Obamacare Exchange Enrollment Opens Today: Know the FACTS

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and senior staff applaud in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, as the House passes the health care reform bill, March 21, 2010
—-Photo by Pete Souza

In March 2010, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), into law.

Every Democratic President, since Harry Truman, has wanted to do healthcare.

But, it took Barack Obama to get the ACA through and into law.

Remember, Truman failed at it because of racism and Jim Crow – because the Southerners feared de-segregated hospitals. If there was Universal Healthcare, that healthcare was a RIGHT, then they couldn’t keep up American Apartheid.

Today is the first day where millions of Americans can sign up for medical health insurance at the Medical Healthcare Exchanges.

I can’t begin to tell you the simmering rage that has been building within me, as I have watched the GOP posture and threaten not only a government shutdown, but the possibility of default on the full faith and credit of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because of Obamacare.

And, from here on out, I will call it OBAMACARE.

Because, I will take what the GOP began as a slur and turn it around on them.

I want those dumb, ignorant hicks from RedStateLand, who are quoted in their local papers about how great their new state exchange is, to know, contrary to their IGNORANCE, that state exchange and all of it’s benefits are OBAMACARE.

That’s right.

When you are sitting at your doctor’s appointment for the first time in years because you finally have insurance – SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

When your prescriptions don’t cost you an arm and a leg because you finally have insurance – SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

When your wife, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, daughter, goes for their mammogram and they have no co-pay – SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

When your wife, sister, granddaughter, niece, doesn’t have to worry about contraception and how she’s going to pay for it – SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

When your grandmother and grandfather now go for their wellness checkups with Medicare and have no co-pay –SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

When the family members that have some sort of pre-existing condition can finally get health insurance – SAY THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The President said last week that he doesn’t care what they call it, as long as people get the benefits.

He might not, but I do. I and millions like me, who understand the monumental accomplishment of what he did, and our utter resentment of the assholes that have spent over a HALF BILLION DOLLARS, first to try and defeat the bill, and then to spread LIES about it.

That’s why I have no tolerance for incompetent supposed ‘journalists’ like college dropout Chuck Todd at MSNBC who actually had the never to say last week that it wasn’t his job to point out the GOP’s LIES about Obamacare.

It wasn’t his job?

If it’s not YOUR JOB to tell the truth about obvious LIES told about a program that will benefit MILLIONS OF AMERICANS – then that the hell is your job?


Are working overtime – they have voted 43 times to repeal Obamacare….

They are willing to shut down the government, so that 30 MILLION AMERICANS will be denied healthcare.

THAT is their goal.

Mull on that.

How transformational is what President Barack Obama achieved?

Think about this…..healthcare is the final part of the social safety net that every other industrialized country enjoys..and, it took a Black man, Barack Obama, to ensure that, unlike with Social Security and Medicare, THIS part of the social safety net will BEGIN not excluding huge chunks of the American populace. Remember, when Social Security began, FDR excluded professions that ‘ coincidentally’ had large numbers of Blacks employed in them (this was snark – wasn’t no coincidence). Same thing for Medicare….65 was chosen as the age, because GUESS WHO had a shorter life expectancy when it was designed….yeah, you know the answer.

But, not OBAMACARE. From the beginning, it will help the broadest swath of Americans possible.

Where to begin with the Obamacare Exchanges?

Here’s a video.

You can begin at HEALTHCARE.GOV

Before I begin to drop links, I want to bring your attention to an absolutely fabulous post by zizi2 over at The Obama Diary from last week. The entire post is wonderful, but here’s the core of why the GOP is fighting this. Here is the reason they despise President Barack Obama so much:

GOP hates Obamacare Cuz Pres Obama snatched Ayn Rand’s wig

With the exception of religious cultists who abdicate control over their own being, we as INDIVIDUALS instinctively strive for SELF-PRESERVATION especially when our life is threatened. It’s an existential article of faith. And nothing crystalizes this fact more readily than when we NEED healthcare to prevent or cure illness.


In the perverse Ayn Randian philosophy that the likes of the Koch brothers espouse, there’s talk of pursuing one’s own interests only. But in actuality what they have told their rubes is that they must sacrifice their economic interests in service of ideology. In other words 1%ers preach cultural adherence and ideological purity to their followers while they themselves siphon every public asset and good to themselves. It’s a faith-based heist of the commonweal.


President Obama co-opted Ayn Rand’s idea of rational self-interest, turned it on its head, and the Republican Kochsters HATE him for it. The ACA challenges the ability of the Bircher puppetmasters and their corporate ilk to control their rubes over the single most important and intimate aspect of their lives; healthcare. But worse for them it has electoral implications, at least in the near term. Kochsters know it, we know it, and ordinary Americans will soon know it too. As VP Biden said, it’s a BFD, positively for ordinary Americans, and negatively for the Kochsters.


Healthcare is ground zero. It’s a singular necessity of life in which no one can live vicariously through another person’s. In an airplane emergency if your oxygen mask IS working you hold on to yours for dear life regardless of whether the passenger in seat 53G’s mask is working or not. That’s Rational Self-Interest. You can’t bullshit people about what they are getting or not getting. Healthcare is personal. Too intimate. No one ever forgets what that experience is like or costs. The impact is visceral. The numbers don’t lie. People know that they paid $1500 out of pocket last year for an MRI and now it is covered under ACA.


President Obama snatched Ayn Rand’s wig in that he is redefining those functions that Libertarians allow government to perform, most notably DEFENCE. He is rudely substituting Healthcare for that without an iota of apology. In PBO’s redefinition a strong nation state is one filled with HEALTHY people maximizing their potential in pursuit of their rational interests, not fancy munitions. Secondly whereas Rand’s binary thinking led her to see “community” as anathema to individual interests, PBO sees it instead as both lifeblood and dynamic marketplace that enables said individual to achieve anything at all. Healthcare is the test ground for his cooptation of Randian self-interest.


The ACA also breaks the stranglehold of employers on workers, who until now have hung onto miserable jobs for dear life cuz of healthcare, and have traded real wages for “benefit packages” whose worth start depreciating the very moment you start clocking into work. Paltry salaries will be revealed for what they truly are.

The boon will be for those raring to strike out on their own but have dared not take the risk because of healthcare security their employer provides, and the fear of illness bankrupting them should they leave.

The entire piece was wonderful, but this last part that I bolded, is the heart of why they hate this President.

How many people know someone who is at a job THEY HATE because of healthcare?
How many people know someone that has the years to retire, but are too young for Medicare, so they don’t, because of healthcare expenses?
How many people know someone who took a job they really didn’t want because of healthcare benefits?
How many people know someone young who wants to take a certain job, that maybe doesn’t pay a lot, because of benefits?
How many people know someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, but they have a family, and didn’t because they couldn’t think of leaving their family vulnerable without health insurance?

Don’t we all know SOMEONE in one of these categories above?

OBAMACARE has the potential to change ALLL of that.


Many thanks to The Obama Diary for all the helpful links that they got out to the rest of us concerning Obamacare.

ObamaCare Facts
Unbiased Facts on ObamaCare, Health Care Reform, the Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Get Covered 101

Want to know how you can get covered? Here’s your guide to understanding the basics about health insurance, and your new health insurance options through the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Do you know what the Affordable Care Act means for you and your family?

Doctors for America

ObamaCare by Zip Code
Welcome to Obamacare Info
for Your State & Zip Code

20 Questions You Have About Obamacare But Are Too Afraid To Ask
By Annie-Rose Strasser and Tara Culp-Ressler on September 29, 2013 at 10:00 am

If you’re confused about Obamacare, you’re not alone. Over the past several years, every survey on the subject has revealed that Americans consistently fail to correctly identify the provisions that are actually in the Affordable Care Act. In April, a poll found that 40 percent of Americans weren’t sure about whether Obamacare was still law at all.

Administration officials are racing against the clock to reverse those incorrect public perceptions, ramping up their outreach efforts before the health law’s new state-level marketplaces open for enrollment this upcoming week. As the open enrollment period draws near, you may be wondering how it affects you or what you need to do. Or you may simply want to understand more about the law that’s dominating the news. Here are simple answers to 20 questions about Obamacare that may have you mystified (click on each question to jump down to the answer, or just scroll down to read all of them)


Also know that Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid are there to help provide you with information about Obamacare. Mostly everyone in this country is near one of these stores.


The President has been up against it from the very beginning, trying to get OBAMACARE passed. From the GOP, who had no problems with the status quo, to traitorous Democrats like Max Baucus’ wretched ass, it’s been a trial. But, it got passed, and was upheld by the Supreme Court, but even then, the corporatists handed down a decision frought with problems – saying that each state had a right to do as they wished on Medicaid. As a result, 7 out of 10 of the poorests states in the nation- with GOP Governors – have refused to expand Medicaid and/or set up their own state healthcare exchanges.

I had my own wish and prayer about how the President and his team would deal with these evil asses, and the prayer was answered:

U.S. Plans to Unveil New Insurance Options
Published: September 29, 2013

The administration plans to unveil the program on Monday, the official said, even as Congress fights over the future of President Obama’s health care law, intended to provide coverage to more than 25 million people within three years.

Federal officials said they had signed a contract with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to offer health insurance next year in the marketplaces, or exchanges, of 30 states and the District of Columbia. In later years, the officials said, they hoped to see at least two multistate plans in every state, as Congress envisioned.

Under its federal contract, Blue Cross and Blue Shield will offer different products in different states — a total of more than 150 products, including health maintenance organizations and preferred provider organizations, which give discounts for using selected health care providers. In many of the products, consumers will have access to a nationwide network of doctors and hospitals.

The federal government negotiated the benefits and premiums for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield products, so this plan carries a federal seal of approval.

In negotiating with insurers, the Office of Personnel Management leveraged more than 50 years of experience in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, the nation’s largest employer-sponsored health insurance program, covering more than eight million federal employees, retirees and dependents. Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are, by far, the most popular among federal employees, with more than 60 percent of the enrollment.

Under the 2010 health care law, the federal government was supposed to sign contracts with at least two multistate plans. But the application from Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the only one approved. Five other companies expressed interest and may file applications in the future, federal officials said. By 2017, at least two multistate plans are supposed to be available in each state.

Why is this so important?

I’ll let Zander answer it for you:

What the multistate options are is the beginning of national, single-payer public option health insurance plans for all Americans.
If you’re wondering why the Republicans are threatening to destroy America to stop Obamacare, you now know why.

defend obamacare

Scandalous with Jennifer Hudson
By Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson is searching for a scandal. Too bad the Affordable Care Act fixes all of them.
Published September 26, 2013


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  1. rikyrah says:

    Meet The People Who Were Eager To Sign Up For Obamacare On The Very First Day

    By Tara Culp-Ressler on October 2, 2013 at 10:56 am

    On Tuesday, Obamacare’s state-level insurance marketplaces — also called “exchanges” — opened to the public. It marked the first day of a six-month enrollment period that will allow uninsured Americans to shop for a health plan that meets their needs. Considering the confusion that’s been swirling around the health care reform law, it wasn’t clear how many people would take advantage of the new opportunity to enroll for coverage on Tuesday. But initial reports suggest there was a strong public appetite for learning more about Obamacare, and enrollment centers around the country were swamped helping a flood of interested people sign up.

    Here are just a few examples of the people who were so eager to sign up for Obamacare that they started the process on the very first day:

    Mary Jones from Alabama: Jones has gone without health insurance for years because she hasn’t been able to afford it. Her husband is eligible for Medicare, but Jones’ private insurance options are too expensive and offer coverage that’s too skimpy for her needs. “It’s a great feeling being able to have affordable health care and I thank God, the president, and the United States of America for being able to have it,” Jones told the Anniston Star after signing up for a plan under Obamacare on Tuesday. Her husband, Marvin, agreed. “The premiums for this are lower, hundreds of dollars a month lower. And it offers all the coverage my wife needs,” he noted.

    Phyllis Brown from Arizona: 58-year-old Brown lost her Medicaid coverage when the state contracted coverage for childless adults in 2011, and has gone uninsured since then. She’s struggled with high blood pressure and heart problems, has been hospitalized four time, and ended up accumulating at least $20,000 in unpaid medical bills. She says she once went for months without taking her heart medication because she couldn’t afford it. Now, under Obamacare, she’s eligible for public insurance again. The Arizona Republic reports that Brown was “thrilled” to enroll on Tuesday. “I couldn’t wait,” she said. “It’s a big relief.”


  2. Yahtc says:

    Great mural painting on wall of the restaurant referred to in this article:

    “The Cecil Opens in Harlem”


  3. Yahtc says:

    Today in History:

    On Oct. 2, 1967, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court as the court opened its new term

  4. rikyrah says:

    Conservatives Have Already Lost Control of the Shutdown Narrative

    It’s no secret why Republicans are facing a PR debacle over the shutdown they triggered. Not only have conservatives chosen an unpopular issue on which to make a stand—polls consistently show that Americans oppose defunding Obamacare by a fairly wide margin. The Tea Partiers have exacerbated the problem by choosing a massively unpopular approach to getting their way. The latest Quinnipiac poll finds that voters object to defunding Obamacare under threat of shutdown by a yawning 50-point margin. (In fairness, an earlier CNBC poll put the margin at a mere 41 points.)

    In retrospect, Republicans had exactly one hope for weathering the shutdown fight: turning it into a debate on the merits of Obamacare (as opposed to the merits of defunding Obamacare). That’s the one aspect of this confrontation where they hold an advantage, since more Americans oppose the president’s health care law than favor it. And, as luck would have it for the GOP, the central feature of the law went online Tuesday morning, at the precise moment the lights were going out on the federal government. The conservative media apparatus had already been planning round-the-clock coverage of the inevitable Obamacare glitches. If they could goad Democrats into a defense of Obamacare—a defense the White House had itself planned—they might drown out the otherwise brutal shutdown coverage and ward off disastrous infighting.

    As if one cue, Obamacare stories led The Drudge Report (“Happy Obamacare Day!” “What a Mess!”) all day on Tuesday. Breitbart flooded the zone with news of Obamacare glitches. National Review Online welcomed readers with a detailed anti-Obamacare editorial. Discussion of the shutdown barely cracked their sites.

    But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. While the White House did move ahead with its planned Obamacare defense, featuring the president flanked by a tableau of sympathetic Americans, it wisely sandwiched the event between denunciations of Republican hostage-taking tactics. This, in turn, made it extremely difficult to pretend there wasn’t a Republican-instigated crisis at hand, even for a quasi-news organization of dodgy legitimacy prone to selectively covering national politics.


  5. Vettte says:

    Day 2 for the victory of healthcare for the people…Day 2 for the shutdown. Stand Your Ground President Obama!!

  6. The truth is, Americans love Obamacare


    Among the many delusions guiding the Republican campaign against the Affordable Care Act, surely the most consistent is the idea that the public detests the law and is clamoring for repeal.

    Here’s the truth: The American public loves Obamacare, with as many as 88% in favor, according to one survey.

    How can that be, when polls regularly show a plurality of respondents with an “unfavorable” view of Obamacare? (In a September Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll, the difference was 43% unfavorable to 39% favorable.)

    The answer, of course, is that most Americans have no idea what’s in the law. In the Kaiser survey, 57% said they didn’t have enough information to know how it would affect them. When they’re asked how they feel about specific provisions, however, they’re almost always thunderously in favor.

    Here are figures from Kaiser’s March 2013 poll:

    Tax credits for small businesses to buy insurance: 88% in favor.

    Closing the Medicare drug benefit doughnut hole: 81% in favor.

    Extension of dependent coverage to offspring up to age 26: 76% in favor.

    Expanding Medicaid: 71% in favor.

    Ban on exclusions for preexisting conditions: 66% in favor.

    Employer mandate: 57% in favor.

    If you agree with those provisions, congratulations: You love Obamacare. Yet when respondents are asked how they feel about “Obamacare,” they’re against it.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Take a look at this picture, and you understand clearly why the GOP is madder than a mutha about Obamacare.

    potus and obamacare enrollees

  8. rikyrah says:

    Obamacare and a Dumbstruck Teabagger


  9. rikyrah says:

    Canvassing for Obamacare in Texas


  10. rikyrah says:

    Obamacare Health Exchange Websites Had More Than 10 Million Unique Visitors On Day One

    Lewis Krauskopf and Sharon Begley, Reuters Oct. 1, 2013, 6:56 PM

    The online health insurance exchanges at the heart of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law opened for business on October 1, although technical glitches stalled the launch in many states.

    Here are some first day statistics reported by the exchanges, states and the federal government:

    * About 2.8 million people visited healthcare.gov – the main website for the 36 state exchanges being run by the federal government – between midnight and mid-afternoon, theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services said.

    * NY State of Health, New York state’s exchange, reported 7.5 million website visits by mid-afternoon.

    * Kentucky’s exchange, kynect, saw 57,625 unique visitors from its midnight launch until 2:30 p.m., according to the Kentucky governor’s office. Nearly 2,000 applications had been started, with 1,235 completed. The kynect contact center fielded 3,243 calls and 110 e-mails. The average visitor stayed on the site for 11 minutes.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/obamacare-exchange-website-2013-10#ixzz2gZR6Armp

  11. rikyrah says:

    Greg Sargent ✔ @ThePlumLineGS

    Startling to see savvy Beltway reporters playing along w/idea that short term OCare glitches will matter in slightest over long term

    6:51 AM – 2 Oct 2013

  12. rikyrah says:

    Wendell Pierce ✔ @WendellPierce

    @ezraklein I’m in LA, CA.Saved $6K on prems and almost $20K (!!!) in deductibles…I have asthma & daughter has Crohns. Was denied in June.”
    7:58 PM – 1 Oct 2013

  13. Yahtc says:

    How does the federal government shutdown affect you?

    “Check out the Daily News’ list of services impacted”


  14. rikyrah says:

    Humming along to Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire


    Wingnuts roasting on an open fire
    Pollsters telling you you’re hosed
    ’14 dirges being sung by a choir
    Thug faces red as Boehner’s nose

    Everybody knows a turkey and some
    Elect one Speaker of the House
    GOPer with his eyes on the polls
    Will find it hard to sleep, the louse

    And so, I’m offering this
    Simple phrase to kids from
    One to ninety-two
    Altho’ it’s been said many times
    Many ways
    “Merry Shutdown- eff you”

    by Steve LaBonne on Tue Oct 1st, 2013 at 04:36:48 PM EST


  15. Breaking: Obamacare enrollment is beating expectations


    On Tuesday, Obamacare’s state-level insurance marketplaces opened to the public, marking the start of a six-month enrollment period that will stretch into March. Although there’s been some confusion around the health law’s new marketplaces — also known as “exchanges” — initial reports suggest that a significant number of people are seeking out information about reform. States across the country are overwhelmed with huge amounts of traffic to their new exchange websites.

    Here are some of the early details about Obama enrollment emerging on a state and national level (this post will be updated as the day continues):

    National website: A senior Obama administration official reported that just three hours after Obamacare’s open enrollment period launched, the national Healthcare.gov site had one million visitors. That’s five times more users on the site than the number of users who have ever visited Medicare.gov at the same time. At about 3:45 pm, the White House’s deputy press secretary reported that up to 2.8 million people had visited the site since its launch, and 81,000 people had called the federal hotline to get information about Obamacare.

    California: The Golden State celebrated its first Obamacare enrollee at 8:45 am Pacific Standard Time. Since then, state residents have tweeted that they’re “impressed” with how easy it is to use the exchange’s app, and the site is “working like a charm for Californians.” The officials running the exchange say the site is getting 10,00 hits every second.

    Colorado: In Colorado, the exchange site opened for business at 8:00 am Mountain Standard Time. Three hours later, state officials had completed the first enrollments and the site had logged over 34,500 unique visitors. During the first half of the day, 1,300 Colorado residents created accounts on the site. Creating an account is the first step for people who want to shop for coverage and eventually buy a new plan under Obamacare.

    Connecticut: Despite a few initial glitches with its website, Connecticut signed up its first Obamacare enrollee by 9:30 am. And at that point, 764 other people had active applications for the state’s exchange. “For a site that’s been up for 25 minutes, it’s not bad,” the CEO of Connecticut’s new insurance marketplace, Kevin Counihan, noted. By about 11:30 am, the state had logged 10,000 visitors to its website. By about 2:00 pm, state officials reported that they had fielded 17,000 phone calls from residents and enrolled 44 people for coverage.

    District of Columbia: DC’s exchange opened for business at 8:00 am. By noon, about 1,500 DC residents had created accounts on the exchange site, according to a spokesperson for the exchange. The District hasn’t yet experienced any issues with its website.

    Florida: MSNBC reports that community health care clinics in Orlando are experiencing long lines as low-income people are visiting to learn more about their options under Obamacare. The CEO of a community clinic in Miami that primarily services uninsured Floridians told MSNBC that Tuesday represents a “new day” for low-income patients who can now gain affordable coverage.

    Illinois: By noon on Tuesday, more than 42,000 people had visited the website for Illinois’ exchange.

    • Ametia says:

      This is great news, Folks need to know that glitches are normal. It can get really testy for folks who are having to wait to get onto the site.

      I know I can get pretty impatient when I want to get something that means alot to me. PATIENCE! If they want it, they can wait a few more minutes. Look how long it took for this to come to fruition.

  16. Martin Bashir had a clip from Jimmy Kimmel with a reporter asking people at random..which do you agree with, The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare? Guess which one they stated? The Affordable Care Act. Asked why? The woman stated she didn’t agree with the whole Obama policy thing.

    Crying with Laughter

  17. Xena says:

    This thread is WONDERFUL! Thanks so much. I spent hours trying to register on healthcare.gov. The site is just that busy. Just imagine that no American will have to live without healthcare!! Thank you President Obama!!!

  18. rikyrah says:

    Mister Harvest says:

    October 1, 2013 at 11:31 am
    I’m over the subsidy threshold*, and so my plans are, while affordable, nothing super-special compared to what I was paying before.


    For a husband and wife who work for me. Right now, I’m paying $700-odd to cover just the wife (she has a raft of preexisting conditions). To cover both of them under Covered California will be:

    $2 per month.

    This is really quite wonderful.

  19. Ametia says:

    Rikyrah, you ROCKED out this post with the DETAILS. TRUTH! Thank you.

  20. President Obama: “People will have six months to sign up”.

  21. President Obama: “This shutdown is about rolling back our efforts to give health insurance to folks who don’t have it.”

  22. rikyrah says:

    aimai says:

    October 1, 2013 at 9:08 am
    I am actually, no exaggeration, crying as I read this. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. We have had healthcare for years through my husband’s work and I don’t think we are going to lose it any time soon (spits ritually three times) but that doesn’t make this testimony any the less powerful for me to read. I know that at any time, and as time flows in only one direction at a terrible time, my husband and I could lose coverage. WE are in MA so for the last seven years I’ve expected that we could go on the exchanges and not have to go naked. Now the rest of you have the peace of mind that we have had. Momsense–I’ve always loved your comments. I am so happy for you that some of the crushing anxiety of your situation is going to be relieved. Congratulations to you and all the others and many, many, thanks to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi for fighting it through.

  23. TyrenM says:

    Great breakdown! If he don’t already, Spandan might need to start reading you :)

  24. rikyrah says:

    Frankensteinbeck says:

    October 1, 2013 at 8:51 am
    Note to anyone in Kentucky: If you are getting Expanded Medicaid, Kentucky has four Medicaid plans. Passport is so much better than the others that doctors have been legally forbidden from recommending it and Medicaid is not allowed to put it on your initial choices, since it has 80% of KY Medicaid enrollees already.

  25. rikyrah says:

    Preach it

    Posted by Richard Mayhew at 8:28 am .


    Commenter Emerald:

    HaHaHaHa! I’ve been without coverage for nearly 13 years. (Took care of my Dad for 10 of those).

    I qualify for the “Enhanced Silver” plan in California. Cheapest for me would be $3 per month for an HMO. Most expensive would be $159 for the Anthem Blue Cross HMO.

    But unless my doctor is in that $3 plan (he might be–he takes more insurance than most), I’ll be deciding between the $94 Anthem EMO or Blue Cross PPO at $122.

    Without the subsidies these all would be from $679 to well over $700 per month.

    And I’m turning 63 in Dec and have been diagnosed with gallstones.

    Commenter MomSense:

    Just went to ObamaCare and filled in the information and I am going to get insurance much cheaper. Was paying 1,600 a month for years because I have a pre-existing condition and then because of some life changes I couldn’t afford it anymore so have been waiting and praying to be healthy until I could sign up. Starts at $243 a month so now I am going to decide on the plan! I can manage this!!!

    Commenter BotSplainer:

    I looked at Kentucky’s exchange. I can insure 4 of us (eldest daughter living away undoubtedly qualifies for enough subsidy to bring her a separate policy under $100) for somewhere between $850 and $950. Even if I get no tax credit at all,…. we’ll get a plan that has a $1500 deductible for the same price as our current tub of shit with a $15000 deductible.

    This kind of plan has never been available to me at rates like this. Also, it ensures that my youngest daughter is insurable (she would never pass underwriting on the individual market – a biopsy…


  26. People With Disabilities Storm House Building, Demand Boehner Leave Obamacare Alone.


    WASHINGTON — At least 200 people with disabilities set up camp outside a House office building on Monday and occupied the halls inside, demanding that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) stop trying to delay or defund Obamacare.

    Armed with megaphones and banners, the protesters took over the steps of several entrances into the Longworth building and criticized Boehner for trying to attach a one-year delay of the Affordable Care Act to a bill to keep the government funded past Monday. Specifically, they argued that without the health care law in effect, they would lose the Community First Option, a program that provides matching federal funds to states to help people with disabilities use home-based care instead of institutionalized care or nursing homes.

    “Who do we want? Boehner! When do we want him? Now!” they chanted outside the building.

    “We’re not animals,” one woman using a wheelchair muttered.

  27. Every Democratic President, since Harry Truman, has wanted to do healthcare. But, it took Barack Obama to get the ACA through and into law.

    They're mad

    Healthcare…BlackMan… BarackObama…..Winning!!!!!!!!

  28. Yahtc says:

    Applause….clap clap clapping.

    Absolutely wonderful article, rikyrah!!….. and from your beautiful, kind heart!

    I love you, rikyrah!

  29. rikyrah says:

    Happy ObamaCare Day!

    by BooMan
    Tue Oct 1st, 2013 at 09:08:00 AM EST

    Happy ObamaCare Day. Head on over to http://www.healthcare.gov and sign yourself up for some juicy health insurance. You deserve it.
    Meanwhile, in Cuckooland, the government is shut down for lack of appropriations. The House finally agreed to assign conferees to negotiate on the budget, which is plenty rich considering their history since Obama was reelected. As a condition of raising the last debt ceiling, they insisted that the Senate pass a budget, which they promptly did. Then, the House suddenly reversed course and refused to assign conferees to negotiate a budget.

    [Harry] Reid noted on the floor Monday night that Democrats repeatedly sought to set up conference negotiations over the budget for fiscal year 2014 only to be blocked every time by Senate Republicans.
    Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said the GOP offer was “the latest absurd and desperate attempt by Speaker Boehner to delay the inevitable—bringing a clean continuing resolution to the floor.”

    She said Republicans blocked 18 efforts to go to conference on the budget.

    The assignment of conferees is actually a significant concession on the Republicans’ part but it is kind of hard to understand, and it comes in a gun-to-the-head context that the Democrats immediately rejected.

    Every spring, Congress is supposed to pass a budget resolution that isn’t binding, but does provide guidance to the appropriations subcommittees on how much money they have to devote to all the various government departments, agencies, and programs. Those subcommittees are then supposed to “do their job,” as the president puts it. In the years since the Republicans retook the House, the Senate had not bothered to pass a budget since they knew they could never come to an agreement with the House on the numbers. The Republicans seized on this failure as a campaign theme, and hit the Democrats over the head with it repeatedly. That’s why they insisted that the Senate pass a budget this year. They didn’t expect the Democrats to be able to do it, but the Democrats did so with little problem. As soon as they did, the Republicans realized that they were now in a bind. If they appointed conferees to negotiate with the Senate, they would have to spell out what kind of cuts they want (which would be tremendously unpopular) and they would have to make concessions (which would divide the caucus). So, they simple refused to appoint conferees and decided to take the government hostage.

    By appointing conferees now, they have basically signaled that the game is over. Yet, they have done it with the government shut down. The Democrats are insisting that they won’t negotiate under these circumstances, and that the House must first open the government for 90 days. Once the House acts, the Senate will agree to a conference, and the Republicans will face all the problems they sought to avoid.


  30. rikyrah says:

    Why Republicans shut down the government
    By Steve Benen
    Tue Oct 1, 2013 8:00 AM EDT

    Many Americans are probably waking up this morning to some unsettling news: congressional Republicans shut down the federal government last night, the first time since congressional Republicans did the same thing 17 years ago. And I imagine Americans who don’t follow day-to-day developments in Washington will ask a simple question: “Why?”

    The good news is, it’s a surprisingly easy question to answer. The bad news is, the answer is wholly unsatisfying.

    Kevin Drum had an item last week that summarized the entire political dynamic in just 92 words

    The Republican Party is bending its entire will, staking its very soul, fighting to its last breath, in service of a crusade to….

    Make sure that the working poor don’t have access to affordable health care. I just thought I’d mention that in plain language, since it seems to get lost in the fog fairly often. But that’s it. That’s what’s happening. They have been driven mad by the thought that rich people will see their taxes go up slightly in order to help non-rich people get decent access to medical care.


  31. rikyrah says:

    Kate Milani @KateMilani

    Find your state’s health-insurance exchange http://on.wsj.com/15y2FXB http://wsj.com/healthlaw

    7:28 AM – 1 Oct 2013

    Interactive Map: Find your state’s health-insurance exchange

    See which states are running health exchanges on their own, or leaving some or all of the task to the federal government. Select states for links to exchange websites, and to see which states plan to…
    Wall Street Journal @WSJ

  32. rikyrah says:

    John Legend ✔ @johnlegend

    F the shutdown. The Health Insurance Marketplace is now open in every state. Don’t wait another day to #GetCovered! http://www.healthcare.gov

    7:10 AM – 1 Oct 2013

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