Herzing University Online and Shellie Zimmerman

Shellie Zimmerman alone

Shellie ZImmerman in court during jury selection

Bank records provide that Shellie Zimmerman submitted $50.00 to Herzing University Online.  She and George have said that she was attending nursing school full-time.

Herzing University Online has classes in healthcare.  According to their website, the classes offered in healthcare are:


  • Medical Assisting Services
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist

Associate of Science

  • Medical Assisting Services
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist
  • Healthcare Management
  • Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science

  • Healthcare Management
  • Health Information Management
  • Nursing – RN to BSN Bridge Program

Master of Business Administration

  • M.B.A. – Healthcare Management

Master of Science in Nursing

  • MSN – Family Nurse Practitioner
  • MSN – Nursing Education
  • MSN – Nursing Management

Herzing University Online’s nursing programs are for those who are already registered nurses.

According to their information:

“Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

This Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) completion program is open to licensed, registered nurses who have completed an associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing from a nationally or regionally accredited college or university.

The program consists of classes that can lead to careers in teaching, and advanced practice nursing roles; administrative; consulting and research.

It appears that since Shellie Zimmerman was not already a registered nurse, then she was certainly not attending Herzing University Online to become one.  She may have been in a diploma or Associates in Science program, but those are not for nursing.

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24 Responses to Herzing University Online and Shellie Zimmerman

  1. Xena says:

    LLMPapa’s newest video titled “Shame.”



    Lake Mary police cite George Zimmerman for speeding.



    He is taunting the victim’s family by staying in the news making it all about him getting a pass for breaking the law.

    • Xena says:

      Since Zimmerman got away with speeding in Texas, he probably thought he’d get away with speeding wherever, whenever. Maybe we should take this as a sign that payback is paying Zimmerman a visit.

    • @SouthernGirl2:

      I mised this blog SouthernGirl2, so I am putting in my two cents! Fogen sure is taunting the family by keeping his punk ass in the news!! The only thing that I want to see in the news is when someone whips the ass of Fogen, and when he takes out his piece, they have one as well! I hate this man with a passion! Also, as you know I am a Nurse and those on line programs are for nurses who already have their BS degree in Nursing! There is no other way around it, you have to go to complete the clinical rotations in Nursing. You have to demonstrate what you have learned in the classroom with real life scenarios! Even to become a CNA, LPN, you have to do the same thing! Why is this BS being reported anyway? Everytime they take a SH**, the media has to print it? Fogen is a depraved man, who will get his punishment one way or the other!

      This woman wants to take the easy way out, but their is no easy way out! You have to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and the clinical expertise to work with patients. You have to know the Nursing procedures and how to interpret medical orders that need to be carried out! It can mean the life of a patient and if I were a patient, I would not trust ShelLIE coming towards me! She is to stupid and to lazy!

  3. 2dogsonly says:

    50.00 paid? That has to be an application fee. But in jail calls she said she paid for a month tuition.?

    • Xena says:

      @2dogsonly. Good point! Maybe it was a month’s tuition — for a degree program. Nothing she should be ashamed of — just wondering why she wanted to present herself being this close to being a registered nurse.

  4. 2dogsonly says:

    Now apparently WP is working. My question, what were they living off of. George had a job, probably just over minimum wage and pops had loaned them 3500.00 but why wasn’t Shellie working? Anyone know?

    • Xena says:

      @2dogsonly. Why wasn’t Shellie working? Good question. She hadn’t worked since the first year of their marriage. Shellie had a license to work in cosmetology. That was up for renewal in October last year. When I last checked, it had not been renewed. Therefore, she had a licensed trade.

      Thought about this some time ago and ponder if GZ didn’t want her working. A woman with her own money can be dangerous to abusers/controllers.

      • @Xena:

        You said it! A woman with her own money can be dangerous to abusers/controllers! My mom used to say this as well. She insisted that my sisters and I get an education so we could support ourselves and make our own money! I also say the same thing to my own daughters! I cannot imagine not having my own money or my own bank account! I can understand a woman who has children, and may have to stay in that situation, at least until she can get out! ShelLIE has no excuse! She has no children to support! What is her problem?

        • Xena says:

          @Deborah From NYC. What I’m trying to understand is that Shellie did have a career — she was licensed in cosmotology. Why she quit is puzzling because it’s obvious she still enjoyed that type of work. Since their separation, George has buzzed his hair off again but during pre-trial and trial, his hair was cut and styled — probably by Shellie.

  5. 2dogsonly says:

    Left a message but said wouldn’t post

  6. Ametia says:

    Well NOW! See I have a BS degree in nursing, and prior to that an AA degree from a community college. It took me 2 years to get that, and then 2 years to get registered and licensed and 2 more years to get my Bachelors., and then I got my MS in geriatric nursing. That was an additonal 2 years and I was married with children.

    You definitely have to be a licensed RN to get a Bachelors, at least where I come from. It takes work, and online is fine, but you still have to work for it, SHELLIE!

    • Xena says:

      @Ametia. Thanks for that run-down of what is required to be a registered nurse, and to go farther in that occupation. I admire medical professionals. It’s a continual education.

      Maybe one day Shellie can follow her dreams. Maybe.

      • @Xena:
        LMAO! You’re kidding right Xena? She would never pass the State Board Examination for RN’s! She lacks honesty, integrity and character and I would for one would never trust her or work with her, or have her work under me! She is to arrogant and to stupid, and if those “alleged dressings” are any indication of what she knows, she needst a refresher course in the correct way to wrap a head injury which she probably pummeled Fogen on the head and did the dressings to cover up what she did, because we know Trayvon did not touch this SOB lying monster!

        Imagine being married to a man like this? What the hell was the attraction? MFer cannot even hold down a job and anyone who takes 8 years to complete his CC is a dumb-bell and he never even completed that! Fogen can’t cut it and why no one ever informed this idiot did him a great dis-service! No wonder he has so much rage and anger! He aspires to be something that he cannot succeed in! He is not cut out to be law enforcement, an attorney or anything which requires an individual to use their brain because he lacks one and plus he is a socio-path!

        • Xena says:

          @Deborah From NYC. Sondra Osterman introduced Shellie and George. Sondra worked with George — don’t know how she knew Shellie. It does appear that the Ostermans are closer friends with George than with Shellie.

          Shellie’s birthday is in March, and this year she turned 26. George will be 30 this coming October. While a 4 yr age difference doesn’t sound bad, it might have been to Shellie’s disadvantage experience-wise because it means she was 19 yrs old when marrying George. Her adult life was just beginning. George had accomplished nothing before nor after he married Shellie.

    • @Ametia:
      Go on sister Nurse! I had no idea! I became an LPN at 18 going to Vocational School during my Junior and Senior year of H.S! Then I started the RN program in College (AA) and finished that until I went into the Army who assisted me in finsihing up my BS degree and I worked as an Army Nurse duing those years. It was not easy either seeing my fellow buddies with injuries which made me cry but I perservered! I had a job to do! I returned back to NY, got married, and I worked as an RN for a long time until I finally went back to College for my Nurse Practitioner Certificate.

      I work as a Manager now, but I miss those Nursing days. Being married and raising children was difficult while attending college. I was going to work, school and taking care of them with my husban but the bulk of raising them fell on me. Thank god, I had my sisters, older nieces and nephews who would help out! My mom and mom in law were invaluable too. My example was very beneficial to my girls and my son. I was never going to be a victim of any man! I was not going to have any man abuse me ever! I would kill him first!

      I don’t get ShelLIE. She has no children, and yet, she has not completed college or hardly worked? Is her family independently weathly maybe? Her license in cosmetology is very valued today! I admire those who can do some hair. I watch the hair braiders in my beauty shop and they are amazing! I have a great hair-dresser who also does make up. She gets paid too! She is so talented with what she does with hair and make up! She is free of this monster now. She needs to do soemthing for herself now, though I still do not like her!

      I also don’t see the attraction in Fogen. He is ugly, short and lazy! He was not making any money! From the looks of him, I see a lazy, trifling man who is not academicly inclined, and a man who wants others to support his lazy ASS! He is also a mentally ill man, who is also a socio-path! He has no conscience, no feelings. NOTHING!

  7. Yahtc says:

    Thanks for leading us to understand what Shellie would have been studying at Herzing University, Xena.

    Great research!

    • Xena says:

      @Yahtc. What I don’t understand is why ShelLIE couldn’t tell the truth about her education. If she planned on being a billing clerk, be proud of it. She and her husband humiliate too easily, IMHO.

  8. Xena says:

    @SG2. Well, now we know why Zimmerman had knuckle bandages on his head and between his nose. I wonder what type of band-aids Shellie uses for big lacerations? Maybe large pieces of gauge secured with duct tape.

  9. Lying ass heffa! These people are so disgusting. They lie without blinking!

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