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Oye Coma Va!

Maria Maria – Here you go, Brotha Tyren:

Maria Maria” is a song by Santana featuring The Product G&B.[1] It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 8, 2000, and stayed there for ten weeks.[2] At the 2000 Grammy Awards, the song won the Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. Despite other lead singers from the album receiving awards, The Product G&B were, for some reason, not honored with a Grammy.[3] Marc Anthony also sang on a version of the song.

In 2008, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Hot 100 chart, Billboard compiled its list of the top 100 songs since the inception of the chart in various categories. “Maria Maria” came in at #96 on the list of the Billboard: All-Time Hot 100 Top Songs,[4] and #2 on the list of Top Billboard Hot 100 Latin Songs of All Time.[5] Later, it was named the 14th most successful song from 2000 to 2009, on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs of the Decade.[6]

Carlos Santana has collaborated with Chef Roberto Santibañez to open five restaurants named Maria Maria, after the song. The majority are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, other locations include Arizona and Texas.

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  1. Yahtc says:

  2. Rev. Sharpton, working with the president on plans for tomorrow's big March on Washington event.

    Rev. Sharpton working with the president on plans for tomorrow’s big March on Washington event.

    • Yahtc says:

      Great photo!

    • Yahtc says:

      “Travel guide for African Americans, civil rights activists pointed way to 1963 march”
      By Ruth Tam, Tuesday, August 27, 8:23PM

      African Americans traveling to the nation’s capital on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington will need little more than a GPS to find their way. But 50 years ago, they might have needed a book to navigate through the racial prejudice of the times.
      During the Jim Crow-era, laws restricted black Americans from patronizing gas stations, restaurants and hotels.

      So Harlem-based letter carrier Victor Green published the “Negro Motorist Green Book: An International Travel Guide” in 1936, when travel was not only inconvenient but embarrassing and potentially deadly.
      “The Green Book,” as it came to be called, was a game changer, with its listings of black-friendly establishments.
      “It was like the African American AAA Travel Guide,” said writer Calvin Ramsey, who wrote a play and a children’s book about the publication.
      “To most people, Washington, D.C., is technically a southern city,” Ramsey said. “But for people in the South, going to the march was ‘going North.’ People going by car or bus relied on the Green Book.”
      The Spring 1956 edition of the Green Book listed district hotels, restaurants and “tourist homes,” many of them on U Street.
      Though the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. spent the days before the march writing his “I Have a Dream” speech at the famed Willard Hotel, black-friendly hotels were not common and could not accommodate the swell of visitors. Black- and white-run “tourist homes” operated like bed-and-breakfast establishments and provided safe, affordable lodging.
      At tourist homes, “everyone was treated like a relative,” Ramsey said.
      “The Green Book” became an establishment. Green, its enterprising author and namesake, collaborated with Esso Standard Oil Co., which began carrying the booklet at its gas stations.
      Ernest Green — no relation — was one of nine African American students to first attend Little Rock Central High School in a desegregation of southern schools. He used the book with his mother and aunt to travel from Little Rock to Hampton, Va., for his sister’s graduation.
      “This was before the accommodation laws were passed,” he said. “It was a survival tool.”
      To Ramsey, the mission of the book was tied directly to the mission of the 1963 march.
      “Martin Luther King said the greatest thing you can do is to serve mankind,” Ramsey said. “That’s what Victor Green was doing.”
      Victor Green, a letter carrier for 44 years and a member of the National Association of Letter Carriers, sought to capitalize on his work experience for the black community.
      “That’s where the strength of the mailmen came in,” Ramsey said. “They knew which homes were safe, which neighborhoods were agreeable. Letter carriers knew these communities better than anybody else throughout the entire year, not just for the March on Washington.”
      At the time, the Postal Service was one of the nation’s largest employers of African Americans, a fact that’s still true, said Phil Rubio, an associate professor of history at North Carolina A&T University and former letter carrier.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Tommy Christopher @tommyxtopher

    Wow,looks like @edshow improved on last Monday’s 5pm @hardball_chris by 58% … while 7pm was flat
    6:08 PM – 27 Aug 2013

  4. rikyrah says:

    Cuccinelli forgets his position on contraception
    By Steve Benen

    Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:00 PM EDT

    When it comes to the culture wars, Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli (R) is an usually far-right candidate for statewide office, even by contemporary Republican standards. The state Attorney General has a problem with gay people, reproductive rights, climate science, the Violence Against Women Act, immigrants, and even the topless Roman goddess depicted on his state’s official seal.

    But with polls showing him trailing his challenger with just 10 weeks to go, Cuccinelli has no choice but to pretend to be more mainstream.

    At the Ashby Ponds retirement community in Ashburn on Tuesday, Cuccinelli was asked by a woman in the audience whether, as governor, he would “support and sign personhood legislation that contains restrictions on birth control medication and birth control devices.”

    “I don’t think government should be doing anything about birth control … so no I would not,” Cuccinelli responded. “Government legislation shouldn’t address contraception.”

    When the woman suggested that meant he would not support personhood legislation, “because that’s automatic with a personhood bill,” Cuccinelli said: “If you say so, but what I’m telling you is I’m not going to touch contraception as governor, so I think you and I might disagree.”

    Pressed further by the local voter about “rumors” on Cuccinelli and birth-control restrictions, the candidate replied, “Actually, I wouldn’t call them rumors, I might call them lies.”

    Funny, I’d pick a very different noun.

    As the Washington Post’s Ben Pershing went on to report, Cuccinelli also told reporters, “I’ve never supported legislation that invades people’s choices about contraception.”

    If Cuccinelli wants to tell voters now that he no longer takes an extreme position on the issue, he’s welcome to make the case and explain why he changed his mind. But when the gubernatorial hopeful says he’s “never” sought to limit contraception choices, that’s a problem — because Internet search engines exist.

    Cuccinelli’s actual record is well documented.

  5. Yahtc says:

    And now, even California! —

    “California Governor Proposes $315M Prison Fix
    TIME – ‎1 hour ago‎
    (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) – Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday responded to a federal court order to significantly reduce California’s prison population by proposing a $315 million plan to send inmates to private prisons and to empty county jail cells.”

  6. rikyrah says:

    Zimmerman Visits Factory That Made Gun He Used To Kill Trayvon

    Aug 27, 2013

    By Michael Arceneaux

    Fake policeman and genuine public menace George Zimmerman (pictured) continues to make headlines for his poor decision making. Fortunately, no one else has yet died as a result of his bad choices, but his grandiose display of stupidity and disrespect is worth noting all the same. Indeed, Trayvon Martin’s killer recently visited Kel-Tec, the gun makers behind the very PF-9 pistol Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon.

  7. rikyrah says:

    The Next President?: Colin Powell Questions Zimmerman Verdict And Backs Barack Obama’s Race Talk [Video]

    Posted on August 27th, 2013 – By Bossip Staff

    • rikyrah says:

      great reply:


      TBT people of color have just had it. All our lives we have heard if you go to school and pull yourself by the bootstrap, you will get a fair chance in America. You could be treated equality. The bright man is president but his sin is still being black. Folks have had it and the membership to team no fuks is growing. We tried of white washing and explaining, we just tired.



      Extremely well said—like Sepia says below people are just out of fucks to give. Just tired of it, not just the racism but the nonstop lying about it.

      • Ametia says:

        The denial of racism is embedded in the 2520s’ DNA. I don’t let anyone off the hook. If I spot it, I squash it, right in it’s tracks.

  8. rikyrah says:

    A response to that racist Kathleen Parker about her latest screed in WaPo:

    I read your above referenced opinion article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle’s Sunday, August 25, 2013 edition. Once again, I see that you, as a White individual simply just don’t get it when it comes to race relations from the minority prospective.

    What happened to Christopher Lane was a tragedy. I cried after I read the article. It broke my heart to see that such a talented, handsome young man was gunned down simply because 3 punks were “bored and decided to kill someone.” When I went back to the article later that evening to see if pictures of the accused had been released, and saw that two of the three hoodlums were Black, I dropped my head and thought, “well, you idiots just blew any sympathy that may have been garnered after the Trayvon Martin shooting!”

    While two young men are dead, only one was targeted because of his race. Christopher Lane was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. (However, do not misunderstand my comments; his death was just as senseless and tragic as Martin’s.) Zimmerman, on the other hand, deliberately targeted Martin because he was Black; and pursued him after authorities instructed him not to do so. Which begs the question; would Mr. Martin have been acquitted if he had been the survivor? Or, would it have been another Black on White killing? Yes, I know Mr. Zimmerman is Hispanic, but in the beginning, the media did list him as White.

    Being a member of the predominant society (although that is quickly fading), it appears you believe that we African Americans or Blacks (whatever term you prefer) “cry wolf” too often.

    However, let me ask you the following questions:

    1. Have you ever been on an interview and had someone ask you “do you think you will be ok working here knowing you will be the only WHITE person?”

    I’ve had that question asked of me, but of course being the only BLACK person.

    2. Knowing how teenagers love to shoplift “just for the fun of it” have you ever had a salesperson follow you all over the store, and there are White teenagers all about laughing and giggling doing who knows what?

    I have been followed by a White salesperson. I finally turned around, opened my purse and flashed cash and credit cards stating “look, I have money! They are the ones you should be watching because they steal just for the fun of it!” Needless to say she left me alone.

    3. Have you ever been in line at the butcher’s counter at the grocery store, and the butcher has seen you there while he waited on other customers, then looks you in the eye and as soon as other White customers walk up say “who’s next?”

    I have, on many occasions.

    4. Have you ever been in a waiting room waiting for a interview, and when the individual calls out your first name, you are the ONLY one to rise and state “yes,” and then the individual blinks and calls out your entire name (as if there MUST be a mistake) and you affirm with another “yes,” only to have that person stare blankly at you as if they are at an entire loss?

    I have, on many, many occasions.

    5. Were your parents ever denied buying a home in a predominantly Black neighborhood?

    Mine were denied buying a home in a predominantly White neighborhood.

    6. Did you have an African American teacher who refused to talk about the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963? (Although you probably were not born at that time).

    My 6th grade teacher, who ALWAYS discussed Current Events every morning, would not discuss Current Events after Martin Luther King was assassinated.

    7. Here’s a good one. I was once told that it would have been better for Blacks to remain enslaved rather than be freed and subjected to the horrors of factory work in the North. Or better yet, that Blacks enjoyed slavery and their singing in the cotton fields each day proved that they were happy?

    So, while the White population thinks we as Blacks or African Americans “protest too much,” let me remind you madam that it’s almost always about race. Yes, there are some people that are just plain rude and ignorant, but it’s mostly always about race. Your statement “…sometimes it’s just you.” maybe correct, but not if you are referring to two people of the same race. Also, when was the last time a BLACK store clerk followed YOU around in the hopes of deterring you from shoplifting? I thought not!

    The only time I might step aside and wait, or cross the street is when I see a homeless person approaching, because so many of them are mentally unstable. Yes, that is a form of profiling, but the odds are greater that I am correct on that call, than profiling someone because of his/her tattoos, wearing his pants below his butt, or wearing a hoodie or because of the color of their skin.

    Your comment that President Obama identified himself “…but as a black man who remembers women clutching their purses tighter as he entered an elevator…” Try to truthfully answer this question, would YOU have known that he was bi-racial if he had not acknowledged it? Of course not because when you are bi-racial, you are not visibly ½ white and ½ black; the predominating gene dictates your skin color. That is why we as African Americans or Blacks are a rainbow of colors…some have very dark skin, and some have very fair skin.

    I would love for President Obama to make a public statement apologizing to the Australian people denouncing this horrific crime, so as to silence all those “Obama Haters,” and the ignorant racists who have begun the ironic rumors that his silence is “his condoning the murdering of the White race!”

    So please, it’s not been the White race that has been subjugated to slavery, lynchings, segregation, Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, etc. It’s been the Black race. It’s not been the White race that has had to March on Washington for equality in education, housing and jobs. Oh and yes, you don’t see Black women cross the street to avoid White men or boys. I’m sure by now you are saying “oh not that same old whine again!” You see, that “whine” will never go away as long as racism and it’s underlying tone is always there lurking in the shadows.

    You state in your article that you make your observations not to “…further exacerbate a problem…but in the hope that we can stop the craziness…” Really? What type of response do you think this article will generate when read by your White readers? Yeah, right! Victim in Chief? He’s not playing the victim, he’s relating actual facts that happened to him. Victim in Chief…that truly sounds like a comment made by an intolerant individual. Perhaps you need to go to the White House and read the hundreds if not thousands of racially charged hate mail that is sent to him, threatening him and his family. You, Ms. Parker appear to be out of touch!

    If you really want to elicit change, don’t hide behind your articles. Remember the old adage “…actions speak louder than words!” So, what tangible thing have YOU done today to help with the racial climate in our United States?

  9. Ametia says:

    Leading the end of one space era, and the beginning of another

    IN THE SUMMER of 2011, Administrator Charles Bolden led the end of an era for NASA–the shuttering of its longstanding space shuttle program. A year later, he oversaw the landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars, and the beginning of a new phase for America’s exploration of space. Now, a year after that, he reflects on the leadership challenges and the organizational changes that have accompanied NASA’s shift. Bolden spoke with the Post’s Lillian Cunningham in this interview for the On Leadership series.

    In the “Micro Management Stories” video above, you can watch him speak about the emotional end of the shuttle program. You can also read the longer version of his interview in the text below. It has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

    Q. How would you characterize your leadership style?

    A. I’m not a blunt person by any stretch of the imagination. I’m probably too easy and I could be more direct, but I just never learned how to do that. I find that very difficult. But I try to be very truthful, and I try to make sure I’m giving people my honest assessment, whether they like it or not. I tell my NASA employees the only thing I want from them is the technically correct answer. I don’t ever want them to think about politics, even though we’re at NASA headquarters. There are a couple of us in the agency who get paid to think politically, and they’re not among them.

  10. rikyrah says:

    #ABCReports: ABC News’ FAIL on “Twerking” Roasted on Twitter

    [ 11 ] August 27, 2013 | Luvvie

    After Miley Cyrus showed her (lack of an) ass (literally) at the MTV VMAs, she’s been the subject of everyone’s posts and news reports. It’s been over a day and many of us are over it. However, ABC News decided to do a “scientific” report on twerking and it’s just utterly ridiculous.

    Isn’t there war, famine, racism and other terrible things to cover? Y’all are choosing to dedicate air time to TWERKING?!? UGH!!!

    Look. I’m a fan of the Twerk Team as much as the next. But COME ON!!! Did they really have to do all’at? Whatever. Twitter decided to do something about it, so #ABCReports hashtag was born. Below are some of the funniest ones.


    @CorporateBarbie : #ABCReports “Leave it in: Family planning in Black America, or why raw isn’t just for sushi.”

    @brokeymcpoverty : Is It Scientifically Possible to Smack the Taste out of One’s Mouth? A Roundtable Discussion #ABCReports

    @brokeymcpoverty : Urban Tastebuds: Why Black People Won’t Eat Your Potato Salad #ABCreports

    Seyram ‏@iamMsSey4m “Side dishes, side hoes and Michelle Williams: Black America’s obsession with accompaniments.”” #ABCReports

    Gynoid ‏@Two_Bit_Harlot2m Thirst Trapping: A New Look at Courtship #ABCreports

    Jeffrey Osbae ‏@Blike_Dante15m “Edges: The Silent Struggle” #ABCReports

    Thicki Vale ‏@Yo_Bookie8m “That’s My Play Brother”:The Science behind Sex and How We Introduce Our Jumps #ABCReports

    Jeffrey Osbae ‏@Blike_Dante8m
    Same Damn Time: A Lesson In How Black People Are Able To Multitask. #ABCReports

    Chill Scott ‏@SpikeVee8819m
    Watermelon. Fruit of despair and discrimination? #ABCreports

    ShiShi ‏@ashe_phoenix17m
    Half on a Baby: Can You Afford It? An Economic Perspective #ABCReports

    Robert! ‏@RPinHD17m
    A Scientific Explanation As To Why Black People Won’t Go To Great Clips. #ABCReports

    Brokey McPoverty ‏@brokeymcpoverty26m
    Fat Meat: Why Is It Greasy? Next on ABC. #ABCreports

    lauren ashley smith
    @msLAS 37m

    Up next: what this anthropologist has to say about play cousins may surprise you. #ABCreports

    RT @Ahki117 : CRYING RT @Joe_Schmuck : “I’ll Knock You Into Next Week” have black mothers invented time travel? Details at 11.

    Hannah G. ‏@habeshafemme3m
    “What Had Happened Was”: Folk-lore in the Modern Era #ABCreports

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA HA


      • rikyrah says:

        @JeppyKeith: “Go get a switch” How black children have led to mass deforestation #ABCReports”

        King ‏@fvckyoreese17s
        Team Darkskin vs Team Lightskin: How Mufasa and Scar’s quarrel has impacted the Black community #ABCReports

        HeartLess… ‏@DaGlobe48s
        African Americans on Time: Most African Americans seem to reach the club before 12am for free Entry, Hardly on time to work. #ABCReports

        @xSteez: “Who the fuck ordered gratuity?”: The Black Restaurant Experience #ABCReports

      • Ametia says:

        @xSteez: “Who the fuck ordered gratuity?”: The Black Restaurant Experience #ABCReports


  11. TyrenM says:

    Good afternoon 3Chics!
    I had to mute Lady T “Square Biz” for this right chere. That concert from Oye Coma Va! was the business. Have a good day.

  12. rikyrah says:

    “Soledad O’ Brien Spotlights Education in Next ‘Black of America’ Documentary”

    The award-winning journalist is hoping to conjure up some serious debate and action with her newest Black in America project titled “Great Expectations”.

    The documentary will examine the disparities that currently exist within America’s public education system by spotlighting a group of young black boys in a low-income area of Minneapolis. She also speaks with several educational experts about the controversy surrounding the charter school system and what can be done to close the achievement gap within the African-American community.

    The documentary is set to air on CNN Friday, August 30th. This will be her sixth installment in the Black in America series

  13. Ronald Reagan- Martin Luther King had It Coming

  14. rikyrah says:

    The March
    Premieres on PBS Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Check your local listings.

    ‘The March’ is the story of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, told by the people who organized and participated in it. It includes interviews with some of the key actors; members of the inner circles of the core organizational groups; Hollywood supporters and civil rights campaigners; John F. Kennedy administration officials; and the ordinary people who became part of the crowd of thousands, who thronged to Washington D.C. by all and every means: plane, bus and car.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Kicha @RollinOnARiver

    @TheObamaDiary @annmcharles @ariannahuff Bsns as usual. But when its pointed out by a black person its called playing the race card.

    JOBoomr @JOBoomr

    @RollinOnARiver @TheObamaDiary I’ll point out that @annmcharles @ariannahuff can kiss my white ass! Start a new list! #NoColorWheelInAmerica

    12:04 PM – 27 Aug 2013

  16. rikyrah says:

    Boehner vows debt-ceiling crisis won’t be ‘pretty and polite’
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:00 PM EDT

    In February, reflecting on the debt ceiling, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he didn’t want to jeopardize “the full faith and credit of the United States government.” A month later, the Republican leader recommitted himself to the same basic idea: “I’m not going to risk the full faith and credit of the federal government.”

    Apparently, Boehner has changed his mind, and adopted an alarming posture at an Idaho fundraiser yesterday — the same day as the Treasury Department warned Congress that the debt-ceiling deadline is just eight weeks away.

    House Speaker John Boehner said Monday that getting the GOP-controlled House to agree to raising the U.S. debt ceiling will only come with a bipartisan deal to make cost-saving changes to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, farm programs and government pensions. […]

    “I’ve made it clear that we’re not going to increase the debt limit without cuts and reforms that are greater than the increase in the debt limit. The president doesn’t think this is fair, thinks I’m being difficult to deal with. But I’ll say this: It may be unfair but what I’m trying to do here is to leverage the political process to produce more change than what it would produce if left to its own devices. We’re going to have a whale of a fight.”

    According to the Idaho Statesman’s report, Boehner went on to tell Republican donors that they should expect a replay of the 2011 debt-ceiling crisis that did severe damage to the country.

    “I wish I could tell you it was going to be pretty and polite, and it would all be finished a month before we’d ever get to the debt ceiling. Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way,” Boehner said. “If this were easy to do, somebody over the last 20 or 30 years would have gotten it done. We’re going to do it this fall.”

    You’ll probably in your life never again hear a House Speaker use rhetoric this reckless and threatening to the nation’s wellbeing.

    Boehner admitted he’s abandoning “fairness” — how reassuring — but he feels the need to threaten deliberate harm to Americans anyway.

    Part of the problem is the Speaker’s willingness to hold us hostage. The other part of the problem is that he doesn’t seem to understand the basics of what he’s talking about.

  17. rikyrah says:

    New Jersey’s Cory Booker: A perfect senator for ‘This Town’?

    By Jason Horowitz, Published: August 26

    UNION, N.J. — During Saturday’s events for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Cory Booker dabbed his dome with a white handkerchief on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and bellowed, “We still have work to do.” The next morning, the mayor of Newark appeared as a guest on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and bemoaned “too much division going on in our politics.”

    Booker is no stranger to Washington. His parents met here. He was born here. He spent his Christmas breaks from Oxford here. Now a political sensation and media darling with nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers, the 44-year-old seems to have been engineered in a political lab to walk the halls of Congress.

    Unless something implausible happens — specifically, an unknown tea party candidate named Steve Lonegan wins statewide office in New Jersey — Booker will return to Washington this fall as the state’s junior senator and a regular in the presidential and vice presidential sweepstakes. Fresh off a convincing victory in the Democratic primary for the seat that was held by the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg, also a Democrat, Booker acknowledges that the race is his to lose. He is prepping for the eventual move to the capital with a nightly audio book appointment with “This Town,” the bestseller by New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich that paints an unflattering portrait of official Washington.


    It is something of a mystery what kind of a senator Booker will try to be. Conservatives fear he will be a liberal lion. Liberals fear a Trojan horse for Wall Street and Silicon Valley interests. His detractors see him as an insatiable political animal who, in pursuit of his own national prospects, is willing to compromise on Democratic ideals and continue boosting his mutually beneficial relationship with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is a potential Republican presidential nominee. Booker is cagey about whether he aspires to be the next Sen. Ted Kennedy, but there is no doubt that he would be the chamber’s Senator TED Talk.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Kremlin ‘helped Snowden from start’

    by: Ben Hoyle
    From: The Times
    August 27, 2013 10:33AM

    THE Kremlin became involved with Edward Snowden’s attempt to evade US justice earlier than previously thought and was assisting the information leaker before he flew to Moscow, a Russian newspaper reported.

    According to the story in Kommersant, a pro-Kremlin broadsheet, Mr Snowden contacted Russian officials in June, shortly after he fled the US.

  19. Yahtc says:

    “2,000 People Have Signed A Petition Asking Apple To Add More Racial Diversity To Emoji Icons”
    by CAROLINE MOSS AUG. 27, 2013, 9:04 AM

    Read more:

  20. aquagranny911 says:

    Hola Chicas! I am singing & dancing with the music again today!

  21. rikyrah says:

    ‘A monopoly on stupid comments’
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:54 AM EDT.

    As the nation’s attention turns to the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington, Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee are at least making an effort to show the public the party takes race, diversity, and civil rights seriously. Whether these efforts have merit is a separate question.

    Keli Goff reports this morning that Priebus took questions from a handful of African-American journalists following an official RNC luncheon yesterday, and Goff asked the party leader an interesting question.

    I asked Priebus, whether in light of the many racially inflammatory comments made by Republican leaders recently (which you can read here, here and here) and the many more made by Republican leaders as a whole since President Obama took office (which you can read here), if he as party leader would consider apologizing on behalf of the party for such rhetoric and setting a zero-tolerance policy so that such rhetoric stops being commonplace. The chairman replied that he has criticized specific Republicans for specific instances of offensive language, most notably when he pressed for the resignation of an Illinois Republican Party leader who made racist and sexist comments about multiracial Republican congressional candidate Erika Harold. But in a baffling turn, Priebus then seemed to insinuate that the GOP doesn’t have any more of a racist rhetoric problem than Democrats.

    “Look I don’t think either party has a monopoly on stupid comments,” he told The Root. “I think both parties have said plenty of stupid things and when people in our party say them, I’m pretty bold in coming out and talking about them, whether it be the issue in Illinois [involving Erika Harold] or Todd Akin or a variety of issues.”

    When Goff reminded Priebus that one of his predecessors, former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, apologized at an NAACP event for Republicans exploiting racial tensions for electoral gain, Priebus responded, “I don’t know what the back story is. You’re giving me facts and back channel information I’m not aware of.”

    Nevertheless, the RNC chair’s response was unsatisfying for a variety of reasons.


    When it comes to race, saying that the parties are effectively the same on “stupid comments” is belied by the facts. Indeed, it’s not even close — Republicans are the party of birthers. They’re the party of Rep. Steve “Cantaloupe” King and Gov. Paul “Kiss My Butt” LePage. It was Republican Don Young who talked about “wetbacks” in March, and it was Republican Sarah Palin who talked about “shuck and jive” during the 2012 campaign.

    Obviously, plenty of Democrats make plenty of stupid comments all the time, but to hear Priebus tell it, specifically on race, there’s nothing especially unique about Republicans’ troubles. I think the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

    What’s more, this isn’t just about offensive rhetoric; it’s about offensive policies. Republican policymakers nationwide continue to approve voter-suppression laws that deliberately target minority communities.

    And therein lies part of the RNC’s problem: Priebus seems eager to do the right thing so he can expand his party’s old, white base, but he just doesn’t have anything constructive to offer in the way of solutions. He seems aware of the fact that he has a problem, but doesn’t know what to do about it, exactly, except say nice things about outreach.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Obamacare divides GOP against itself
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:11 AM EDT.

    A few months ago, Noam Scheiber argued that the Affordable Care Act is quietly “killing” the Republican Party. The GOP’s “obsession” with the heath care law, he argued, may very well be “the party’s undoing.”

    Three months later, that analysis looks quite sound.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund launched this radio ad yesterday, blasting Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for, as the far-right group put it, failing to “stand up to President Obama and join conservatives in pledging to oppose funding for the implementation of Obamacare.”

    In other words, Flake doesn’t want a government shutdown, so the right is going after him. In all, the Senate Conservatives Fund, created to counteract Karl Rove’s project to nominate more electable Republican candidates in GOP primaries, is currently running attack ads against seven senators. All seven are Republicans.

    Also yesterday, a far-right outfit called the Madison Project began its own ad campaign in Kentucky, targeting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “Would a self-proclaimed conservative ‘leader’ be undermining the conservative effort to defund Obamacare in Washington?” the narrator says in the spot. “Absolutely not. But that is exactly what Mitch McConnell is up to now.”

  23. Oye Coma Va!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What chu saaaay?!

  24. rikyrah says:

    Imani ABL @AngryBlackLady

    .@annmcharles Where are the black women on @FastCompany’s “25 of the Smartest Women on Twitter” list? Couldn’t think of a single one, eh?

    10:04 AM – 27 Aug 2013

  25. rikyrah says:

    Oprah, Whitaker, Foxx to Join Obama for ‘March on Washington’ Events
    August 27, 2013 by EURpublisher02 Leave a Comment

    Oprah Winfrey, Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker will join President Barack Obama and former chief executives Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday to mark the 50th anniversary of one of the Civil Rights Movement’s most memorable moments — the March on Washington.

    Georgia Representative John Lewis, now one of the Democrats’ congressional elders but then an aide to King, will address the commemoration as he did the original march.

    Soledad O’Brien and Hill Harper will host the anniversary celebration, whose title is “Let Freedom Ring.”

  26. Laura Ingraham Plays Gunfire Sounds During John Lewis’ Washington March Speech.

  27. Yahtc says:

    Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues

  28. rikyrah says:

    First lady to pay tribute to Whitney Young during civil rights documentary

    By Katherine Skiba Tribune reporter
    1:05 p.m. CDT, August 23, 2013

    WASHINGTON—First lady Michelle Obama, an alumna of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, will pay tribute to the school’s namesake Tuesday at a screening of a documentary film depicting his crusade for civil rights.

    Obama will make remarks at the screening of “The Powerbroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights” at 3 p.m. Chicago time.

    The event will be live-streamed at

    The film, which aired on PBS stations beginning in February, chronicles Young’s civil rights battles during the 1960s and his journey from segregated Kentucky to the leadership of the National Urban League, aides to the first lady said. He lived from 1921-1971.

    The film was written and produced by Bonnie Boswell, Young’s niece and an Emmy Award-winning journalist, aides said, and Boswell will introduce the first lady before her remarks.

    The film is narrated by actress Alfre Woodard.

    The event is on the eve of the 50th anniversary, on Wednesday, of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in Washington.

    The first lady, who is 49, was born the following year. She graduated from the Chicago high school in 1981.

    She’s invited students from Washington, D.C., and Virginia to the screening

    Read more at,0,1523796.story#Du1Xik3T18Hau3xK.99

    • Ametia says:

      The short of it. If only Barack Hussein Obama were A white president, race relations would be just great in America! /SNARK

      • Yahtc says:

        I can’t imagine all of the feelings you carry within you with your lifetime experience and view of things, Ametia.

  29. rikyrah says:

    Black Republicans try to appropriate Martin Luther King
    By Dana Milbank, Published: August 26

    Now it can be told: All the prominent black Republicans in America really can fit into one room.

    In fairness, it was a pretty big room.

    Republicans, who got just 6 percent of the African American vote in 2012, saw this week’s 50th anniversary celebration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s March on Washington passing them by. So they held their own commemoration. They sent an invitation “far and wide,” as one party official put it, asking black conservatives to lunch at party headquarters. About 150 accepted the invitation for chicken, cheesecake and cheeky suggestions that the late civil rights leader would have supported the causes of today’s conservatives.


    As the speakers fired staccato fragments of the speeches at the participants, techs scurried to repair the system, an RNC official sighed and the droning of a power drill on a nearby floor added to the mayhem.

    “You know, Republicans can’t turn on a microphone,” quipped Ada Fisher, RNC committeewoman from North Carolina, when she came onstage to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

    After a pause, the audio troubles were fixed for the rest of the event. But there remained a good deal of static in the message that came out over the next two hours. Those speaking to the group agreed on the desirability of appropriating King and the anniversary, but they proposed different and contradictory ways.


    She said, “For me, it’s not as much anymore about politics and affiliations,” adding, “I am a Republican and I’m glad to be a Republican.”

    Robert Brown, who worked in the Nixon White House, suggested that Martin Luther King’s spirit might inform leaders in Congress and the White House that “this nation was built on compromise and if we don’t get it all together, we’re going to sink this ship and we can’t afford to do that.” This received scattered applause.

  30. rikyrah says:

    ‘Human beings will adjust’
    By Steve Benen
    Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:14 PM EDT.

    We talked last week about one of the right’s favorite arguments: the United States doesn’t need a system in which Americans have health insurance because if the uninsured get sick, they can just go to the emergency room. Of all the awful arguments against reform, I consider this the worst of the worst.

    What I didn’t know until today is that Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli (R) has an especially interesting take on the issue.

    A Democratic source flagged this amazing clip in which Virginia’s right-wing attorney general was asked about the health care system, and he called for limiting something called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (or EMTALA). If this sounds unfamiliar, it’s the ’80s-era law, signed by President Reagan, that requires emergency rooms to provide care regardless of citizenship, legal status, or a patient’s ability to pay.


    Cuccinelli has his own vision for what to do about it. Help Americans have access to affordable care so they won’t have to wait for a crisis and show up at the E.R. for expensive treatment? No, of course not. In Cuccinelli’s vision, we’ll just scale EMTALA back so emergency rooms won’t have to treat the uninsured facing medical emergencies.

    As he explains it in the video, “I would expect we would ratchet back EMTALA so that those are the people you’re left dealing with, not the people who come in with a cold who clog up the ER, the emergency rooms and use those facilities for maintenance…. There’s going to be a period of time where people are going to have to adjust…. Human beings will adjust.”

    In context, “Human beings will adjust” appears to be a remarkable euphemism for “We’re going to let poor, sick Americans die on the streets.”


    Adding insult to injury, in 2008 as a state lawmaker, Cuccinelli also sponsored a measure intended to make it harder for poor, sick people to avoid hospital bills. Specifically, he wanted to empower hospitals to fingerprint patients to make sure they got stuck with medical bills they couldn’t afford.

  31. rikyrah says:

    Treasury gives Congress a debt-ceiling deadline

    By Steve Benen
    Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:00 AM EDT

    U..S. military intervention in Syria appears increasingly likely; a government-shutdown deadline looms; and congressional action is needed on everything from agriculture to immigration. Is there anything else that can make matters a little more complicated for Washington this fall? Of course there is.

    We’ve known for months that Congress will have to raise the debt ceiling later this year, but it wasn’t clear when, exactly. There was some speculation that action may not be necessary until November or possibly even December.

    Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced that the deadline would actually be far sooner.

    Unless Congress raises the debt ceiling, the Treasury Department said on Monday that it expected to lose the ability to pay all of the government’s bills in mid-October.

    That means a recalcitrant Congress will face two major budget deadlines only two weeks apart, since the stopgap “continuing resolution” that finances the federal government runs out at the end of September.

  32. rikyrah says:

    No, , Obamacare is NOT Forcing Thousands of UPS Spouses to Lose Coverage

    Friday, August 23, 2013 | Posted by Spandan C at 2:08 PM

    Did you catch the meltdown in conservative land yesterday when UPS announced that beginning next year, they will drop 15,000 spouses of employees off their health care plan, citing partly Obamacare? Oh, the horror! Obamacare is forcing employees to cut coverage, and Barack Obama was obviously lying when he said that under the Affordable Care Act, those who liked their health insurance plan could keep it! Obamacare is a disaster!!

    Except that UPS’ own memo and its vague mention of the ACA belies the make-belief conservative hyperventilation. First, let’s clear up the facts about who this applies to, and what, if anything, they are really losing. Kaiser helpfully provides the entire UPS memo for you to read (Heaven forbid), and here’s what you find out from it:

    Don’t tell anyone, but the change applies only to non-union employees of UPS. Union employees are covered under their union contract. So, when will we see conservatives come out swinging about how the lack of unionization is hurting health care benefits?

    UPS is dropping optional coverage for only those spouses who have coverage available through their own employers. Employee spouses who either do not work or work for employers who do not provide coverage are still eligible under the UPS plan. UPS points out that, as a result of Obamacare, the employers of the spouses must also provide coverage that meets minimum standards so they will still have good coverage.

    Those are the facts from UPS’ own Take the quote in the USA Today/Kaiser article being used the most by right wingers to discredit and blame Obamacare, for example:

  33. rikyrah says:

    Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance

    As a black woman, I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to Mikki Kendall, of Solidarity Is For White Women fame for managing to so perfectly encapsulate years of subjugation of black women by white women. With those five words, she was able to instantly zero in on why Intersectional Feminism is so necessary if the feminist movement is to progress.

    Because Miley’s performance last night, and the subsequent ignoring of the racial implications of what she did is just the latest incident in the long line of things that shows me as a black woman, that white feminism does not want me, or care to have me.

    Jezebel’s piece on the performance chose to focus on the slut shaming that has been thrown Miley’s way in the wake of the performance. All fine and good. Slut shaming is bad, don’t do it. On that we can all agree. What it didn’t acknowledge was the incredibly racist nature of that performance. So I brought it up.

    Okay…. but can we talk about the problematic and racist nature of her performance? Her literal use of people as props? Her association of her newfound sexuality with the traditional codifiers of black female culture, thereby perpetuating the Jezebel stereotype that black women are lewd, lascivious and uncontrollably sexualized? Can we talk about the straight up minstrelsy of that performance? Can we talk about how not a single black person won an award last night even though the people who did win awards have been mining black music and culture for years?

    No? Ok… I’ll just sit at the back of the bus then. #solidarityisforwhitewomen

    See the problem isn’t that they talked about slut shaming. That deserves attention. The problem is that they completely sidestepped the other glaring teddy bear in the room, and that is the commodification of black female sexuality in Miley’s performance. But it’s not a thing that white women deal with, so it didn’t warrant inclusion or discussion by the white-led mainstream feminist media.

  34. rikyrah says:

    President Obama Talks with Tom Joyner & Sybil Wilkes About Dr. MLK’s Legacy, ‘The Butler’ & More
    Aug 27, 2013


    Radio legend Tom Joyner and co-host Sybil Wilkes of the Tom Joyner Morning Show were invited to the White House for an exclusive one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office!

    President Obama opened up to the syndicated radio hosts about Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, the Affordable Care Act, Lee Daniels’ “The Butler” and more.

  35. rikyrah says:

    Venus Williams Debuts Purple Hair in US Open Win (Pics)

    August 26, 2013 by EURpublisher02

  36. Ametia says:

    Web site backing McDonnell seeks funds for his legal costs
    By Laura Vozzella, E-mail the writer

    RICHMOND — Supporters of Gov. Robert F. McDonnell launched a Web site with a testimonial from Virginia’s longest-serving legislator on Monday in a bid to raise money for the governor’s mounting legal bills.

    Retiring Del. Lacey E. Putney (I-Bedford) e-mailed a letter that was tantamount to a political fundraising pitch on behalf of the term-limited Republican’s legal defense fund. The e-mail directed recipients to a newly created Web site for the “Restoration Fund.”


  37. rikyrah says:

    The Plot Thickens on Edward Snowden’s Sino-Russian Love Affair

    Monday, August 26, 2013 | Posted by Spandan C at 6:05 PM

    You know how Edward Snowden – the hero of the anti-security libertarians – suddenly showed up in Hong Kong and then in Russia, and how the Russian government claimed that they had no idea he would show up at Moscow before eventually granting him asylum? Well, the plot just thickened a little. It turns out – and I am sure this will completely surprise every Snowden-Greenwald worshiper – that Snowden was in contact with the Russians well in advance of his not-so-surprising arrival in Moscow.

    He lived in the Russian consulaate while in Hong Kong, and depending on who you believe, he either showed up on his own or was invited by the Russians, reports the Washington Post, quoting a Russian news source:

    Before American fugitive Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow in June — an arrival that Russian officials have said caught them by surprise — he spent several days living at the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong, a Moscow newspaper reported Monday. […]

    Kommersant cited conflicting accounts as to what brought Snowden to the consulate, on the 21st floor of a skyscraper in a fashionable neighborhood. It quoted a Russian close to the Snowden case as saying that the former NSA contractor arrived on his own initiative and asked for help. But a Western official also interviewed by the newspaper alleged that Russia had invited him

    Curious choice, don’t you think, for the paragon of government transparency to show up and seek help from one of the most secretive, pro-spying, anti-free speech and anti-free press governments on earth?

    Sure, it would be a curious choice for Snowden, if he were what his worshipers and his media backers tell you he is: a modern day fearless hero who is outraged by what he sees as pervading surveillance intruding on the rights of innocent people. But his now-exposed Sino-Russian love affairs raises a lot of interesting possibilities, or at least a lot of grave questions.

  38. rikyrah says:

    Neil Armstrong Dead; Apollo 11 Astronaut Was First on Moon

    Aug. 25, 2012

    Neil Armstrong, the astronaut who became first to walk on the moon as commander of Apollo 11, has died at the age of 82, his family said today.

    Armstrong had heart surgery several weeks ago, and a statement from his family said he died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures.

    “Neil Armstrong was also a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job,” his family said. “He served his Nation proudly, as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. … He remained an advocate of aviation and exploration throughout his life and never lost his boyhood wonder of these pursuits.”

    On July 20, 1969, half a billion people — a sixth of the world’s population at the time — watched a ghostly black-and-white television image as Armstrong backed down the ladder of the lunar landing ship Eagle, planted his left foot on the moon’s surface, and said, “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

    Twenty minutes later his crewmate, Buzz Aldrin, joined him, and the world watched as the men spent the next two hours bounding around in the moon’s light gravity, taking rock samples, setting up experiments, and taking now-iconic photographs. The third member of their crew, Michael Collins, orbited overhead in the Apollo 11 command ship, Columbia.

    “Neil and I trained together as technical partners but were also good friends who will always be connected through our participation in the mission of Apollo 11,” said Aldrin today in a statement. “Virtually the entire world took that memorable journey with us. I know I am joined by millions of others in mourning the passing of a true American hero and the best pilot I ever knew.”

    Collins said, “He was the best, and I will miss him terribly.”

    President Obama issued a statement from the White House: “Neil was among the greatest of American heroes — not just of his time, but of all time,” it said. Armstrong and his crewmates “set out to show the world that the American spirit can see beyond what seems unimaginable — that with enough drive and ingenuity, anything is possible.”

  39. rikyrah says:

    Rand Paul Tells Poor People That Food Equals Slavery

    By: Jason Easley
    Aug. 26th, 2013

    Rand Paul says that the only way the poor can be free is if they are liberated from the servitude that comes with having food.

    National Review Online reported on Rand Paul’s conversation with a group of students at the University of Louisville:

    “There’s a philosophic debate which often gets me in trouble, you know, on whether health care’s a right or not,” Paul, in a red tie, white button-down shirt, and khakis, tells the students from the stage. “I think we as physicians have an obligation. As Christians, we have an obligation. . . . I really believe that, and it’s a deep-held belief,” he says of helping others.

    “But I don’t think you have a right to my labor,” he continues. “You don’t have a right to anyone else’s labor. Food’s pretty important, do you have a right to the labor of the farmer?”

    Paul then asks, rhetorically, if students have a right to food and water. “As humans, yeah, we do have an obligation to give people water, to give people food, to give people health care,” Paul muses. “But it’s not a right because once you conscript people and say, ‘Oh, it’s a right,’ then really you’re in charge, it’s servitude, you’re in charge of me and I’m supposed to do whatever you tell me to do. . . . It really shouldn’t be seen that way.”

    Let’s follow Paul’s ideology to its logical conclusion. Poor people are enslaved when the government provides them with food or housing assistance. Thus, inn order for the poor to be free, the government must take away all assistance so that the poor are free to be homeless and starve. That is Rand Paul’s definition of freedom.

    Rand Paul views any benefit that the people receive from the government that they fund as a form of servitude. Unemployment insurance is slavery. Medicare is slavery. Health insurance for children, and medical care for pregnant women are both slavery. In Sen. Paul’s view, the government only gives people things in order to enslave them.

    Paul’s views are no different than Romney’s 47% comments, or the Republican belief that Americans only support President Obama because they want free stuff. Rand Paul dresses up his rhetoric in the language of libertarianism, but he is really just the same old far right ideologue with some new buzzwords.

    • Ametia says:

      Ask Rand Paul did Massa have a right to black’s labor without paying them MONEY, instead feeding them SLOP?


  40. rikyrah says:

    Ed Schultz Roars Back to Weekdays and Obliterates Republican Obamacare Lies

    By: Jason Easley
    Aug. 26th, 2013

    On his very first show back on weekdays, Ed Schultz brought the fire back to MSNBC by tearing apart the Republicans’ anti-Obamacare summer tour of lies.

    Schultz explained that the Republicans movement to kill Obamacare is really all about power:

    Now, this summer, we’ve heard a lot of lies. Here’s what you need to know about Obamacare and nothing more to simplify all of this. The linchpin in this is that the Republicans want to give the power to the insurance companies. They want the insurance companies to control your life. They want the insurance companies to send you those letters and pick up the phone and call you and deny you because you might be sick. Think about that. this is who the Republicans want to give the power to.

    President Obama wants to give the power to you. The consumer. The sick consumer who will never be denied. You can hear everything you want about losing jobs, about what kind of care you’re going to getting and how long the lines are going to be, and the lot. Here’s all you need to know. It’s when all these real live stores come home to roost to these guys a year from now, they’ll realize how much trouble they’re in in the midterms. How will Republicans run against a popular program that they have been so vehemently against? That they have lied about, and the public’s going to know about it. You see, there are people out there right now that it’s helping.

    For Republicans, killing Obamacare is about taking power away from individuals and giving it back to powerful corporations. The goal of the Republican Obamacare misinformation campaign is to get the American people to beg for the the insurance companies to jack up rates and determine whether you live or die based on what is good for their bottom line.

    Ed Schultz has been missed on weekdays by MSNBC viewers because he is the only host on cable news who believes in the empowerment of the poor, blue collar, and middle class America.

    He doesn’t intellectually think about the theoretical outcomes of power like Chris Hayes. He doesn’t dive into the political science aspects of the applications of power like Rachel Maddow. He doesn’t get excited by the politics of power like congressional veterans Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell. The closest thing to Ed Schultz on the MSNBC evening lineup is Al Sharpton, but Rev. Al is more interested in empowerment through civic activism than the mobilization of political power.

  41. Yahtc says:

    Tomorrow, August 28 will be exactly 50 years since the 1963 March on Washington.

    So much of what was achieved by the blood and sweat of the activists was gradually erode since then to the point that this year when now there is an organized, direct assault on civil rights.

    I just read this article from 2011:

    “Remembering Reagan’s Record on Civil Rights and the South African Freedom Struggle”
    Pedro A. Noguera and Robert Cohen (February 11, 2011)

    Excerpt from article:

    But in addition to overlooking the dramatic increase in homelessness that occurred on Reagan’s watch, never mind the covert counter-revolutionary operations in Central America, promoters of Reagan nostalgia consistently ignore his record on race, civil rights, and South Africa. There, Reagan’s legacy is abysmal.
    Early in his political career Reagan opposed every major piece of civil rights legislation adopted by Congress, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. And even if one tries to explain away this opposition on the grounds that it came early in the history of the civil rights movement or was motivated by a misplaced reluctance to empower the federal government, Reagan’s civil rights record during his presidency is tough to justify. As President, Reagan supported tax breaks for schools that discriminated on the basis of race, opposed the extension of the Voting Rights Act, vetoed the Civil Rights Restoration Act and decimated the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). When you combine Reagan’s political record with his symbolic stance on race issues—his deriding welfare recipients as “welfare queens,” his employing “states rights” rhetoric in the same county where in 1964 three of the most infamous murders of civil rights workers occurred, his initial opposition to establish a national holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.—the Reagan legacy begins to lose much of its luster.

  42. Yahtc says:

    Good Morning to all of you!

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