for everyone’s information.
        isn’t that complaining???

        • Xena says:

          @Shannon. So many of the facts brought out in FDLE interviews did not come out during trial. The HOA president might have been prevented from talking about the complaints because that might have been a condition that the HOA’s insurance required to settle. IDK.

  5. Race, Justifiable Homicide, and Stand Your Ground Laws Analysis of FBI Supplementary Homicide Report Data.


  6. Cases with a white perpetrator and a black victim are 281 percent more likely to be ruled justified.


  7. George Zimmerman defense: Who should pay bills? O’Mara answers questions


    Mark O’Mara today said the state should pay all of George Zimmerman’s legal costs because he was innocent but predicted it would wind up paying roughly one-quarter of that.

    At a 1p.m. news conference O’Mara, who was Zimmerman’s defense attorney, reiterated that he would soon ask a judge to sign an order, authorizing the state to cover $200,000 to $300,000 in Zimmerman’s court costs.

    That’s what he estimates Zimmerman owes for legal expenses minus lawyers’ fees.

    But he conceded that the state agency responsible for those costs, the Judicial Administrative Commission, would likely dispute many of the submitted bills and would end up paying $50,000 or less.

    O’Mara called that unfair and suggested that Special Prosecutor Angela Corey should have to pay the total cost plus Zimmerman’s lawyers’ bills because she filed charges against an innocent man.


    Mark O’Mara can go sit on a middle finger!

    • Xena says:

      I wonder if Juror B37 is owed some money, or maybe blackmailing O’Mara so he needs the money to keep her quiet? (Hehehehe)

      • roderick2012 says:


        Juror B37 is still salty that her book deal fell through and she could be threatening to implicate O’Mara in their little scheme since you so thoroughly uncovered their jury tampering in that excellent article.

        I find it funny that someone read your post proving that B37 was a stealth juror and O’Mara was guilty of jury tampering and sicced Carol whats her name onto 3chics to intimidate and threaten legal action against you.

        But the truth only threatens the guilty.

        • Carol better go pound sand!

        • Xena says:

          @roderick2012. Ahhhh Carol. I had forgotten about her. She claimed being an attorney but she isn’t. I still think she is probably a personal friend of Juror B37 since they both have interests in rescuing birds. Yeah — her book deal feel through and now she and her hubby can’t blame the verdict on there being no law to convict of 2nd degree murder.

    • racerrodig says:

      This is unfair compared to shooting an unarmed teen……who was just walking home??

      Gee……..I’d never have imagined.

  8. roderick2012 says:

    “As Robert Zimmerman Sr. told Barbara Walters, Zimmerman receives a monthly amount from the defense fund for his living expenses, but that will soon run out.”

    So the NRA/ALEC are done with their poster boy and it’s time to move on and now George and Shellie and the rest of the Zimmerman KKKlan will be back where they started before the night George stalked and murdered Trayvon–broke white trash!!

  9. 2dogsonly says:

    I wrote a long brilliant ( lol) comment but it wouldn’t post.

  10. 2dogsonly says:


  11. dreamer says:


    I posted this on your site, any Ideas on this?


    • Xena says:

      There’s a man in Georgia who is animate about getting Zimmerman behind bars. He has no standing to file anything in the case and actually, is an embarrassment for those of us supporting justice for Trayvon. If he doesn’t stop, the court might enter an order banning him from filing any more motions on the threat of sanctions.

  12. Liza says:

    This motion doesn’t surprise me although you would think that a smart lawyer wouldn’t do this given that so many people are enraged by the Zimmerman verdict. But, apparently, O’Mara is going to try to milk every dime he can out of this regardless of the consequences. Amazing.

    What is interesting is that the Zimmerman case may not attract lucrative clients to O’Mara and West because everyone knows that they didn’t win because of a brilliant defense. They won because Trayvon Martin was black. Everyone knows that, even those who deny it. So, I wonder how many people will call O’Mara and/or West if they need a defense attorney and their life or their freedom is at stake.

    These people are from the dregs of humanity, the whole lot of them – O’Mara, West, Zimmerman, and their families. Garbage – every last one of them.

  13. Yahtc says:

  14. Ametia says:

    O’Mara & West want to get phat paid for defending that piece of shit, Zimmerman.

    What happened to all the blood money from the rest of the crackas? Zimmerman’s a pirriah and so is West & O’Mara.

    Let the NRA foot Fogen’s tab.

  15. These grifting mofo slugs won’t stay out of the got damn news—>Mark O’Mara & GZ!

  16. Mark O’Mara had GZ to gain weight in order to deceive the court like he was some softy. Now he is at it again. Evil scheming demons.

  17. Ametia says:

    HELL NAW! This muthafucka ain’t getting shit from the tax payers for KILLING Trayvon.


  18. Catch mofo fire, George Zimmerman! Disappear off the fking earth!

  19. Yahtc says:


  20. cielo62 says:

    This is so much BULLSHIT! Plus that only applies in a pre trial SYG hearing, immunity is granted. The state found enough evidence to indict so that’s it. He wasn’t acquitted just found not guilty. No money.

    • Xena says:

      @cielo62. After reading that statute, I don’t know if it actually applies to what O’Mara wants. Seems to me that it only applies to court costs, such as filing fees. Even so, since money was donated to Zimmerman for his defense, if that money is reimbursed, it should go to donors — not Zimmerman.

    • Ametia says:

      …and this mofo was not tried on SYG, although his defense tried to defend him on those grounds. This is some real BULLSHIT, cielo62.

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